Thy Leaders Power


Blur was clutching to Megatron's arm with every ounce of strength he had, his gasping and wheezing was getting louder and louder. Hot Shot sneered, 'What am I gonna do…?' his thoughts were running over every idea that came into mind. Blur wasn't going to last any longer even if he called Prime out here. He had to make a deal, in a way, that Blur wasn't going to get hurt and neither was Sideswipe.

Hot Shot's optics focused on anything around him, zoning out to the ideas in his head. Something suddenly came to mind, and he looked up to Megatron, "Put Blur down…" he demanded, "And I'll call Prime out here…"

Blur's optics widened, "No! Hot Shot-ACK!" he felt the pressure on his throat tighten.

Megatron glared towards Blur, "Quiet you!" he grumbled and then turned his attention back at Hot Shot. He lifted an optic-ridge, "Oh? A Bargain, eh?"

Hot Shot's face was in an intense frown, "Yes…put him down and I'll call Prime in return…"

Megatron smirked, "And what of your young friend over there?" he referred to Sideswipe who currently had Cyclonus' plasma blaster to his face.

Hot Shot licked his lips, thinking quickly to a solution, "You…you get the minicons if you let him go…" his hands were fidgeting nervously, praying to Primus with all his might that Megatron would accept the bargain.

Megatron's smirk turned into a small, sly grin, "All right then…" he said smoothly, " you got yourself a deal…"

Hot Shot sighed with relief internally, 'Thank Primus…'

Megatron loosened his grip on Blur's throat, lifting him down to the ground but still had a firm hand on the back of his neck. He pointed his canon at the sports car, "Now then…" Megatron looked down upon the dark mech, "call Prime and tell him to bring the minicons, and I'll pull my end of the bargain…"

Hot Shot blinked his optics; narrowing them slightly after he nodded, "All right…" he turned on his comnlink, directing it straight to the base.

However, during the entire event while Hot Shot had bargained with the Decepticon Emperor, they were unaware of the watchful eyes that were currently recording the scene. LaserBeak; fortunate enough to have safely escaped from being seen, watched carefully while filming and sending the live video-fee to the Autobots Base.


Red Alert sat at the main computer in the Control Room, a hand over his mouth as he leaned over the keyboard and stared at the screen with worry. He was expecting the call to come any second now…

It did.

A red light blinked next to the keyboard, Red Alert's optics winced under his visor

Scavenger stood with Starscream while Smokescreen sat upon the floor with the kids and the three minicons. Scavenger's mouth was set in a firm, straight line, his face showing complete concern.

Smokescreen had narrowed his optics, his mouth in a sneer, "Damnit…" he growled, "That bastard, we have to do something…"

"Yeah…" Starscream spoke up, "But what? Megatron has got them both hostage and if we try anything, they'll both be goners."

Scavenger grunted softly, soon realizing one small factor, "Red Alert…"

The medic turned around in the swivel chair to the old Autobot, "Yes?"

"Is this video fee being shown in the medical bay?" Scavenger's optics narrowed.

Red Alert frowned, "Shit…"


Optimus' golden optics were wide with shock and intense worry, looking up at the monitor that hung on the wall. "Bastard…"he growled softly, his fist clenching tightly even through the pain.

JetFire stood next to Prime, "Easy Optimus…" he put an reassuring hand on the Autobot Commander's shoulder, "We have to have a plan to figure out a way to get them out of this…"

"What can we do?" Optimus had been sitting up on the table, his hands placed on the stasis board, which covered the bare part of his body. "If I don't go out there with the minicons, Blur and Sideswipe's lives will be over…"

"We'll think of something…" JetFire leaned against the head of the table, his hand up to his chin in a thinking-gesture. His optics stared blankly at the ground until he could come up with an idea, "We could send a hologram of you and the minicons out there…"

Optimus blinked his optics slowly, "Megatron's smarter than that," he said tiredly, "He would notice…"

JetFire stood up straight and looked down at Optimus, "It's the best I can think of…" he said, a hint of concern, "We can't afford you getting hurt…again."

Optimus had lay back on the table; his optics stared up at the ceiling. He wanted to do something; he had to do something, it was his duty to protect his faction and the minicons. He had to protect his son, but in order to do so he would have to risk his own life. Optimus blinked his optics, 'I have no other choice…' he thought, 'I must go…but how am I going to get out of here?'

Optimus looked around blankly, suddenly smirking under his mask. He turned to the white shuttle, "JetFire," he called, "Have Red Alert program a hologram…"

JetFire blinked, looking down at his Commander, "You're agreeing with the plan?"

Optimus nodded, "Yes…" he shifted slightly on the table, "Make sure it's done right though…"

JetFire smirked under his mask and saluted the Autobot Commander, "Thank you, sir." Prime nodded to his Second-In-Command, soon watching the large white shuttle leave the medical bay.

Prime chuckled; "Well that was easy…" he sat up on the table, pushing the stasis board off him and disconnecting cables, wires, and such from his body. It was a painful task, though he was able to stand, his legs shaking a bit as he went to get his armor on.

Once he was properly "clothed", Optimus hobbled out the door, hoping that he'll somehow make it through the hallway and this crisis without falling flat on his face.


Megatron stood impatiently, his canon still at Blur's head. The Decepticon Emperor tapped his fingers every now and then on his canon. Cyclonus yawned, his arm getting tired as he held his plasma-blaster to Sideswipe's head.

Rad and Carlos sat in the cave, looking out of the opening at an un-moving scene. "They're just standing there…" Rad's whispering voice echoed softly.

Carlos groaned, "What are they doing? Having a starring contest?"

Hot Shot stood silently, his breathing expressed that he was nervous, 'Where the hell are they?' A bead of energon trickled down his face, all the silence making him sweat.

Megatron yawned, tapping his canon again, "Well then…" he said with an impatient sigh, "It seems that you're leader isn't coming at all…"

Hot Shot flinched, "No…" he breathed, "Wait, please! He's just-"

"Taking his time?" Megatron snarled, "I think not…" he gripped Blur's throat tightly, feeling his canon warm up under his fingertips.

"WAIT!" Hot Shot shouted in desperation, "Please!"

The Decepticon Emperor looked down upon Hot Shot, his red optics flaring, "Why should I? You had your chance, Autobot!"

Hot Shot began to pant with somewhat panic, "Look…" he grimaced, feeling more beads of energon slip down his face. "Optimus…" he narrowed his optics, "He's been injured for sometime now and…"

Megatron lifted an optic ridge, "What?" his canon threatening to blow Blur's head off.

Hot Shot looked up to the large Decepticon; "He…" the dark mech looked around frantically, trying to figure out a way to get out of this.

Megatron sneered, "He what?" he demanded, "My patience is running thin with you pathetic fool!"

"He's right here, Megatron!"

The Decepticon Emperor; followed by a few pairs of other optics turned towards the sky. They found a lone figure standing atop the ridge of the rock wall above Megatron. His form was slack and weak, his body seemed to shake somewhat.

Hot Shot's optics widened, "No…" he whispered, "Damnit Optimus, no!"

Optimus Prime stood atop the rock above, looking over the large Decepticon with his golden optics. 'Cue dramatic entrance…' he mused to himself, seeing the glaring red optics of Megatron darting up towards him.

Megatron's mouth was set in a sly grin, "Prime…" he growled, "So you didn't chicken out after all."

Optimus narrowed his optics, "And I never will…" positioning himself on the rock, Prime was readying himself to jump to the ground alone. With grace and skill, he leaped into the air and landed onto the desert earth with a loud bang!

His form however, hunch over quickly in pain. Optimus grabbed his sides and clenched his fist was a grunt as his body shook somewhat. 'Okay…maybe not the best idea…' he grunted again, regaining some of his strength to stand.

Hot Shot stood just a few feet away, starring up at his commander with horror, "Damnit…" he muttered, "You're gonna get yourself killed Optimus."


Smokescreen stood in the control room, starring at the monitor. "Oh crap…" he grumbled, "This is not good."

Rad blinked, "Is that the hologram?"

"No…" Smokescreen growled, "If it was, Red must have done a damn good job." The orange tow-truck turned on his comnlink. The line beeped when the bot on the other line answered:

"What is it?"

"Red! Did you by any chance finish and send out the hologram of Prime?"

Silence, "No…why?"

Smokescreen's face was in a hard frown, "Well," he began while starring at the screen, "We may have a problem…"


Prime stood on the ground, his body leant over a bit due to the exhaustion and pain. His golden optics looked up to Megatron, who was still gripping the blue and white sports car.

Megatron grinned with a chuckle, "Well…" he set Blur down a bit, "That's one part of the bargain settled." With a strong, hefty toss, Megatron threw Blur at Hot Shot's feet.

Blur gasped for air and began to cough violently, allowing his systems to activate the air-intakes and his throat to soften. Hot Shot reached down and grabbed the blue and white Autobot by the arm, hoisting him up onto his feet.

"You okay?" the dark mech asked.

Blur rubbed his throat, giving out another cough or two, "Yeah cough," his orange optics winced, "Yeah I'll be fine, but what about Swipes?"

Sideswipe stood stiffly, Cyclonus' arm seemed to be slowly lowering down…

"Yesss…" Megatron's voice loomed over, "About your little blue friend over there, in order for him to live I need the minicons…"

Prime's optics widened, 'Damnit!' he cursed himself, how could he forget about the minicons? Optimus' body shook slightly, he needed to find a way fast or coming out here to rescue was all for nothing.

The Decepticon Emperor stood tall with his canon held firmly, noticing the look on the Autobot Commander's face. He smirked, enjoying the position Prime was in, "You forgot the minicons didn't you Prime?"

Optimus flinched, trying not to show any signs of weakness. Hot Shot and Blur were gazing at their Commander, "Optimus?" Hot Shot spoke up.

The Autobot Commander turned his gaze towards the ground, he optics darkened. His body shaking more now with each passing minute that he stood in the cold; fighting vigorously internally to stop the pain. Prime gripped his side with a tight hold and shook his head, "I'm sorry…"

Hot Shot clenched his teeth together in shock as Blur gave small gasp. Megatron chuckled, "Oh that's just rich…" he gave a hearty smirk, "The Great and Notorious Optimus Prime forgot the most important part of the bargain!"

Optimus hung his head, 'How could I have forgotten about the minicons?' his golden optics winced at the pain. He began to think that there was no way out of this one; Sideswipe was going to die and it would be his entire fault. If he wasn't in such hurry, if he would have thought it through more thoroughly, he would be taking Sideswipe's place and the young mech would live. What kind of Leader was he?

Hot Shot stood, looking at his Commander, "Damnit…"

Blur narrowed his optics, "He forgot about the minicons," he muttered to Hot Shot, "Now what are we going to do?"

Hot Shot shifted his optics, his gaze towards the ground as if trying to find an answer. His blue optics turned from the ground to Optimus, seeing his leader broken at the spot. Hot Shot grimaced, looking at Optimus sympathetically, 'We gotta do something…' his blue optics turned to the captive Autobot who was currently face-to-face with a plasma blaster.

Or, was face-to-face with a plasma blaster. Cyclonus; during the entire event, was dozing off right there on the spot. His arm; which held the plasma blaster had sunken and pointed at the ground.

Cyclonus; out of all the maniacs of the Decepticon faction, was one in particular who would tend to get bored very easily. The very point that boredom would hit the helicopter con, he would whine, he could space out and begin thinking about anyone or anything. However, the one thing he would mostly do is sleep. That is when the gears began to turn, Hot Shot smirked, "That's it," he said softly.

The dark mech turned to Blur, "I have an idea…"

"What?" Blur kept his voice low, knowing that Megatron was still mocking and lecturing Prime loudly.

Hot Shot motioned the blur and white sports car to look over at the "hostage". Blur lifted and optic ridge and glanced at Sideswipe, who stood with shoulders slack as if he had gotten bored through the whole deal. Then he noticed Cyclonus…

Blur smirked under his mask, "Right…" he whispered, "I'll take care of Swipes if you take care of Prime."

Hot Shot nodded, watching as Blur back away slowly towards Sideswipe. His hand holding onto his rifle tightly, ready to pull it out if the Decepticon-maniac were to wake up.

Hot Shot on the other hand, gripped his sword tightly and stepped slowly towards Optimus. Megatron caught sight of the dark mech, and pointed the canon towards him, "Not another step, Autobot!"

Prime was snapped out of his thoughts, turning his head slowly to the mech next to him. His golden optics widened slightly, "Hot Shot?"

Hot Shot gave sidelong glance to his Commander; he smirked, "At your service sir…"

Blur, in the meantime had made it halfway to Sideswipe without being notice. 'By Primus if this works, I'll stop drinking…' he turned his head to look back at the young blue mech.

From the looks of it, Sideswipe was catching on and began to move away from Cyclonus himself. Blur smirked softly under his mask, 'That's right kid…' he though, 'Nice and slow…'

The Decepticon Emperor sneered, glaring at the young mech that stood next to Optimus. "Just what do you think you're doing?" he growled, "We made a deal, the bot for Prime now move out of the way or I'll be happy to shoot your sorry ass as well."

Hot Shot glared, his optics narrowed as he unsheathed his sword. "Go ahead and try…" he said, his voice filled with confidence, "But don't forget about what happened last time."

Megatron flinched, 'Blast it…' his mouth pulled into a sneer that twitched with anger. If he were to shoot Hot Shot, he would just revive and grow back the limbs he's lost. On the other hand; Prime was not immortal and neither were the other two-wait a second…

What was the sports car doing anyway?

Megatron's red optics turned quickly, noticing that Blur had gotten a hold of Sideswipe and was already on their way to safety.

"CYCLONUS!" he roared, waking the helicopter con up from his strange slumber.

Cyclonus looked around frantically, "What is i-"

"GO AFTER THEM YOU FOOL!" Megatron ordered, glaring a death glare at the helicopter con. Cyclonus did not waste anymore time; shaking the rest of the sleep away, he went after his runaway target.

Hot Shot couldn't help but smirk, 'idiot…'

Optimus had turned his attention towards the scene, seeing that Blur and Sideswipe had made it away safely without any damage, yet.

Megatron growled furiously, "Bloody IDIOT!" he gripped his canon tight, aimed it at the two bots in front of him. His red optics glowed with rage, "Now…" the heat from the plasma charging up inside the weapon of power, "You die!"

Prime's optics shot open completely when hearing the sounds of energy surging through the circuitry of the massive canon. It was a horrifying sound; a sound that threatens to rip and destroy anything in sight. A sound that had sent chills down his spine; Prime knew what was coming and they had to get out of the way before there was any more damage done.

As the thoughts ran through his head, Prime seemed unaware that Hot Shot had stepped in front of him, in front of bright red light hurdling towards them. Once realization hit, everything in the world seemed to have slowed down.

Golden optics widened, watching as a small black figure had been blown right through the shoulder. The figure itself was sent flying a few feet away, hitting the ground with a sickening crack and tossing over the earth as dust lifted from the impact. Optimus stood, legs shaking softly and optics wide with shock when seeing that the black figure had suddenly come to a halt on the ground. Oil and energon flowed from the mechanical body that lay cold and unmoving on the ground.

Optimus's optics were moist with energon, "Hot Shot…?" he called softly.

Megatron breathed, lowering his canon and keeping a steady eye on the young mech that seemed to be dead on the ground. 'He better be dead…' his thoughts raced from some form of twisted hope, 'After a shot like that, he should be dead…'

Keeping a close optic on the one that seemed to be a large threat, Megatron paid no attention to Optimus Prime. The Autobot Commander was tense, his shoulders shaking and his fist clenched tightly. 'No…' he could feel the energon drip down his face, his lips quivering, 'NO!'

He could feel something, something inside him was awakening and he seemed to welcome it. Optimus could feel his hands begin to burn like fire, but not in such a painful way. It felt like power, power to his very hands that burned from the inner core of his spark. It was something he had never felt before, like when he took in the Matrix for the very first time. It made him feel different; it made him feel strong.

It felt good.

Optimus took a moment, snapping out of the new sensation and looked down to his hands. The red gems, they were glowing! They were glowing like fire, the burning sensation tingling through his fingers. His optics were in a state of shock and amazement, 'This…' his hands glowed brightly with a red luminous light, 'This is unbelievable…'

The Autobot Commander began to think back to when he had been captured. All he remembered were bits and pieces but he did recall something. Something that Primus had said, about these gems upon his palms.


Slowly, very slowly his optics widened with realization. Weapons; these were a form of weapons that he could use at any time he wanted. That is what Primus had said to him, the day the Great Creator had saved him. At least, he thinks that the god of all Cybertronians had saved him…

Optimus shook his head, 'Now is not the time…' he clenched his fist, feeling more energon tears trickling down his face. He stood tall and strong on the ground, the pain from his injuries were having no affect on him. He felt the anger and rage inside of him, ready to burst with the newfound power of his. The Autobot Commander took in a breath, trying to hide the tears that streamed down his face. He had failed him; he had failed the one he promised to protect. The rage he was feeling, it tied to guilt and it was eating at him to be released.

And he was gladly to oblige.

With a low growl and a sudden burst of energy, Optimus charged towards the Decepticon Emperor. From what he could tell, Megatron did not seem to have paid much attention to him. The minute that the Autobot Commander came into view of Megatron's vision, he was already flying through the air.

Megatron slid across the earth, rock and dust picking up after his body made a long trench in the ground. The Decepticon Emperor hissed with pain once coming to halt against the rock wall. He could feel the pain emanating from the large dent in his chest, 'What the bloody hell just happened?'

Dark red optics scanned the landscape to where he had just been standing, spotting a lone bot with what seemed to be glowing fist. He lifted an optic ridge in surprise, "Prime?" he muttered, "Just where did he get that kind of power?"

Optimus stood, panting and his body hunched over somewhat. He looked down to his hand that was now glowing fully with a red glow. He breathed a large breath to regain some energy, turning back to look over at the fallen mech that still laid on the ground.

Hot Shot was unmoving; his body twisted, the paint from his armor liquefied from the heat of the blast. Optimus could feel the pain of his spark, 'Oh Primus…' he gripped onto his chest, 'Please Primus let him be okay…'

Optimus could feel the fiery sensation on his hand cool, his anger and rage were dwindling to the point of concern. The red glow from the gems on his hands changed from a raging red to a soft yellow-whitish color. Optimus had noticed the change, seeing as soon as his emotion shifted, so did his power.

Without warning, Optimus felt a hand grasp around his neck. Megatron growled furiously, "You bloody pain in the ass…" he tighten his grip around the Autobot Commander's neck, "You'll pay for that lucky shot…"

Optimus felt the inner walls of his throat begin to cave in. He clutched onto Megatron's wrist and tried his best to pull away the strong hold on his throat. Optimus could feel his air intakes starting to blow a fuse; if he did not do something soon he was going to die out here. And after he was gone, Megatron would go after his men…his son, if he were still alive.

Optimus could feel it; he could feel the burning sensation again. His hands glowed red as they clutched to Megatron's wrist, the Decepticon Emperor flinched at the sudden action.

Megatron suddenly felt the armor of his arm begin to burn and he cried out in pain, dropping Prime at the same time.

The large Decepticon backed away a few steps, seeing the handprint burnt into his forearm and his wrist. Megatron was almost at a loss of words, almost, "What in the name of Primus…?"

However, before Megatron could even react, Optimus had come face-to-face with the Decepticon Emperor. His golden optics showed the emotion of anger, rage, and revenge. His hands glowed brightly with power like no other; Prime lifted up his right hand, slowy and solemnly. He gazed upon it with awe and fascination, "Funny how you find power to be such a glorious thing, Megatron," he said in a strange tone, "And use it to cause others pain..."

Megatron clenched his teeth, his hand slowly moving around to clutch his canon. Something was not right with Prime THAT he knew for sure. The way he talked just seemed so unlike him, personality wise anyway. Nevertheless, nerveless, he wasn't going to take any chances.

Optimus watched carefully as the red energy from the glowing gems engulfed his entire hand. In addition, the Autobot Commander was willing to use it on his long-term enemy. He raised his arm out towards Megatron, the energy flowing around his palm like fire. Optimus' golden optics narrowed, "Now…" his hand stiffened, "See how you like my power…"

With that, he focused all the energy he could into that one hand. He suddenly fired a blast of energy at the Decepticon Emperor, it seemed to go full speed as it zipped through the air and arriving at its chosen target.

Megatron felt the blast like someone had just taken a high-powered laser and blew a hole through his arm. The blast had sent him hundreds of feet away into the rock. His screams could be heard from the one place that Prime stood, the line of rubble made a path leading towards Megatron's landing.

The dust drifted around the area; Optimus stood upon the earth, tired and beaten. His body was lacking energy, resulting in dropping to his knees and his body hitting the ground covered in dust and rubble. He was facing the spot where Hot Shot had fallen; the oil and energon already have seeped into the sand.

"Hot Shot…" he called weakly, reaching out a hand towards the young mech. His arms shook with pain, his legs weak, and his injures had worsened. Optimus' optics began to turn slowly into slits; his vision became blurry. He could of sworn he heard voices as his arm fell to the ground and he breathed out a few more words before darkness took over.

"I'm sorry…Hot Shot…"


A bright light…

His head hurt so much; it hurt for him to activate his optics.


So many sounds around him. Where could he be? Was he dead?

Pain, even more pain than before…

He could feel his own throat hurt from the sound of his own voice grunting. He couldn't move much, it hurt too much to even lift a finger. These sounds and these voices, they sounded familiar but he just could not make them out.

"Is he okay?"

"I think so…Optimus?"

That was his name; he knew that for sure. He tried to open his optics; the bright light above him was not helping much. He was able to break his optics open slightly and make out what, where, and who was around him. Blue, red, white, and black bots were in the room.

He knew the blue one, "Red…?"

Red Alert smiled, "Nice to see you coming around Optimus."

Optimus had made it to one of his optics halfway opened. He looked around, spotting JetFire leaning against another table. And there was someone else, a black bot with red here and there…

"Hot Shot!" Optimus shot up from the table, not knowing that there had been cables attached to his body and now they had been snapped off. The Autobot Commander groaned in pain, hunching over the stasis board, his body shaking.

Red Alert came to his assistance and settled him back down on the table. The medic frowned, "Does anyone actually listen to me when I say: Don't get up when you should be RESTING."

Hot Shot, in the meantime had practically yelped in surprise and jumped off the table. JetFire gave a hearty smirk, watching the young mech stagger back onto the table again. Hot Shot successfully climbed onto the table and looked over to his leader, "Optimus?"

Optimus tried to look over Red Alert who was currently re-attaching the wires and cables to his body again. "Hot Shot!" he called again, his voice seemed relieved, "You're all right-ahhhh…"

Hot Shot blinked, "Well yeah," he sat upon the table, cross-legged, "I heal quickly remember?"

Optimus suddenly became confused, "But…" he tried to put things together, "But, Megatron…he-"

"Shot him, yes," JetFire intercepted, "And you thought he was dead?"

Optimus; having been forced down onto the table by the rather annoyed Medic, confusingly shook his head.

JetFire snickered under his mask and came up to Optimus, leaning against the table. He grinned, "Remember when I told about Hot Shot's little "magic-trick" when you had disappeared?"

Optimus looked up to his Second-In-Command, trying to think back to the little story that JetFire had told him about the dark mech. He began to remember, and he glared at JetFire, "Immortality…" he muttered.

Hot Shot nodded, "Yep…" he yawned, "But it was tiring though, went through almost ten packets of oil too."

Optimus blinked then sighed, "Hot Shot…"

The dark mech looked towards his leader, "Yeah Optimus?"

The Autobot Commander closed his optics slightly, trying to find the right words to tell Hot Shot how much he was worried about him. He clenched his fist, finding interesting in the stasis board, "I'm glad that you're okay…and be careful next time."

Hot Shot sat up straight, blinking his baby-blue optics. He soon smiled, knowing how much Optimus really cared about him. He knew that he was the closest to a son to Optimus than any other cadet the Autobot Commander would meet. And he saw Optimus as a father figure, and cared about him the same way…

"Thanks Optimus…"


To Be Continued…

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long, had a major writes block. And yes I know it may seemed to have ended to quickly, but I may change it in the future. So anyway…REVIEW!!