If Everyone Cared

Chapter 1: What's up with her?


Summary: Sharpay has a secret that no one knows about; not even Ryan. But what happens when someone she hates finds out? Will they keep it a secret? Or will it get out? TxS

Schools a drag no doubt about that, but for Sharpay Evans that's her only escape from reality. Sure school is part of reality, but at night she's someone she despises more than ever. No she's not like a crime fighting teenager. She's pretty average well with the exception of that one little thing in her life. She prayed that no one will ever find out about her "secret life". She's been trying so hard to keep it that way too, by not letting anyone get close to her. What makes it worse is that she didn't even want to be doing what she's doing, but her scumbag of a dad sold her out.

She kept each part of that life separate from the one at school. She's the Ice Queen, Ice Bitch etc. Basically every name with queen, ice, and bitch in it; she was. She walked into school with her brother trailing behind her. He doesn't know about her another life nor was he going to find out.

Sharpay walked past everyone that contained Troy, Gabriella, Taylor, Chad, Kelsi, and Jason as Ryan stopped to hang out with them. Sharpay wasn't much of a friendly person to them and she wanted to keep it that way in order to keep the other part of her hidden.

"Hey is your sister okay?" Gabriella asked Ryan who stood near the guys. He nodded.

"Yeah she's fine; you know she's always like that," he replied to her.

"Yeah, but did you ever ask why?" Taylor asked him.

He nodded "Of course. I mean she was like an angle when we were 15, than she turned like that," he said pointing to his sister yelling at some freshman that ran into her.

"Sharpay? An angle? Now that's sight I'd love to see," Chad said as everyone except Troy nodded a long in agreement.

"Guys there must be some reason," Troy said making everyone turn to him. He hasn't said one word since they started having this conversation.

"And are you gonna find out?" Chad asked him as everyone still kept their eyes on him.

He shrugged "Maybe," he replied as the bell rang for their first class.

Troy walked into class and sat in his normal seat, next to Sharpay. He decided to take a chance, so he turned to face her and looked at her. "Hey," he said to her as she turned to him confused.

"What do you want?" she asked in an icy voice.

"Can I just say hi?" he asked her; she shrugged "I guess. Hi back to you too," she replied turning away to look out the window until Mrs. Darbus showed up.

He turned away from her and slouched down into his chair when someone tapped him from behind. He turned to see Chad leaning over his desk as if he was getting ready to tell him something.

"Dude, don't even try to get to know her. She's a bitch and that's all she'll ever be," he said as Troy turned his head to look at her again.

"Maybe," he whispered turning his attention to the front of the class when Mrs. Darbus came in.

The bell rang signaling the end of first period and Troy walked out of the classroom to his locker to retrieve his books. When he got there, Chad leaned against a locker next to Troy's. "Hey dude, you know how my brother's getting married?" he asked Troy as he fiddled with the stuff in his locker.

Troy stuck his head out "Yeah," he replied getting his book out of his locker. "Well do you want to go to the bachelor party? He said I could invite you and let's just say you'd be a loser if you didn't. So what do you say?" Chad said as Troy closed his locker, starting to walk to his class as Chad followed.

"I don't know man. I mean aren't they usually at clubs?" Troy asked.

"Yeah that's the whole reason I said you'd be a total loser if you didn't, besides you don't have a girlfriend to worry about," he persuaded.

"Yes Chad, but you do," Troy replied turning into his History class, which Chad was in as well.

"Yeah but she said it was okay as long as I don't bring "anyone" home," Troy sighed.

"Please dude?" Chad begged.

"Alright I'll go. You happy now?" Troy replied, sitting in his seat.

"Yes very much," Chad said sitting down it the seat next to Troy.