Author's Note: This is the first in a series of a hundred drabbles, based on a table of prompts that I originally did for a RENT fanfic challenge. Bones just seemed to lend itself to the same type of exercise, so I decided to do it again all on my own. Most of these will tie into episodes which won't be directly mentioned. If it sounds familiar, you're probably right. There is no particular plot or timeline outside of each drabble, so don't look for one. It'll be muchly confusing. I hope, after all of this rambling, that you enjoy.

001. Beginnings

"There is no possible way you can be sure." Special Agent Seeley Booth stares at the fragmented skeleton on the table in front of him. The jaw is partially dislocated, hanging out of the joint. He could swear the dead guy is laughing, taunting his inability to come up with the hard evidence necessary.

"Surer than you'll ever be with purely circumstantial evidence." She says it with that smug little quirk of her brow that makes him want to smash a fist into the middle of the bones. As if this case hasn't been frustrating enough without her reminding him of his failure to come up with the necessary facts.

"I can't, Bones. This is too important for me to take it on the word of a squint." He starts to leave, but she stops him, somehow making it all the way around the table and into his path before he can get more than two steps away.

"So, what? You're going to let more people die while you go out looking for unnecessary evidence?"

Booth shakes his head, fuming. "When was the last time you set foot outside this lab? Walking to and from your car doesn't count."

She keeps her mouth closed, her forehead lined with irritation.

"That's what I thought." Taking her by the shoulders, he moves her out of his path and turns his back on her.

"If you're wrong about this…" Her voice holds a vague but imminent threat.

He doesn't stop.

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