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Chapter 6

It was like a haze, a feverish haze. She felt his strong arms around her, touching her sensitive body. His jacket felt so warm against her barely thick sweater. His hands were calmly tucked under her. She felt so safe. Like nothing in the world can harm her. Nothing in the world could reach her, her body… her heart. She hadn't felt like this in a long time and for once.

For once nothing reached her broken heart.

Inuki's memory didn't reach her broken heart.

Her screaming…

Nor Inuki's death whines reached her heart.

*          *            *

The light skinned through the horizon. Its rays slicing through the pine trees, letting their pine needles glitter in the sunlight. They were no longer a dark shade of green, but a glowing shade of yellow and orange.

They swayed in tune of the beating of the earth, letting in sunlight on Mitsumine shrine. The wooden floors never creaked here. Or let any noise seep through the open hallways.  As sunlight seeped through the open doors, Yuzuriha came out. Lightly she stretched, feeling her muscles stretch in lively flexibility towards the sky. Kusanagi had come to the shrine the night before and went to sleep in the guest room, in the part of the shrine open to visitors. He would never be allowed to sleep or even enter the inner, sacred part of Mitsumine shrine where Yuzuriha was. She was so happy to see him that night, under the silhouette of the moon. He was the only person to understand other then her grandmother. Deep down she felt truly happy to see her "crush" come to her aide after Inuki's passing. To fill her senses of his smell instead of Inuki's smell which traveled inside the shrine's inner walls. She needed someone strong to hold her heart tenderly, someone who was masculine, tall, strong muscular hands, and a tight….

Yuzuriha blushed, making her cheeks a golden red tint. She cracked in a giggle, a giggle that she had not heard from her lips since that day. Kusanagi would make her forget. Make her forget about Inuki, and forget that she is part of Mitsumine, to forget her past.

She lightly stepped into the guest area, slowly going on her tipping toes, avoiding the little spots that would creak and send shivers of noise through the rooms. With expert feet, she weaved through the floor, slowly reaching towards his door. She could slowly smell his cologne, and deep rich smell. She quietly reached the doors and weaved her figures around the handle to open the traditional Japanese doors. She would wake him up with a beautiful breakfast, which was situated, within her arm. With a small giggle, she opens the door to have herself bathed in sunlight. As the sunlight from the window hit her face, she went wide-eyed.

***"INUKI... INUKI! RUN! HAHAHA!"  A Chibi Yuzuriha ran through the halls, carrying a Chibi Inuki in her arms. She ran like the wind, down the guest halls and towards a set of traditional Japanese doors. Grabbing the door handle to cranked the door wide open.

A couple was sitting on the bed, looking at her weirdly. Inuki was at her side but was unseen to the guest. "Konnichi wa! I hope you enjoyed your breakfast… My name is Nekoi Yuzuriha! Priestess of Mitsumine!"

Yuzuriha beamed when she whispered those final words. It always gave her pride that she was her grandmother's little priestess, even if she was only 9 years old and not yet old enough. " Me and Inuk…I mean only me. I mean." Yuzuriha gave a quick breath before continuing. It always got her confused, even after all those years. "I will be your guide of our shrine! I hope your ready, because Mitsumine shrine is a BIIIIIIG place." Yuzuriha emphasized the last comment with extending her hands on her sides.

       The couple gave quite giggles and followed their guide out of the guest room into the hallway, having Chibi Inuki at her side. ***

       Yuzuriha loosened her grip on the tray and the breakfast slipped on the floor with a crash. Yuzuriha stood there, wide eyed. Kusanagi swiftly went by her side. He felt horrible for the injustice that was done on her. All to clearly he remembered that day when she awoke from shock in the room that he took her after he saved her from the accident.

       ***"Kusanagi, Kusanagi, Inuki, he's, he's" Yuzuriha just stared at him wide eyes. Tears splashed on her face like a veil. Her soul was torn forever and would never be put together again.

       "Kusanagi, Kusanagi, he's…"

       "Gone." She whispered.

       Kusanagi took his hand and brushed her tears off her face. He could feel the warm tears rolled down his hand as he felt her soft skin under his palm, as she stared at him.

       "He's gone," Yuzuriha whispered.

"He's gone."***

He took her to his bed as she calmed down from her memory rush. It was the same room that she was in when she took her first guide job with Inuki. She didn't dare look at the face of Kusanagi. She could remember when he had met her in bed, when she had just lost Inuki. She didn't know where she was and never questioned it. All she knew was that Kusanagi had somehow known that she was in an accident and went by her side. She looked up to his face and saw his tender eyes look at her. She felt like telling him everything right there. That she was a dragon of heaven. That she had lost Inuki to a dragon of earth and that she was the one who must have caused great damage and destroyed so many lives when her kekkai was destroyed and the sunshine 60 building fell apart. But she wouldn't. She wouldn't do that to him.

She looked back down on the floor. She somehow wished he were there to protect her and Inuki. But he wasn't part of the end of the world. He couldn't have gone in her kekkai in the first place. With a shake of her head, she dismissed the thought. She was acting selfish and she knew it.

Kusanagi stared at her in worry. He knew she must have been in heavy thought and decided not to interfere. A thought that filled his mind brought a smile to his face. "I am hungry, do you have some Pooky we can share?"

Yuzuriha went and smiled at him. Her smile was of genuine happiness. Standing up straight, she giggled and led him to the kitchen where they would stuff themselves with pooky and talk.

*   *         *

"Missy.. You seem happier." Kusanagi whispered as he led her to the forest.

Mitsumine Mountain was a lush environment full of life and nature. Yuzuriha smiled as he lends her to his favorite pass time. "Yes, now that you're here…"

The light of the setting sun bounced through the pine needles and up into the black strands of unplaced hair of Yuzuriha. She had sat down beside him and had tucked her arms around his arm. He looked down to gaze at the top of her head, to see her straight black hair shine in the light. What he saw was definatly not hair. Her shirt had been quite loose and because of her position, her shirt had patrouted and gave him a nice view of Yuzuriha's chest. Kusanagi stiffened and blushed feverishly. It wasn't the first time he had seen a women nude, but Yuzuriha was an exception. She was too young and was still in school, in junior high school. For some reason though, he never turned away from the sight. Quickly he caught himself and pushed slightly Yuzuriha so her shirt could once again plaster itself onto her body. Kusanagi felt horrible, but for some reason never felt guilty for it. That thought confused him to no end. "Kusanagi-san?"


"Can you please tell me everything will be alright?"


"I know it will be…but I want to hear it from your lips"

"Everything will be alright."

"OK!" Yuzuriha stood up. Her body swaying in the air. She looked a lot more mature without her spirit dog. It almost seemed as if all her spirit, both her child spirit and inner spirit had gone. It gave a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Well time to go..You don't want to be late for supper, do you!" Yuzuriha giggled and ran in front of him. He followed, having her back bouncing in front of him all he way back to the shrine.

*      *          *

All was quite and peaceful. The air was still and almost pure. The sky was gone and so was the land. All there was was space. A white feather flew, glittering with life as it danced towards a spiritual body, it was earth. It was another dream like the last time. It was Kusanagi's dream. He looked at the earth, not noticing anything else. All he felt was the earth's pain, its cries of agony. It clouds swirled in a mesh of white around the blue orb. Kusanagi peered towards the feather as it floated around the earth's pole. His eyes stared tracing a visual path as his gaze followed the feather as it gently brushed against earth. As if time slowed, the feather gingerly landed on earth's pole and bounced childishly on its tip.

All was silent.

As if on queue, a ravishing scream came from the blue orb. It ripped through Kusanagi like a heated sword. The earth trembled as if it was sobbing. It started to shake even more as the clouds started to dispel from the planet. Little cracks started to appear on the planet's surface, sending lines of blood to trouble down its surface. As the screams increase, so did the blood, as it started to spew away form the earths wound, Kusanagi couldn't stand it. He could hear nature bellow for him. The earth trembled feverishly, as the cracks started to coagulate around the middle. Blood spewing everywhere and the screams engulfed Kusanagi as the earth split into two, blood flew everywhere like a cloud. Kusanagi only stared wide eyes, as the rivers of blood dispersed into the air and settled on the floor and on his clothing. What he saw before him was the two half's of the earth falling before him. They fell and shattered in the air, disbursing into nothing.

All was quite as Kusanagi's breath increased.

Baboom, baboom

Kusanagi grew wide eyes

Baboom baboom

The earth…

Baboom baboom

It gave birth…

Baboom baboom

To a nude women…

Baboom, baboom

The women..

Baboom baboom


Baboom baboom


To be continued