Remember Nothing Revised


Lady Razeli

Chapter One

"By the gods I wish I never picked up a sword." Xena said to the fates. She had come to honor her brother and in the end she had killed a young boy. Now the fates had offered her a reward. She had asked for the boys life back. Now her fustration and anger had made her wish this upon herself. Now she listened as the fates explained that if she spilled one drop of blood in rage or anger things would return back to what they were.

"Wait." Xena said, but they'd already gone. She went outside. She didn't see the battle she had seen only moments ago.

"Gabrielle." She called. She turned around and the temple was no longer there. Now she was in a clearing. She looked down and saw she was in a dress. It was blue, and actually cute.

"Xena." She heard someone call her name. Lyceus appeared from the trees.

"Lyceus!" Xena exclaimed. She ran to him and hugged him. He pulled her off.

"Sisters." Lyceus said smiling. She just smiled at him. They walked and they talked.

"Hey why don't you go home I can handle it at the tavern." Lyceus said."Get some rest. You must be tired after running after little Cyrene all day yesterday and all night nearly." He laughed.

"Little Cyrene?" Xena asked.

"Yes, your three year old daughter remember. Boy you must be tired." said Lyceus."Go on go home and rest before Maphias brings her back."

"Alright." Xena said. She hurried home. In the village she passed people she knew and they were friendly towards her. They said hello in passing and she returned it. She walked into her home and old memories arose. She saw toys all over the place that could only belonged to little Cyrene. But there were other toys that would normally go to a boy. But a baby boy. She wondered if her brother had failed to mention he had a son.

She went over to a jewelry box, and opened it. She pulled out a bracelet and looked at it. Than she took out a ring. She opened the little chamber and looked in. It was empty. She closed it and kissed the top. She put it back in the jewelry box when she heard some one enter. Soon enough she had him pinned up against the wall.

"Ok, ok I give I'm sorry. Take it easy it's me Maphias." He said. Xena let him go realizing she knew him in this life. Lyceus had said his name.

"Sorry." Xena said."What are you doing here?"

"Bringing back Cyrene and Atrius."Maphias said."Its lucky I didn't have him in my arms."

"Mommy." Atrius said. He looked to be nearly a year old. He clawed over to her.

"Are we married?" Xena asked as she stared at Atrius. Even though his father wasn't Borias he reminded her distinctly of Solan. And little Cyrene was a mirror image of herself with auburn hair.

"No, you kept putting me off. First in was Cortese than other things. Fortunately you can't keep your hands off me and we've got two children I don't want. And of course we would have a third, but the plague killed the third shortly after birth. Oh he'd be ten by now I believe." Maphias said."But don't you think we should make good on your mother's dying wish."

"What?" Xena asked. She had assumed her mother wasn't home yet.

"Yes, we promised her on her on her deathbed that we'd marry. But you kept getting cold feet, and I got fed up this pass year." Maphias said."We were like husband and wife, but you couldn't make the union complete."

"Is there a problem?" Xena asked trying to act like she knew her mother was dead."I was under the impression you were keeping them until later today."

"Well yes I was." Maphias said."But I've decided that I'm tired of waiting for you, and let's face it I told you from the beginning I didn't want a family."

"So your abandoning them." Xena said.

"Exactly unless we go elope right now immediately. We can have a real wedding later." Maphias said.

"Bye." Xena said. Even in this life she would not marry a man who would abandon his children like this.

"What?" He asked in disbelief. He obviously thought she'd say yes. But he'd been greatly mistaken. The smell of alcohol caught her nose.

"Get out. We don't have time for this." Xena said referring to herself and the children. She picked up Atrius, who had started to cry. She rocked him.

"No." Maphias said. The plan he'd come up with while he was drinking had obviously just back fired on him.

"Goodbye." Xena said. She managed to get him out of the house. Little Cyrene seemed hurt he hadn't said goodbye or given her a kiss all day. In fact he hadn't payed any attention whatsoever to them.

"Mommy." Little Cyrene said.

"Yes?" Xena asked.

"We're hungry. Father didn't feed us." She said. Xena nodded and got them some food. She could only stare at her daughter, and hold her son close. It was like she had a second chance to right by Solan, but she got the daughter she always wanted at the same time. And this third child. If her calculations were correct he'd be nine. He'd be the real Solan, but she felt that Solan was in her arms as she fed him.