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"Are you guys ready yet? We aren't moving there, we're only going for a couple of days," Squall stated, annoyed at how much luggage he, Zell and Irvine were lugging out because of Selphie and Rinoa.

"We are packing light you know!!"

"YOU CALL FIVE HEAVY SUITCASES LIGHT??" yelled Zell under the five heavy suitcases he was carrying.

"I wouldn't be talking..." came Irvine's muffled response.

He was carrying seven ginormous bright canary yellow bags that belonged to Selphie. From under their bags, Irvine and Zell glared at Squall. He had taken their luggage, which was only about four bags and left them to do all the heavy lifting.

"Would you guys like some help?" Squall asked.

"WHAT?? Did you just say you wanted to help??" Zell asked, surprised.

"Yeah, I'll help," Squall replied.

He walked over toward the Ragnarok and up the ramp.

"Start walking," he said.

Irvine and Zell groaned and followed Squall's voice. The walked slowly and cautiously as to not trip on the ramp. Squall led them to a spare compartment that was going to be used for luggage. They dumped their things and made their way back outside.

"So much for helping..." muttered Zell.

"I led you to the luggage compartment," said Squall simply as he walked ahead of them.

Rinoa and Selphie each had a small carry-on bag with them as they exited the Ragnarok.

"You ready?" Squall asked.

"Yes!! We're all ready now!!"

"Any more hundred pound luggage bags for us to carry?" Zell asked saracastically.

"Well actually...there is one more..." Selphie said looking at Rinoa.

"HELLS TO THE NO!! I ain't carrying any more of your..." he looked at where they were looking.

It was huge. It was ginormous. It was absolutely cringe inducing. Behind Selphie was a HUMONGOUS canary yellow bag. It looked like she had taken a full sized refridgerator (a fully loaded refridgerator) and shoved it into a bag.

"AWW HELL NO!! I REFUSE TO CARRY IT!!" Zell said, crossing his arms and sticking his nose up in the air.

"Well, how else are we going to get it in there?" Rinoa asked innocently.

"NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!" Zell yelled.

"Dang it, they are leaving soon!! WHY DID THAT STUPID KID HAVE TO TAKE MY WALLET??" Quistis yelled as she ran down the hallway and out to where the Ragnarok was parked.

When she reached it, Squall and the others were nowhere in sight.

"They aren't here yet? That's odd..." she said to herself. "Oh well."

She ran up the ramp into the ship and found an abandoned compartment. She had brought provisions for her trip, so she could spend about a week without having to starve or anything.

"They're probably running behind. Rinoa and Selphie were never light packers," she said to herself as she boarded the Ragnarok.

Inside, she looked for an empty compartment, which she found right away after heading through a few doors.

"Somewhere where I wont be found. Great! Now I can exact my REVENGE!!" she laughed maniacly.

She stopped as she heard voices. She quickly ran into the compartment and let the door shut behind her. It was really dark.

"Where's a flashlight when you need it?" she growled as she tried to find one in her bag.

Proving to be too difficult in the dark, she threw her bag to the side and sat down to pout. After a few minutes of grumbling and loathing of her bag and it's many, MANY pockets, she reached into her small back-pack and found her flashlight.

"AHA!! SO THAT'S WHERE YOU WERE HIDING YOU LITTLE MONSTER!!!' she yelled as she turned it on.

It flickered for a few seconds and then went out.

"YOU. PIECE. OF. CRAP!!!!!!!!" she yelled banging it on the wall.

She stopped herself; her banging on the wall like a psycho would guarantee her being found by Squall or the others. So she found a bag stuffed with emergancy supplies and began hitting the flashlight on it.

"WORK DAMN YOU!!!" she hissed angrily at the flashlight.

"NoOoOoooo...yOu'Reeeee MeAnnnnnnnnn..." came a faint voice out of no where.

"Who said that?" she asked suspiciously.

"I dIddddddd...YoUuuu aReeeee AbUsInG mEeEeeee..." said the disembodied voice.

"FLASHLIGHT??? ARE YOU TALKING NOW?????" she asked, holding the flashlight away from her.


"Ok, you can stop with the ssssss noise already..."

"AhEmmmmmmmm...stop hitting me and...maybe...just maybe I'll work"


As soon as she 'agreed', the flashlight turned on.

"THAT was weird..." she said to herself.

As she got settled in, she remembered she forgot one thing. Her...toothbrush...dun dun dun! As she tried to open the compartment door, it wouldn't budge.


"Are you done yet...?" Squall asked Irvine and Zell.

They were in the luggage compartment dropping of the humoungous bag that Selphie had begged and pleaded and cried and whined for them to carry on for her. To make a long story short, Irivine, unable to resist any stupid whim Selphie might present him with, forced Zell to help him carry the ginormous bag up into the ship. After a little bit of negotiation (and a few threats) Zell reluctantly agreed. Squall said he had to 'check the control room controls' and was unable to help.

"IS THAT IT??" Zell asked, exasperated.

"Yes!!! Thank you!!" Selphie said happily as she made her way to the pilot's seat.

"No problem..." Irvine said faintly.

"Are we ready to go now?" Squall asked

"Yes, I believe so!! You never did tell us why Quistis is going with us," Rinoa said.

"Uh...she's under the weather and thought it best that we go without her," Squall said quickly, putting an end to the conversation.

"Alright!! Get ready for take off!!" said Selphie as she started the engine.

Everyone braced themselves for take off. Well, almost everyone. As the Ragnarok took off, Quistis beat herself up for not remember to secure all her belongings and all the stuff in the cabin, so everything, including many HEAVY things went sliding back. To her misfortune, Zell had left a mini extremely heavy pinball machine in the compartment, and since flashlight was refusing to work again, she didn't see it slide toward her, nor did she hear it because she was yelling at the flashlight for going out. It smashed into her, pinning her against the wall and knocking the wind out of her. It was so heavy she couldn't move it even after the ship wasn't tilted and Selphie had straightened it out.

"Just my luck..." she muttered.

It was gonna be a LONG trip to Esther.

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