Blood Lust


The sky was blue and the clouds roamed free amongst the sky. The sun shined down on the dusty hills of the high desert, where a small town stood near the location of a desert space-observatory center. Usually its purpose was to pick up signals from space to see if there really were signs of intelligent life out there. But due to certain events including three small children, the signs of intelligent life were closer then expected.

Exactly a few meters under the earth's surface, buried under ground for millions of years was a spaceship. A spaceship that now occupied a small Autobot faction of an alien race called the Transformers.

And apparently, one such Autobot wasn't having such a marvelous morning…


Red Alert looked up from his work station at the main computer in the Control room. He blinked his optics at the mysterious roar of anger that echoed through the corridors of their home base. Soon footsteps were heard, coming from one of the few hallways that led to the Control Room. Hurried, heavy footsteps…

Hot Shot soon burst into the control room, panting as he leaned over to catch his breath. "HOT SHOT!!!" came a loud yell that echoed from down the hallway, and the yellow Autobot soon bolted passed Red Alert and into the next hallway.

Red Alert once again blinked his optics in confusion, and looked back at the hallway that Hot Shot just came in through after hearing another set of hurried footsteps. A low growl came from a tall shuttle Autobot known as JetFire as he entered the Control Room. He passed by Red Alert quickly; but not before the Medic noticed that the Second-in-Command was covered in bright, pink paint.

The shuttle stomped into the next hallway in a hurry. Red Alert watched him go, and then sighed, "Dear Primus Hot Shot…" he said, "you're going to get yourself killed someday with those pranks…"


Alexis gave a small yawn as she entered the base. Rad and Carlos, along with Billy and Fred had decided it was a good idea to wake her up from her Saturday morning slumber. At approximately six o' clock in the morning…

Alexis grumbled, "Stupid boys…" she grabbed a small bottle or orange juice from the refrigerator. Grindor stood a few feet away, watching HighWire and SureShock playing with the boys in video games.

Large, heavy footsteps were soon heard and felt by the humans and minicons. Eyes and optics looked up and watched as Hot Shot was entering to room in a hurry; but soon came JetFire…covered in pink paint, and tackling Hot Shot to the ground. The impact from the large mechanical beings made almost all who were present in to room to jump at least a few inches off the ground.

JetFire had Hot Shot pinned to the ground, hands literally pulled behind his back as the large shuttle began to give the yellow mech a good crushing of the internal spine.

"What the hell was with the PINK PAINT???" JetFire pulled again at Hot Shot's arm.

"OwowowowowowowowOW!!! Okay! Okay!" Hot Shot pleaded, "I needed something to wake you up with, and that can of paint was the only thing! But it wasn't my idea! Honest!"

JetFire gave a hard noogie to Hot Shot's helmet, "Then who was it then?" the intensity in the shuttle's voice told Hot Shot not to hesitate.

"Smokescreen's…" he squeaked, struggling at the uncomfortable position that was quickly hurting his goods.

JetFire was out in a flash, heading down the hallway to track down the orange Autobot. Alexis; who had been watching the whole fiasco with sudden interest, turned to Hot Shot with a skeptical look, "It wasn't really Smokescreen's fault wasn't it?"

Hot Shot turned the other way, giving a nervous laugh, 'Great, now I'm gonna die TWICE now…' he thought.

Sirens were heard booming around the base, and Hot Shot stood up from the floor. He grinned, "Now its time for some action!" he raced to the Control Room, the kids and their minicons followed.


Optimus Prime Stood next to Red Alert, looking up at the Computer screen to find the exact coordinates to the location where the minicon is hidden. All Autobots has entered the Control Room, especially JetFire who was still not clean of his wretched mess and Smokescreen who soon glared daggers at Hot Shot when he came in.

"So where we headin' too?" Sideswipe spoke up from his place next to Blur.

Red Alert didn't look up from the computer, "Seems to be in a remote region in Europe…" he typed away with his one hand. He looked over the data as words and numbers lit up the screen. One word seemed to grab his attention, "What's this? How do you pronounce that?"

Rad took a look at the screen, spotting the foreign word, "Its pronounced Transylvania."

Carlos gave a sheepish grin, "Great, you guys are heading to Dracula land."

Hot Shot gave Carlos a confused look, "What's Dracula?"

Optimus sighed, "That would be enough please," he said in a stern but gentle tone, "Now! Let's get a move on shall we?"

All the Autobots present in the room saluted with a chorus of "Yes Sir!" and headed towards the warp gate, ready for transport to Transylvania.


A pair of green optics scanned the area around the foggy and cold lands of Transylvania's mountain range. Demolisher grumbled, "No sign of the minicon here, Megatron sir!" he called into his comnlink that directed straight to the Emperor of Decepticons.

Megatron gave a low growl, sitting upon the cold ground on a cliff that looked over a fogged covered valley. "Well keep looking!" was his reply to the smaller green tank. He tapped his link to his other soldiers, "Has anyone found anything yet?" his voice sounded irritated.

"Nothing yet sir," came Cyclonus' reply as he flew over another valley.

"Nothing here," Starscream was currently flying over a mountain range.

"We haven't detected anything yet either sir," Thrust spoke while standing atop Tidal Wave's launch deck, as they both flew over a small village.

"Wait!" WheelJack's voice boomed over the comnlink.

Megatron took interest in the sudden outburst, "What is it WheelJack?"

"It looks to be Autobot troops sir," WheelJack was hidden in the darkness of a few large boulders. "And it seems to be…Scavenger and Blur sir."

Megatron gave a sly grin, "That means that Prime can't be too far away," he stood up from the ground, Leader-1 perched atop his chest. He looked up to the sky, "Let's have some fun Leader-1…" His minicon beeped in reply.


Hot Shot moved slowly and stealthy through the large caverns of Transylvania. He was grouped with Sideswipe who followed closely behind. The blue mech gulped quietly, looking down from the cliff where they stood. He tried to shake it off; "C'mon Swipes!" came Hot Shot's voice. Sideswipe looked down one more time and then went to catch up with Hot Shot.

Hot Shot stood before a large cave opening that dripped with small droplets of water. The yellow mech scanned the cave, "This could be a good hiding place for a minicon," he mumbled, "Com on Swipes, lets look in here," he headed into the cave.

Sideswipe looked up at the cave uneasily, "If you say so, bro…" and followed the yellow mech into the cave.


Cyclonus raged with laughter, "BWAHAHAHA!! FRY AUTOBOTS! FRY!!" he fired a few hundred rounds of plasma towards a small group of Autobots.

Smokescreen ducked down behind a rock along with JetFire, "Damn…pain in the ass Decepticon…" in return, the orange mech fired his canon from his crane towards Cyclonus. It made an almost direct hit; only scathing Cyclonus' wing, but not much damage to take him down.

Optimus locked with Megatron in a dead lock; the tried equally to push at each other's weight and throw the other down. Megatron grinned and fired his canon at Prime's abdomen, sending the Autobot a few feet away to the ground.

Prime growled, "Cheap shot!" he staggered, getting up from the ground and tried firing his wrist-rifles at the large Decepticon.

Shelling and bombing continued between the two factions; unaware that a certain red jet followed a pair of young Autobots.


Hot Shot looked around the cave with Sideswipe along side him. He flashed his internal flash-light that shined from his chest into the dark, wet cave. Hundreds of pairs of red eyes glowed in the darkness while looking down at the large mechanical creatures that were currently roaming the cave. Though others saw them as intruders, one saw them as prey…

Hot Shot stopped, spotting something glowing in the cave. Sideswipe following suit behind Hot Shot, "What is it bro?" he asked.

Hot Shot shined his light on the object in question, finding it glowing brighter in a luminous green glow. Hot Shot blinked his optics, "That could be the minicon…" the yellow mech made his way over to the glowing object that was currently embedded in the rock.

The young Autobot dropped down to his knees, and took a closer look. He grinned; "Yep, it's the minicon all right!" he beamed.

Sideswipe had seemed to sigh in relief, "Good, now could you get it so we can get out if this creepy place?"

Hot Shot chuckled and pulled at the minicon, having to wiggle it around a bit to slip it out of the rock. Hot Shot gave one last tug until the minicon panel flipped out and fell to the ground near Sideswipe's feet. The blue mech went to pick it up, but was stopped with a glowing red blade to his face.

"Don't move," came a low voice as Sideswipe knelt on the ground.

Hot Shot looked up, spotting a familiar red seeker, "Starscream…" he growled.

Starscream's face didn't move an inch, "Hand over that minicon…" he looked down at Sideswipe.

Sideswipe flinched, not wanting to give up the minicon but also not wanting to lose his head in the process. He looked back at Hot Shot in the corner of his optics. The yellow mech was tense, "Damnit…" he heard him growl.

Sideswipe flinched again when the glowing red blade was lightly touching his neck. He narrowed his optics; "I'm sorry bro…" he went to pick up the minicon.

Starscream smirked, "That's a good Autobot," he watched as the blue mech carefully picked up the panel and stood up from the ground. He looked back at Hot Shot, who was trying so hard to contain his anger in order to keep Sideswipe safe. Sideswipe reached out his arm to the red seeker; Starscream took the minicon panel from him.

Hot Shot clenched his fist, "You have the minicon," he barked, "Now let him go…"

Starscream gave a low chuckle, his glowing red sword soon discharged from Sideswipe's neck and back to the position as the seeker's wing. The red seeker stood before the two Autobots, "Let's have a look see at my new minicon shall we?" In one simple action, Starscream snapped the minicon panel in two. A bright green glow shined through out the cave, disrupting the group of bats that had been watching the whole incident from the ceiling above.

Red eyes glowed and noises screeched as bat after bat flew around the three mechs. The one in particular with large glowing red eyes had spotted its prey and went after it. Hot Shot lashed out at every bat that tried to attack, "Damnit! Get the hell away from me!" The yellow mech was unaware of the one in particular that spotted him. It swept down and latched itself onto Hot Shot's face.

Hot Shot screamed as the large bat-like being began to claw at his helmet, searching for a perfect place to sink its teeth in. It found it. With a loud screech that cause Hot Shot to sink to his knees; the creature sank its teeth into Hot Shot's neck. The yellow mech screamed in intense agony.

Sideswipe's optics grew wide, "BRO!!" he called out and ran towards the yellow mech. Starscream stood in his place on the ground, watching in horror as Hot Shot was being attack by this demon-like creature.

Hot Shot screamed again and again, rolling around on the ground as an attempt to force the creature off. Sideswipe had arrived and tried to hold the mech still, "Bro!" he pulled at the creature's body and tried to pull it off. The blue mech growled, "Let GO!" he pulled again at the creature, but it still stayed latched onto Hot Shot's neck.

Sideswipe accepted the alternative, and pulled out his rifle. "Hold still buddy…" he whispered, taking aim at the creature that sucked at Hot Shot's neck.

He fired.

The creature howled as it scrambled off of Hot Shot and fell to the ground in a heap of smoke. Hot Shot gasped for air, turning over on his side and clutching his neck. The creature itself withered and whined in loud screeches on the ground. It was thrown into some sort of frenzy, until it stopped cold dead on the ground. It was completely lifeless…

Sideswipe was at Hot Shot's side in an instant, pulling Hot Shot onto his back flat on the ground. "Hot Shot…?" he called anxiously, "Bro…?"

Hot Shot shivered while still clutching his neck and again tuned over on the ground, his back facing Sideswipe as he curled up into a ball. Sideswipe put a hand on his shoulder, "Please bro, I need to see if you're okay…" he tried to pull Hot Shot onto his back again.

The yellow mech slapped Sideswipe's hand away, and Sideswipe was taken back with surprise, "Hot Shot please…" he pleaded, "let me see if your neck is okay…?"

At first there wasn't a response, but soon a low growl came from the yellow mech as he began to move slightly on the ground.

Sideswipe blinked his optics; "Hot Shot…?" he reached up once more to Hot Shot's shoulder.

Suddenly, Hot Shot smacked back Sideswipe's arm much harder this time. Sideswipe moved back a little, "Bro…?" he called, "What's wrong with you?"

Hot Shot climbed to his knees; his body leaning over and swaying a little to the side. He growled again and looked back at Sideswipe. Red optics flashed at him, fangs barring in his mouth as oil and energon oozed down from his lip and neck.

Sideswipe stopped cold, "H-hot…Hot Shot…?" he stuttered, "What's happened to you…?"

The yellow mech seemed to pay no attention to Sideswipe; he was looking around the cave for something else. He stopped suddenly, spotting the red seeker at the entrance of the cave. Hot Shot growled, his teeth barring with a loud hiss that erupted from his mouth. The yellow mech started forward, slowly on his hands and knees. Suddenly he began to move faster and faster, until he was soon moving at blank speed.

Hot Shot's red optics flared with intensity and the lust for energon. He had found his prey…

Starscream had made his way out of the cave as soon as the demon-like creature was dead on the ground. What he had saw had rendered him speechless, he needed time to collect himself after seeing something so vile and revolting as that. Before he could take off; Starscream was suddenly tackled down to the ground. Hot Shot lashed out at him, trying with a poor attempt to rip and tear out at the seeker's face.

Starscream was holding him back with only arm, the other try to reach for his sword on his wing. His attention solely placed on getting out and getting away. But he was unable to reach his blade in time for Hot Shot had soon punched him in the arm. The seeker drew back and was about to fight back when Hot Shot suddenly grabbed his face and pinned him to the ground. The yellow mech gave a growl, moving the seeker's head to the side to get a good look at his neck. Hot Shot licked his lips hungrily and suddenly sank his teeth in.

Starscream let out a blood filled cry, feeling the immense pain that jolt through out his entire body. He struggled, trying to get the yellow mech off of him. Sideswipe was watching in horror from his place on the ground, "Oh Primus…" he muttered.

Starscream let out another cry of agony before ripping Hot Shot off of his neck and slamming him into the ground. Hot Shot recovered and stood on all fours, watching as his prey was staggering out of the cave. Starscream hovered lightly over the ground, activating his engines and very weakly flew out of sight.

Hot Shot growled again, watching the seeker go. He looked back at Sideswipe, oil and energon dripping from his mouth. Sideswipe was sitting there cold on the ground, fear and shock rupturing his body. Hot Shot's growls were reduced to panting breathing, "Side…sswipe…?" he barely whispered.

Sideswipe seemed to have been snapped out of his thoughts, and he looked up at Hot Shot. The yellow mech staggered to his feet and slowly but steadily made his way to Sideswipe. The blue mech moved a bit to where he was actually sitting on the ground. Sideswipe saw Hot Shot's newly red optics dim a little while he made his way over to him.

Hot Shot swayed a bit to one side until finally arriving to where Sideswipe sat. He sank to his knees, "Side…swipe…" his whispered again weakly. His optics flickered and turned back to the baby blue of optics of the true Hot Shot.

Sideswipe looked him over; "Bro…please tell me that's really you…" he reached for Hot Shot.

It was some sort of relief that Hot Shot collapsed in Sideswipe's lap, and he looked up to the blue mech with tired optics. "I'mm…h-here…Ssswipes…" Hot Shot took a breath and suddenly blacked out.

Sideswipe nudged him a bit, "Hot Shot…?" he was hoping for any response. Worry wracked his systems to think that the yellow mech would never awake again. But with a sigh of relief, Sideswipe heard the soft breathing from his yellow-painted partner. Sideswipe side, "You hang in there buddy…" he whispered and turned on his comnlink, contacting for any Autobot for assistance.

"We read you Sideswipe," came Optimus' voice over the comnlink, "What's the matter?"

"Optimus Prime sir…" he began, "I need your help."

"What's happened Sideswipe?"

"It's Hot Shot sir…"

"What happened to Hot Shot?" Prime's voice sounded worried now…

"We…we may have a problem sir…"

To Be Continued…