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Chapter one

Eleven-year-old Alexandra Drake woke up to the sounds of people talking. She sat up and turned her head to face her bedroom door. The dim light from the hallway shone through the crack of the door from it being opened a bit. She listened closely and heard her father, his friend John from the military, and his two sons, Sam and Dean Winchester. Curiosity getting the better of her, she pushed the covers off her and quietly slipped out of bed, making her way to the door. She stood in front of the cracked door, peering out and saw her father, along with the Winchesters in the kitchen all sitting at the squared tilted tabled.

"You're the only one who knows what we do, Bill," John said. "You know how it goes. We stay a couple of days to maybe a couple of weeks, and then we leave."

"I do know how it goes," Bill nodded. "I understand more than you know."

"In the morning, we'll be leaving," John told him.

"All right."

"Do we have to go?" Dean asked, looking at his father.

"Yes." John looked back at his son. "I need as help as possible, you know that."

"Yes, sir," Dean nodded.

"What about Alex?" Sam asked, speaking up for the first time since the discussion started.

"She knows how it is, Sam," John said to him.

"Can she come this time?" eleven year old Sam asked, hope in his voice.

"You know she can't," John said. "It's too dangerous for her."

"Besides, I wouldn't let her hunt," Bill spoke up. "I can't lose her after already losing her mother."

Sam nodded slowly, not surprised by the answer. He glanced over at fourteen year old Dean who placed a hand on his shoulder. Without a word, Sam stood up and walked out of the kitchen, down the hallway.

Alexandra saw Sam walking toward her room, she spun on her heels and ran back to her bed, pulling the covers up and laid her head back down on the pillow, her eyes shut. She heard the door hinges squeak as Sam pushed on the door, opening it wider.

"Alex?" he whispered, stepping into the room, the light shone through the doorway, lighting up her room more, casting a shadow on the floor of Sam.

Alex sat up and looked at Sam who stood by her bed. "Sam?"

Sam sat down on the edge of her bed, staring her in the eyes. "I'm leaving tomorrow… I might not see you before we leave… I wanted to say goodbye to you now."

"Do you have to go? Why can't you just stay here? You promised me you would stay," she said, her soft voice sounded quieter than usual.

"I know I promised, and I would keep that promise, but my dad needs me."

"But I need you more…" she whispered.

"I know you do," he said and grabbed her hand and turned it upward so her palm was facing up. "I want you to have this…" he placed something into her hand and moved his away so she could see what it was.

The light from the doorway shone upon the object, casting a hint of shine on it. "What's this for?" she asked, picking up the necklace with her other hand and examined it.

"I wanted to give this to you on your birthday, but since I won't be here to give it to you then, I am giving it to you now."

"Thank you…" she put it on and held the end of it, which was a star with small writing. "AD?" she looked at him with confusion.

"Alexandra Drake. Dean helped me with it. I wanted to give you something special."

"It is special, thank you," she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck for a hug.

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. "You're welcome…"


The two pulled away and looked toward the door to see John standing there. He motioned Sam to leave.

Sam nodded and he stood up, looking at Alex. "Goodbye, Alex."

"Goodbye, Sam…"

Sam headed for the door and followed his father back out to the kitchen.

Alex sat there and gripped her star necklace again. "Goodbye…" she whispered before she lied back down and laid her head on her pillow again, a tear fell from her blue eyes, before she fell asleep.