Sephiroth lay on the bed, wearing nothing but tangled bed sheets. Demyx lay on his stomach, with similar attire. He was facing west, the other facing north.

They had just had a night of fun.

"Really now? That's interesting..." Sephiroth thought aloud, "…a nobody is."

Demyx nodded. "…So we're trying to get our hearts back. Or something like that; I don't exactly trust what Superior says, though." Then he squinted and lowered his voice, as if he were going to reveal a secret that the walls might steal. Sephiroth opened one eye and peeked at him, seeming amused. "…But I hear that he and the first six members turned themselves into nobodies. I don't think they're doing what they say they are."

"Of course, everyone must give into the darkness eventually…" He said, closing his eye again adjusting his arms that rested under his head.

The musician made a face, propping himself up on his elbows. "But darkness is so… Icky. I don't like it very much."

And without warning, there was a pretadorial look in Sephiroth's eyes and with a few fluid movements, his arms were wrapped around Demyx's chest, head resting upon his head, burrowing a hole in what was left of his mullet.

"Oh? Then what about me?" He said, cat-like eyes looking down at the nobody, smile playing on his lips.

Demyx shook his head in slight discomfort-it had taken him two hours to fix his hair that morning how annoying-and at the sudden weight placed on his head.

He made a small sound of displeasure to point out the fact, though no doubt the other didn't already know. "You know what I mean, Seph."

The general frowned. "...Don't call me that."

"But 'Sephiroth' is so long." Demyx said, almost beginning to whine.

"Then what may I call you, for short?" He replied, not really meaning it whilst playing with a strand of dirty-blond hair.

"Mmm…" Demyx began, seriously thinking about it. "…Axel usually calls me 'Dem', only when he's teasing me though." Not that Sephiroth didn't do that enough already, but that was beside the point.

"You're mine… I need a name that only I can use." Sephiroth said, cat-like grin returning to his face.

"Myde." Demyx said after a moment. "It's not like I really use it anymore…"

"And probably never will." And he new exactly what he was implying.

"Hey." Demyx snapped, turning around as soon as the word had left his mouth to glare; effectively shoving Sephiroth off his position on the other's back.

The general didn't get annoyed, instead, he leaned back on his pillow, watching Demyx; he had been getting bored…

"I had a family, a life, you know…" But he didn't follow through, much to Sephiroth's disappointment.

"I had a family too… Still have a mother, actually." Sephiroth answered, closing his eyes for a moment. "Beautiful, betrayed…"

This comment piqued Demyx's interest. "You have a family?"

Sephiroth opened his eyes again with an amused look on his face. "Of course, surprised?"

Demyx nodded. "Tell me… I answer your questions, but you never say anything about yourself."

"My family is a story for another day." A day that would never come. "But I do have this toy… A puppet actually, he's crafted very well; smooth skin and sapphire eyes…"

Demyx made a face that could've been taken as a pout, though he would've denied it. "I already know about that stuff. You're sounding like a broken record," and he added on, just for fun "Seph. Making me feel unloved."

"Hm." Sephiroth lifted himself from his spot, taking the musician's in his hand, tilting his face upwards, and granted him a kiss. "Nonsense… Myde."

But they both knew that was bullshit.