In the Hands of the Chimera Chapter 1: Changing of the Guard

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United Nations Plasma Research Center is the where plasma energy is being developed for commercial use. If successful, much of the world's energy problems would be over overnight. Unfortunately it was a prime target for the Decepticons. Luckly, the Autobots were aware of this and were there waiting for the Decepticons.

"Blast you Autobots!!! Is there any moment were you don't show up?" The familiar voice of Megatron yelled as he was fed up with Autobot interference.

The Autobot leader Optimus Prime was quick to retort "As long as the Decepticons remain to plague this world, we will always show up".

The battle continued for several more minutes until Megatron gave the command to retreat. The Autobots were happy yet not shocked that they were victorious. Bumblebee was first to give out a smug comment to Prime.

" Man Prime, the Decepticons aren't cutting it anymore. I don't see why they keep trying".

" Don't be overconfident Bumblebee. The Decepticons losses will more than likely make them desperate and that can make them all the more dangerous".

Ironhide then added on his own remark to the conversation "Bumblebees right Prime, the Decepticreeps aren't the challenge they were once. Letting Wheeljack experiment on you is more dangerous then them".

Wheeljack instantly defended himself over that remark " Hey that's unfair!!"

" You know Whelljack's right. His experiments were more dangerous when the Decepticons were a real threat". Bumblebee's comment was responded with laughter of all but Wheeljack.

Back at the Decepticon's base, Megatron was going on a tirade over the loss.


Starscream, being the opportunist, attempted to sway the rest of the Decepticons to his side.

"Perhaps its time for a change of leadership. We have been losing for months to the Autobots and they haven't even been decisive, just humiliating. We need a new leader and that leader should be me."

Megatron quickly started to laugh at a comment which like in previous times, thought was amusing.

" The Decepticons would be better off being lead by a worker droid."

"The Decepticons need fresh blood. At least my plans would be different. Prime has got you so figured out, he probably knows the brand of chrome wax you use"!

Megatron and Starscream's banter was interrupted by sinister laughter. All present looked to see where the laughter had come from. Out from the shadows came a rather large robot. He was larger that even Megatron himself. He was mostly black in color. He had large wings on his back. In fact much of his appearance was very bestial in nature. The stranger finally started to speak, and his voice was so unearthly that it chilled the other Decepticons to the very spark.

"I do agree that the Decepticons need a new leader. But I certainly feel that they can do better than you, Starscream."

Megatron was not impressed, nor amused by this large newcomer and him interrupting.

"Who are you and how did you get in my base"!?

The large transformer developed a smirk on his face and proceeded to answer.

" How I got here is unimportant. As to who I am. My name is Gigatron, the new leader of the Decepticons".

Megatron was now even less amused by this interloper. Starscream's attempted boasts of insurrection were entertaining as he would never be successful. And it usually ended with Starscream being humiliated. To have it come from this outsider, was insulting. Megatron walked up to Gigatron. He had to look up to meet him eye to eye. Megatron however was not intimidated by Gigatron's size.

" You are either very brave or very stupid to challenge my leadership of the Decepticons!"

Gigatron's smile simply got wider at Megatron's comment.

" I am far from stupid Megatron. As for brave, I have every reason to be. The question is, are you"?

Megatron was now enraged. No one, no matter who, would question his bravery and live to tell. Soundwave stepped forward to challenge Gigatron.

"Megatron, allow me to dispose of this intruder"

"No Soundwave, I will eliminate this overgrown scrapheap".

Almost immediately, Megatron fired his cannon at Gigatron, who dodged it. Megatron was impressed that such a large robot could move so fast. Megatron fired again, only for Gigatron to dodge again. Megatron had now had it with this game.

" You are good at running, lets see if you can dodge this!

Megatron then charged his cannon with all the energy he could spare and fired at Gigatron. But before it could hit him, Gigatron transformed into a two headed dragon. Both of the dragon heads fired at Megatron's blast and it cancelled it out. Gigatron then transformed back into robot mode and continued to mock Megatron.

" Well, is there anything else?"

All Megatron could do was stand and fume. He now realized that Gigatron was no weakling. Gigatron then transformed into a strange car and nearly ran Megatron over. Gigatron was a triple changer. Megatron knew that more would be needed to win.

"Wait, why should I fight you. I'm leader of the Decepticons. I can order someone to kill you. Constructicons, merge into Devastator!"

The six Constructicons transformed and combined into the massive Devastator. Gigatron however was not concerned and shocked everyone by transforming into a forth form, that of a giant clawed hand. The large hand then quickly flew toward Devastator and clamped onto the large combiner's chest. Energy surged through Gigatron and into Devastator, shocking him until he separated into the six Constructicons. Gigatron then turned back to Megatron and fired a large beam from his head. The beam caused Megatron more pain then he had ever had. Gigatron lunged at Megatron and struck him in the chest, which actually cracked it. Gigatron stood over the fall Megatron and then looked at the other Decepticons.

"Now, you have to 2 choices: serve me or join Megatron in rotting in a cell."

The other Decepticons, loyal or not, knew that they could not hope to defeat Gigatron. They then submitted to Gigatron's authority. Gigatron now knew that his time had come.