Things will be a lot different, but don't worry, I'll be explaining things in the next chapter to help you understand things, and all that jazz.

Chapter 18

"Hmm…" Alex moaned, waking up. She placed a hand to her throbbing head as she placed her other hand on the floor, pushing herself up in a sitting position. She looked around hoping to see Dean, Sam alive still. "What…" she mumbled with a confused expression. The room wasn't the motel room, but a bedroom. A nice one at that, and she wondered how she got there, and wondered if her sister brought her there, and if she did, why?

Alex stood slowly to her feet, the dizziness almost knocked her right off her feet again, but she leaned against a computer desk to keep her balance. Her eyes scanned the room, taking everything in. The walls were a nice light blue color. In front of her was a medium-sized window in the middle of the room that showed an ocean out back. A King-sized wooden bed with white blankets with light blue flowers covering the whole blanket matching pillows neatly placed at the headboard on her right. The bed had four wooden posts on each side that nearly touched the white ceiling.

She stepped toward the bed once the dizziness subsided and grabbed one of the posts lightly, feeling the smoothness against her palms. She continued to look at the bed before facing the desk again and saw some pictures and paper work on it. She walked over to it and grabbed one of the pictures. "Dean…" she whispered as she looked at it closely and saw how happy he seemed. He wore his brown leather jacket with his green buttoned shirt underneath it. His hair seemed a little longer, and he had a little more stubble than usual. Her eyes drifted to the next person next to him and saw herself. Dean's arm was wrapped around her shoulder as if he had pulled her closer to him. She saw she was wearing blue jeans with a light red shirt that had lace on the bottom of it, and her hair was hanging down loosely, curled. "My hair isn't that long, or curled," Alex thought aloud when she saw her hair was different than her usual hair style.

She then let her eyes drift to the next person beside her on the left side of her. She saw Sam. He wore his usual blue, checkered plaid shirt, with his light brown jacket. His hair was also a little longer, but not by much. She saw how happy he seemed also. On the left side of the three, she noticed a Christmas tree covered in lights that looked red, yellow, white and blue, with confetti strings. "What is this?" she asked out loud, not remembering any of this.

Alex almost dropped the picture to the floor when she heard a door bell. She set the picture down on the desk before making her way out of the room and down the hallway. She was close to the stairs when she saw a mirror on the wall and saw her reflection. To her surprise, her hair was still longer and curled. She wore a different shirt than back at the motel. "What is going on?" she asked herself even though she knew she wouldn't know the answer to her own question. Whoever was outside the front door, they continued to ring the door bell. "Jeez, hold on," she mumbled as she walked down the stairs. She looked around before heading for the door, and she saw some mail on a small table next to the door. Reaching for one, she looked at the address and saw her name on it. "My mail… my pictures… my house?" she wondered. This time the person knocked on the door instead of using the door bell. Alex shook her head. "Impatient much?" she said almost in a whisper. She reached for the handle and opened the door.

"Took you long enough…"

Alex stood there surprised. "Dean…"

"Yeah… look, I'm sure you don't want to see me," he said.

She looked at him with confusion. "No… of course I want to. Why wouldn't I?"

"Uh, well, considering the last time we saw each other, I figured you would wanna kick my ass for the way I acted."

"The way you acted?" she was more confused now.

"Pushing you away and out of my life…. ya know, after…" he cleared his throat while looking away for a moment before meeting her gaze again. "Look, can I come in?" he asked not bothering to finish what he was going to say.

"Yeah, come on in," she stepped aside and he walked into the house. She closed the door and faced him, and for the first time she saw he looked tired and run down, and looked as if he hasn't shaved in a long time. "Are you alright, Dean?"

"Not really," he told her, being honest. "I could use your help."

"Help with what? Oh, and have a seat," she pointed to the living room.

They walked into the living room and he took a seat on the couch while she did the same thing.

"The yellow eyed demon is at it again…" Dean said with a sigh. "The son of a bitch is startin' its crap again. I couldn't…" he sighed again. "I can't do this alone."

"It's still alive?" she asked.

"Alive, yeah… never got the chance to destroy the damn thing."

"Why come to just me for help? I mean, I would think Sam would want to help."

Dean locked eyes with hers and she could see the pain flash across his face, and his hazel eyes seemed darker within seconds, and his jaw tightened.

"You know why he can't, Alex. How could you bring Sam into this when you know what the hell happened," he spoke tightly almost as if he was getting angry with her.

She furrowed her eyebrows with confusion again. "Dean… what're you talking about? What happened to Sam?"

"Don't play stupid with me Alex. You know damn know well what happened."

"Please… I don't know," she told him. "What happened, Dean? What happened to Sam?"

Dean felt his jaw tighten even more, and his hand clenched in a fist. He stood up and took a few steps away from her, keeping his back to her.


"He died. How could you not know that when you were there," he finally said.

"Wha…" she trailed off.

Dean turned around to face her again. "Stop acting so surprised, Alex. You knew he died."

"I'm not acting," she told him, almost unable to comprehend the information she found out. She looked at him again from looking away from him. "Dean… I never knew this. I don't know what happened. One minute I'm at the motel with you, Sam and Andy in Boston, MA, and then the next I'm here…" she then realized she didn't know where she was. "Where am I?"

"You're kiddin' right?" he asked, as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm serious, Dean… where the hell am I?"

"What's goin' on with you, Alex? You're acting as if you don't know anything at all."

"That's because I don't. Dean, I'm being serious here. I don't know what's happened, or where I am, or anything. Where am I, and what year is it?" she asked more than serious this time.

"It's 2009, and you're in Las Angeles, California, Alex."

"2009?" she repeated. "Two years… two years is missing from my life?"

"Ok," he said staring at her more than confused now. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Dean… the last thing I remember is from 2007, at the motel in Boston, MA. Andy… she was there. You and Sam came to my rescue… things started out alright minus her cutting my neck a little from the knife she had. She had tricked us… you and Sam were pinned to the wall, and then she punched me so hard I fell hitting my head, knocking me out," she explained.

Dean kept quiet, his eyes still upon her. "You're serious…"

"Duh, Winchester," she said with a roll of her eyes.

"But how can you be missing two years of your life when you've been living those two years?" he asked as he took a seat on a chair across from her.

"God, don't tell me… please tell me I'm wrong about this. Andy hasn't pretended to be me again, has she?" she asked, praying he wouldn't say yes.

"It would be impossible for her to, she died two years ago."


"Yeah… her neck was snapped."

"Who, uh, snapped it?" she asked surprised.

"I don't know, some dude," Dean shrugged.

"Is it possible I'm having some kind of out of body experience?" she asked.

"I don't think so. If you were, I wouldn't be able to see you, hear you, or you wouldn't actually be able to touch anything," he told her.

"True," Alex nodded in agreement. "Then what the hell do you call this whole thing?"