Author Notes: This was my first (and originally assumed last) Office fic. I'm sure this fic is going to upset some people, as it does not follow an accepted subject matter for this fandom. If you're looking for happy Jam fluff, you won't find it here.
Some would say that his relation-ship had sailed. Some more accurate people would say that his ship had not so much sailed as sunk. He preferred to think of it as running aground, catching on fire, capsizing, and sinking to the bottom with coral and cephalopods residing inside it.

And he couldn't be happier.

Because right now he was strolling slowly through the parking lot three-quarters of an hour before quitting time with the woman he loved more than anything else in the entire world - and she loved him back. They skipped out of work together, smiling, laughing, and kissing, to go make something of their new relationship, amidst Michael's embarrasing high-five attempt and thumbs up from other more reserved co-workers.

"We should have done this a long time ago," beamed Pam, gripping his jacketted arm tightly with both hands.

"Well worth the wait," Jim replied before kissing her again.

They were heading toward his car, not really sure where they would go after that, and not really caring as long as they were together, when Pam's smile unexpectedly fell. "Karen?" she said.

Ah. Karen. Jim felt really sorry about the way he had treated her. Terrible even. It had torn him up inside to break up with her, even though it had been tearing him up more each day he continued living the lie. Everything he had done with her had been so unfair. The worst had been how she had finally found out about his eternal feelings for Pam. He had expected her to tear him a new one that day, but she had acted far better than he could have imagined possible, and had simply walked away quietly from him once his exposition was complete.

Someday he'd have to try to make it up to her, but for today all he could think of was Pam.

Obviously this was clouding his senses because it slowly dawned on him that Pam's query hadn't been simply expressing concern over the wounded heart of her friend, but instead was meant to alert him to the fact that Karen was currently approaching them.

He disentangled himself from Pam's embrace and prepared to have the talk he wasn't at all ready for. It was then he realized that what Karen had brought with her.

Steve the camera guy zoomed in closer on Jim and Pam as they slowly made their way through the parking lot, arm-in-arm. He had to settle for the far away shot through the blinds, though he wished more than anything that they could get a mic down there. He couldn't hear a thing they were saying, but his intuition told him it was something steamy (or at least editing could make it look that way). The two of them finally getting together would be good for the show.

Oh-ho! Here come's Karen! The only thing better than sappy true love is a love triangle, especially one so messy that Pythagoras couldn't even figure it out.

Steve zoomed further in to get their reactions, picking up a great worried look from Pam, then he panned over for Karen's expression.

It took him about a second for what he saw to register in his brain, but it felt like hours as he couldn't believe his eyes. "Shit," Steve murmured under his breath, then louder as he came to his senses. "Shit! She's got a gun!"


"Karen's going to shoot Jim and Pam!"

Andy's "What?!" was trampled by Ryan's "Oh my God! Somebody call 9-1-1!"

"I'm on it!" yelled Dwight, calmly punching in the numbers on his phone.

At the commotion Michael came bounding over from his office to join Steve and the others in peering through the window. The apprehension and fear were plain on his face as he bounced lightly on the balls of his feet, muttering a curse before running for the exit.

What could Steve do? He kept filming.

Dwight chatted tersely with the dispatcher.