This is my first fic, so please only constructive comments and NO FLAMERS. Be nice to the newbie . Ok, I don't own Final Fantasy related companies because I'm not that cool, but I do own the games. Well, not all of them, but yeah. I wrote this a long time ago, but we had to get a new hard drive and I lost the original copy so I had to start over from scratch and from what I remember. Hopefully it's ok...


It was a rainy day at Balamb Garden. Squall Leonheart was sitting in the cafeteria, eating his himself as usual. Even being the commander of the Garden, he was still as anti-social as ever. Munch munch. He ate in silence.

"YO SQUALLY!!!" someone called out.

Immediately everyone turned to look at the commander. His face turned a dark shade of red, giving the people looking at him a death glare. They immediately turned back to what they were doing. Zell Dincht cheerfully made his way over to the table Squall was seated at, unaware of all the pain he was about to experience. He sat down, smiling. Squall leaped out of his chair and grabbed Zell by the collar of his shirt.

"Who told you about" he growled menacingly.

", was Rinoa," he said nervously.

"Of course..." he said, promptly dropping Zell into a heap on the floor.

"Dude, you need to take a chill pill or something..." Zell said, picking himself off of the floor, dusting off his pants.

Before he could finish, he was cut with a death glare from Squall.

" she...?" he asked.

"I think she went to the Quad, but she might not've. I dont remember," he replied.

Squall left him after throwing away his trash. He left the cafeteria and headed toward the dorms.

No use searching for her...she has a habit of disappearing when you need her and reappearing when you dont want a nuisance...

Someone jumped on his back and covered his eyes.

"Guess who!!" they called happily.

After taking a quick few calming breaths, he answered.

"Rinoa, get off me...please."

Rinoa Heartilly jumped off his back and walked next to him.

"What's wrong Squally?"

" me Squally in publice ever again, and NEVER TELL IT TO PEOPLE WITH BIG MOUTHS LIKE ZELL..." he said angrily.

"Aww, it's so cute though!! I thought you like it when I call you Squally!"

"I do...but not IN PUBLIC."

"Aww, alright. But I have a favor to ask..."


"Can you meet me in the Quad about midnight? I wanna talk to you in private, 'kay? Bye!!" she said, running off.

"Sometimes she amazes me..." Squall said, sighing heavily.

Besides being the commander of the Garden, he was Rinoa's boyfriend, but he didn't like her announcing it to the entire she usually did about stuff. She agreed to keep it hush hush, only if she was allowed to call him Squally. It was only a stupid nickname right? Wrong. She would embarass the crap out of him, calling him Squally in front of hordes of random people whenever she felt like it. It was a pain...a pain he didn't want to deal with. Besides, he had a lot of other things on his plate that he didn't want to deal with either. Like being the commander of the Garden, but that's another story. He entered his dorm and made sure nothing was out of place. One time he had left to meet up with Cid and when he came back his whole dorm had been transformed...and it wasn't very pretty either. It was so girly he almost passed out. Rinoa was hiding in his closet to surprise him when he came in. It didn't go over to well when he opened it to find his jacket...she actually made him pass out, though it was never mentioned when she told the story. (Squall threatened her.) He laid down on his bed after making sure nothing had been touched in his room. He eventually got tired of staring at the plain white ceiling and fell asleep...