The Tears of Mitsumine

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This is a romance but I put it as angst too because it does contain some angst

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                                                                        The Tears of Mitsumine



        Broken glass surrounded them, as the wind whipped through her hair. Crumbling gravel, wooden frames and other pieces of debris seem to float around them, crashing onto her body, ripping through her already torn flesh. She could hear the gritting of steel over steel, rock to building.

        It all stopped hurting, the pain of defeat, and the pain of open flesh. Blood floated down with her, her glistening blood, which sipped from her wounds down her face and body, down to the abbess of the destroyed city. Down to the hundreds of dead civilians, crushed under the fallen colossal buildings that once rose to the heavens as protectors of the mass city called Tokyo.

        As swiftly has a tidal wave, a dense silence smashed through the air. It seemed like such a contrast to the bustling activity around her. Then, just like a shock wave, the Ten no Ryu's kekkai shattered in a million shining pieces, it's sharp edges ripping through the air to oblivion. All the sounds of the annihilation of the sector never reached the fourteen-year-old youth. Never reaching her heart.

        She could still smell him. His blood stained scent still reaching her nose as they both hurtled down from the heavens to the hellish ground.


        She slowly tightened her grip on her inugami, as she slowly caresses his head. She was loosing him. Ever so slowly she was loosing her best friend… her soul mate. She could hear his whining, slowly trying to save his master, but not having the energy to do it. She didn't care. She didn't care for her life. She couldn't let him go. She couldn't let him die.  Looking into his blue eyes, she sobbed, sobbed louder then she had ever sobbed. It soon broke into hysteric crying. Gripping him closer, she started whispering encouraging wishes, but that was all they were, wishes.


        He slowly started to lick her tears away. Showing their last affection to each other. Reassuring her to their deaths. Making his master happy, for one last time.  Suddenly the air broke into a million sounds, as they were jolted back into reality. Swiftly, big strong arms ripped the inugami mistress from her soul mate. Her hands brushing through the dog's course fur as her eyes widen in untold fear and shock. All Inuki saw with his damaged eyes was an unfocused image of his master with a mysterious man who smelled at the moment like a Chi no Ryu. There was no more energy in his body to save her, even with his desperate efforts. All he could do was whine. Whine as he kept falling by himself down towards the annihilated city, away from his soul mate.


        It was too late. He had stopped whining before the mistress called out his name. He had hit the pavement.