An Oopsie

"Miss Granger, what are you doing!" Snape roared at her.

"I am adding Valerian roots, sir." She said happily.

"Why on Earth are you adding Valer-!!" A loud boom was heard and Hermione and Severus found themselves being thrown across the room.

Severus quickly took in the situation. He cast charms to clean the floors, walls and ceiling of the potion and then he fixed all of the broken items. Hermione was laying next to where he had landing, asleep. He quickly picked up her body and carried her out of the room to his own private quarters to heal her.

He placed her body on his own bed and rushed into the bathroom.

"Don't bother, Severus." She said from the doorway. She was leaning seductively against the doorframe with her finger in her mouth.

"Hermione." He whined. "That is the second time this week. They are going to catch on quickly."

"I couldn't miss the opportunity to be with my favorite Professor."

"Well, next time, I am going to take you to the Hospital Wing." He said with mock seriousness.

"You wouldn't!"

"I would."

"Severus." She whined and he scooped her up in his arms and carried her off to his beds where they proceeded in snogging each other senseless. Half an hour later, Severus tried to detangle himself.

"I really must go. They are going to send someone to come and investigate. Classes let out five minutes ago and they haven't been dismissed."

"Oh, all right!" She said, angrily. "You owe me later." She winked and left the room in a fair state. She was given a note to her next class and Severus let his students out of class, though they were all late. Not that he cared.

AN: This was just something I did to waste time away... kinda pointless, ya think.