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Chapter 2

Ice Cream was a rare commodity in Soul Society, so the fact that his vice captain was understanding enough to treat him to some made Hitsugaya happy enough.

"Ne, Toshirou, I like your happy face" Rangiku grinned

"Shut up. And It's Hitsugaya Taichou to you, Matusmoto" he growled.

"What? But I'm your mom, remember?" Rangiku winked as they approached the ice cream shop.

"Dammit, Matsumoto, when we get back, i'm making sure to it that you won't be able to sleep for the next 4 weeks because of paperwork!!" Hitsugaya hissed.

"I don't think that you're allowed to punish me just because I'm keeping us from blowing our cover" Rangiku said with that certain smile of hers. The one that indicated sadistic pleasure.

"It's not punishment, baka! It's your actual duty which you've been sleeping on and which I've been cleaning up" He grumbled, with his reiatsu steadily rising.

"You've been watching too much... what does Inoue call that again? Right...Television. Yeah, you've been watching too much of that, haven't you?" Rangiku ruffled his hair as they walked into the Ice Cream shop.

"That's freaking irrelevant, Dammit!" Hitsugaya's eyes changed color from teal to icy blue. ooooh.

"It's not good to raise your voice when you're speaking to your mother, Toshirou" She teased.


Teasing the Taichou was fun.

Well, Hitsugaya's little outburst caused a lot of people to stair at the odd twosome.

"Geez, taichou, watch the adrenalin" she murmured as they approached the counter, with several pairs of eyes staring at them.

"Ne, Toshirou, pick any flavor you want! It's your treat for topping your class!" She grinned, once again ruffling her taichou's already messy hair.

Hitsugaya gave her a little glare.

'Damn you, Matsumoto' he thought.

'Ne, Taichou, I can hear you, you know,' Rangiku thought, interrupting her taichou's little line of insults.

'You can HEAR me?!'

'Yeah, and what you've been thinking was so mean'

'Why the hell, why?!'

'I think it's the little device Yamamoto Taichou gave us before leaving, you know, the one wherein we can communicate with each other telepathetically without the opponent's knowing it'

'Why must you invade every bit of my privacy, Matsumoto?!'

'It's work related, remember? And it really is a good thing that Urahara made this little device. It certainly is very helpful'

'Damn you, Urahara'

'I'm glad that I suggested using something like this to Yama Taichou before leaving'

'Damn you, Matsumoto'

'And you should start calling me mom instead of Matsumoto or else people will wonder'


'And you should really stop cursing because it's not good, Toshirou'


Hitsugaya was red in the face, glaring at Matsumoto who was beaming at the registrar, having a light conversation with him while carrying a deeper one with her taichou at the exact same time. Hey, she didn't become a vice captain for no reason at all.

"It's getting a little too cold in here, don't you think? the air conditioner must be broken again" the registrar dude said, motioning for someone to turn it off.

"It's fine, actually. In my subdivision, little blizzards happen all the time"

"Really? Even at this time of the year?"

"Well, yeah, sure"

'Matsumoto, this will be your death'

Hitsugaya faced the display of ice cream, cooling down... or warming up, rather.

Hitsugaya gaped at the pretty display of colors, imagining a scoop of each one atop of his cone.

"You can get whatever you want, Toshirou" Rangiku beamed

'Damn. You had to spoil my mood'

"You must really be proud of your little boy" the registrar, a dude in his mid twenties, nodded.

"Well, he tried so hard, being very diligent and all" she smiled, similar to that plastic one she copied from Hitsugaya's teacher.

'Yeah, you're glad that I didn't turn out like you'

'Ouch, Taichou. True, but OUCH'

"Is he really your biological son?"

'I wonder why people keep asking that'

"Of course he is!" Rangiku beamed some more. "And yup, I am proud that he is"

"I'm really sure you must be" The registrar dude nodded.

'Hey, he's nice'

'He likes your ass, Matsumoto'

'But he can't see my ass'

'Then it's your cleavage'


'What else can it be?!'


"Have you chosen what you want, Little boy?" The registrar smiled

'Little f--(bleep)--ing WHAT?!'


'You're getting a hang of this, aren't you?'

"Toshirou, you should really get rid of your habit wherein you sometimes don't answer when you're called" Matsumoto scolded, doing that finger thingy in the process. (You know, like how you move your index finger back and forth when you're scolding someone or something)

Hitsugaya hissed.

The atmosphere became much colder.

"No, I haven't decided yet" he glared.

Rangiku turned back to talk to the registrar, plastering that saccharine smile back on her face.

'Matsumoto, you're a manwhore'

'No, I'm not. I'm trying to make him think that we're normal, especially after you almost blew our cover a while ago'

'Being normal doesn't mean being slutty'

'Where did you learn that word?'

'From you'

'Really? I say that?'



Hitsugaya turned back to the display of ice cream. He honestly didn't even know what flavor to choose. If ever he saw ice cream in Soul Society, which happened very, very rarely, it usually came in one flavor and one flavor only.

Now here were flavors he hadn't even heard of before: Vanilla, Chocolate, Bubblegum and even Peanutbutter!

Hitsugaya gaped at the display. He was so engrossed in choosing a flavor, that he didn't even notice his vice captain's amused smile.

"Are you a single mother?" the registrar asked her.

"It's amazing how everybody can guess that" Rangiku nodded, astonished. No, she really was amazed.

"Well, you look so young" he commented

'Was that a compliment?'

"Oh shush" Rangiku gave a light laugh, which she had copied from Rukia in school.

"I haven't seen you around here, often" He observed.

"Well, We live quite far from here. We only stopped by because we came from his school, which isn't very far actually but he doesn't like ice cream very much" Rangiku nodded, as if deep in thought.

"Really? your son seems to be very fond of it" He observed.

Once again, Hitsugaya cringed at the mention of him being Matsumoto's son.

"Well, he hasn't tasted some in quite a while" Matsumoto shrugged.

"Really? Too bad. Usually children are very fond of ice cream, which is why this shop is stationed near a school" The registrar stated.

Hitsugaya, again, cringed at being called a child.

"Well, he doesn't interact very well with his other classmates" Matsumoto nodded.

'Curse you'

'Well, it's true, isn't it?'

'No it's not'

'Yes, it is'

'You're not in my class, You wouldn't know'

'Oh yeah, name one classmate of yours'



'Just shut up'

"Really?" The registrar asked. "What school does he go to?"

'What school do you go to?'

'I don't know'

'Really? You're a student there! you're supposed to know!'

'You're a student there too!'

'Hey, I'm not the kid genius'

"Oh, I really don't know" she said, leaning on the counter. "He just transferred, actually"

'You're emphasizing your chest'

'I'm trying to make him drop the question'

'You're being slutty'

'Stop using that word!'


"Well, you should stop by more often" The registrar told Matsumoto. "Especially since we'll be having specials starting next week"

"I'll be looking forward to that" Rangiku beamed.

"Toshirou" Matsumoto faced Hitsugaya. "Have you decided already?"

Hitsugaya stared at the display a little more. "Chocolate" he mumbled.

'Damn. This is so degrading'

"Nani?" Rangiku asked again, with sadistic pleasure.

'Chocolate, Dammit! CHOCOLATE!'


'Shut. up.'

"Ch-Chocolate" Hitsugaya stammered.

The dude walked over to the display and got him a couple of scoops of it.

Hitsugaya was red angry when he recieved the ice cream from the dude, who got creeped out.

Hitsugaya barged out of the shop, with Matsumoto trailing behind him, forgetting that she had to pay the guy for the ice cream.The guy just stared, dwelling on the the heavens that once set before him.

"Ne, Taichou" Matsumoto smiled as they walked out. "You should really learn how to handle your reiatsu. Everybody inside just put on their sweaters even after that other guy turned the air conditioner off"

"Well, how dare they call me a kid"

"You are a kid, Taichou" She grinned, pinching his cheek.

"Matsumoto" he growled, holding his ice cream in one hand."Nobody will hear of this"

"Come on, ice cream isn't that degrading"

"Nobody. Will. Hear. Of. This." He hissed.

"Sheesh. Fine. Taichou, you can be such a killjoy" Rangiku waved her hand in the air.

(Moments of silence)

"You told someone already, didn't you?"

"Only Madarame and Renji, via SMS"


And thus ends Chapter 2.


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