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Journey to forgiveness

Jaylin laid in her bed for hours and hours. She tried to think of the news broadcast she had just seen on TV about the strange blue animal that had appeared in the middle of the freeway. Her mother and father had been killed because their driver saw a strange blue creature in the middle of the road so he swerved and crashed into another car. Since her parents were dead her and her brothers would be put into an orphanage or worse they would have to live with her evil old grandmother.

"I can't stay here any longer…" Jaylin thought.

It was 3am before her grandmother had sobbed herself to sleep. Jaylin quickly threw herself out of her bed and grabbed her small backpack full of clothes and dry cereal. Then she put a letter she wrote next to her bed and grabbed her teddy bear.

"Come on Teddy! We have to go before it's too late." Jaylin whispered.

Then she put on her pirate bandana and opened the door to her room only to see the confused figure of her grandmother. Letting out a small shriek she closed the door hid her things and got into bed. The door quickly opened and the light flickered on.

"What are you doing up! Huh? Answer me!" she shouted.

Jaylin said nothing and continued to be asleep. Her little brother walked into her room startled.

"Grandma? Why are you yelling? I can't sleep…and where's mom?" he asked.

Their grandmother turned and thought quickly.

"She's…well…I'll tell you in the morning." she said leaving the room.

Soon after Jaylin made sure that her grandmother was sleep and then she recovered her things.

"That was too close…"she thought.

She rushed to the door and took one last look at her home and disappeared through the front door.

"Teddy… don't cry were almost there. Just around this block is the train station." Jaylin said.

"Hey shorty, what you doin on our side of town?" said a strange voice behind her.

Jaylin turned to see a gang banger and a few of his friends behind her.

"Huh? Who are y…"she asked interrupted by the strange man.

"Where you going sweetheart? We can take you there." The man said. His friends laughed as Jaylin felt a sudden wave of fear and confusion come over her.

"N…no thanks. Teddy and I know the way." Jaylin said.

"It's okay girlie we can help you out!" the man said grabbing Jaylin by the arm and pulling her towards the alley.

She kicked him and sent him to the ground. Then she started to run but one of his friends grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

"Help! Listen dirt bag you put me down right now or else Teddy's gonna kick your butt!" Jaylin screamed. The man just laughed.

"Hey Ricky we made a new pal!" the guy said.

Ricky dusted off his shirt and walked over towards her.

"You know kicking people is a really bad thing to do." Ricky laughed.

"Eh, lets teach her a lesson Ricky!" the other man said dropping Jaylin in front of him. Ricky smiled. Jaylin held her teddy bear up high and growled but this just made them laugh. She glared at them and tried again. Out of no where a loud terrifying roar came screeching from behind them.

"H...hey Ricky I don't think that was her bear man." The guy shuttered.

They all turned to see a dark figure with blazing red eyes staring angrily at them.

"Stay away from her." It said.

"Ricky what is that thing?" the guy said pointing his gun at it.

"I don't know and I don't care just get it out of the way!" Ricky shouted.

Jaylin started to run towards it but one of the members pulled her back.

"Hey we're not finished with you!" he said but Jaylin bit him and continued running.

Ricky became outraged, pointed and cocked his gun at her.

"Hey you get back h…"

Jaylin found that within milliseconds she had been lifted onto someone's shoulders and every one of Ricky's pals were on the ground moaning in pain.

"Don't worry Maria I've got you." It said.

"M…Maria? My names Jay…" Jaylin stopped and stared amazed at him." Shadow…Shadow the hedgehog." she whispered.

"What on earth." Ricky gasped.

"He's not from earth." Jaylin said in amazement.

Shadow put her down and away from harm.

"Go home kid, your mom's probably waiting for y…"

"My mom and dad died earlier today…because of Sonic." Jaylin said putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Shadow looked back interested in what she was saying, but Jaylin was too caught up in her thoughts to finish. Ricky shot at Shadow just barely missing him. Shadow looked back and smiled.

"Oh, I forgot one." He said.

Ricky glared at him and tried to shoot again but it was too late.

"Chaos Control!" Shadow shouted angrily waving his hand at him.

He was knocked violently to the ground.

Jaylin gasped at his power and forgot about the danger she was in.

"Amazing! How did you oh ya your Shadow…the Ultimate life form." Jaylin said.

Shadow chuckled to himself and turned towards her.

"Who are you and why are you running away from home?" Shadow asked.

Jaylin thought of an excuse but eventually she decided that she could somewhat tell him the truth.

"I have to find Sonic the hedgehog because he caused the death of my parents." she said.

Shadow stared at her for a minute shocked at what she said.

"Sonic? Who told you that Sonic killed your parents?" he asked.

"I saw it on the news. He caused a car accident that killed them…and now I'm going to go and find him!" Jaylin said.

"What do you expect him to?" Shadow asked.

"Apologize." she said.

Shadow laughed and when he saw that she was serious he laughed even harder.

"You're going to travel all the way to Mushroom canyon so that Sonic the hedgehog will apologize for racing down a highway?" Shadow asked.

Jaylin nodded as her hopes of finding him decreased. Then as he laughed she thought of an idea.

"Will…will you help me find him?" Jaylin asked.

Shadow stopped laughing and glared at her. She trembled at how angry he looked.

"No, anyway you should go home. It's dangerous out here. You could get hurt or something." Shadow said.

Jaylin felt her hopes drop but she tried again.

"Please Shadow! I have to see him. He needs to know that he's hurting people." she cried.

Shadow grabbed her backpack and read her address. Then picked her up and ran to her house.

"Stay here!" Shadow ordered.

Jaylin glared back at him.

"I'm going find him with or without you! I won't go back to that house!" Jaylin shouted.

Shadow stared at her angrily as she walked around him.

"I said to stay here!" Shadow shouted.

Jaylin turned to shout at him but instead she saw a car coming around the block with a gun pointed out the window, and the same guys that jumped her the first time where sitting inside.

"I said stay h…"

"Look out!!!" Jaylin screamed she spread her arms to block the bullets as the sped towards her.

Shadow looked to see the bullets being destroyed one by one as they hit the force field the young girl had created. The car drove by and when it got halfway down the block, it exploded.

"What the heck…" Shadow whispered.

Jaylin's entire body trembled a little as she passed out.

"Oh crap." Shadow gulped.