-1Other Schemes

The Decepticons has returned to their base with the plasma energy already being converted to energon. However, there was some concern among the Deceptions "What are you saying?!" yelled a upset Starscream. Soundwave, who was taking the verbal assault, clarified "Gigatron left us with only a fraction of the energon. The rest he took to Megatron's old lab. Since then, he has been working on some kind of machine. I was able to get a look at it, but I was unable to ascertain what it is or what it does."

Starscream cautiously went into the lab and saw that Gigatron was indeed working on some sort of large machine. Before Starscream could speak, Gigatron turned "Aw Starscream, I wondered when you would be hear. I take it your upset about me taking the majority of the energon". "Yes, I was wondering about that" Starscream replied. "Well, the creation of this machine is much more important that guzzling down energon. Once this is finished, Cybertron, no the entire galaxy will never be the same. You shall see soon enough." Starscream, someone worried about Gigatron's mental state, turned to leave but was able to find the courage to ask one question "What about the Autobots. They will surly be coming to get the plasma energy." Gigatron smirked "The Stunticons have that taken care of."

The scene at the Autobot base was a awful sight. Due to the Decepticon's brutal ambushes, much of the Autobot forces were under repairs. Worse of all, Optimus Prime was now among the damaged "We….must..stop..Decep…". Ratchet quickly stopped Prime " No Prime. Save your energy. Wheeljack, what did we learn about this new Decepticon." Wheeljack activated the computer screen, which showed a ruff schematic of Gigatron "We do know that having 3 modes is possible as both Blitzwing and Astrotrain have them, there was rumors of research of having a forth, but the number of modes that Gigatron displayed was far beyond anything that should be possible." Before Wheeljack could continue further, Carly ran into the base, frantic "Guys I need your help!" Bumblebee was the first to respond "Calm down Carly. Tell us what's wrong". 'It's Spike, they've taken him!"

At the Decepticon's base, the Stunticons entered the brig and placed someone in a cell. It was Spike.