Usual disclaimers apply. Also inspired by my cat, and by a pair of shoes hanging on the telephone wire on my street.

There was a pair of shoes hanging from the telephone wire outside his window that day.

Ryou Bakura would not have noticed, had he not looked up. This itself, this looking up, was not a normal occurance. He never looked up anymore. It only caused pain. But today, the devil whispered for him to look. And look he did.

They were hanging there, as if they belonged. Maybe they did, how would he know, really?

And this got him thinking, really, which was never a good thing.

Perhaps, he thought, perhaps he looked up because those shoes were a metaphor for his life.

It was like this, he decided. He either belonged, or he didn't. There was no inbetween. But how was anyone to know the answer? Especially him, and especially Bakura.

After all, Bakura actually knew very little about Ryou himself.

Yes, I know, Bakura knew all his memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, even what he was like in bed (Ryou shuddered at the thought). But, that hardly had one knowing a person. Right?

But Ryou, whispered the voice in his head, the one that didn't belong to a demon named Bakura. It's not like you know much of yourself anymore, either. You forgot yourself long, long ago.

He sighed, and looked down again. There it was. The pain. Even when looking up didn't cause physical pain, it left emotional scars, mental wounds. He was vaguely surprised he hadn't gone insane yet.

Oh, but you are, mocked his other. Can't you tell? You've been insane since the day you put on the Ring. Since the very beginning, Yadonushi Kitten. You've always been insane.

He was not insane, not yet. That was one battle the boy had yet to concede, to let the other win.

The cold, cruel laughter echoed in his head.

Fight it all you like, Yadonushi Kitten. But you're insane, and you know it's true. Pause. Why, we can be insane together.

More laughter. Ignore it, and keep walking.

Just another day for Ryou Bakura.


Nights were another kind of hell for Ryou Bakura. It was the time when he was given no choices. The time when the demon in his mind would use him like a puppet for his own twisted pleasures. Just what pleasures varied by mood, but it always ended the same.

Ryou would lie in his bed, fighting the tears, hiding under the pillows and blankets, and shudder as the demon slept beside him.

It was always the same cycle, until the day of those shoes.

That night, Bakura did nothing. Ryou wasn't sure if he should be scared or relieved.

As he lay sleeping, Ryou rolled away, without getting up. Getting up without permission would only make him angry.

And he stared out the window at the shoes, as they dangled from the telephone line.

It was almost like...

They were mocking him.

I wrote most of it, NaiveGoth wrote a few paragraphs in the beginning with me over AIM. -.O Then she vanished and left me. O.o I dunno why. But anyway! Hope you liked it. Usual spur of the moment thing from me.