Chapter Two

"Come on." Xena said after she'd dressed them in clean clothing, and made them pick up their toys. Well Little Cyrene did all the work. Atrius could not very well lift toys if he couldn't walk.

"Where we go momma?" Little Cyrene asked taking her mother's hand automatically.

"To visit my mother." Xena said with a sigh. She went to the tomb of what use to be her brother's. There instead she found her mother's coffin with a reef of flowers on them.

"I didn't mean for this happen to you mother." Xena said. She told her about her deal with the fates."Well now I have a second chance at life, and I'm going to take it for your grandchildren. You always did want a few. To bad you can't be around to see them. But the only other thing that is going to keep me going is knowing I haven't shamed or hurt you this time around."

"Xena." Lyceus said coming in. Xena turned."Are you alright?"

"Yea, its just I still can't believe it you know." Xena said.

"Yea, but what could we do. You fought Cortese yourself you know. We had to run for the hills. I guess she just couldn't stand to see us give them all we had." Lyceus said.

"Yea." Xena said."Hey you didn't tell me that Maphias was a drunk."

"Maphias isn't a drunk. He's never touched a drop in his life." Lyceus said."You know that."

"Well today he did." Xena said."In fact he told me I marry him or he was abandoning the children he never wanted in the first place."

"He's been saying that for weeks now, but he doesn't mean it." Lyceus said."He just wants to be with you."

"Well does he want those children or not?" Xena asked. Lyceus was silent.

"I thought you two discussed this years ago." Lyceus said.

"Lyceus, I'm going to be honest with you." Xena said."I bumped my head earlier today and I really don't remember the last ten years."

"It'll all come back." Lyceus said.

"Just tell me." Xena said.

"Alright, he never wanted them. I forced him to stand by you." Lyceus said."But he honestly does want to marry you. He loves you. I can't say the same for my niece and nephew, but he treats them as if he does. And as long as they are happy and healthy. I'm fine. But you, you keep backing out and I don't blame you. I don't want you to be seen as a whore. The only reason you have these kids is because the last ten years have been hard on us. You turned to late night drinking. Don't worry no one knows. Maphias he's always been on drugs, but who isn't these days. All I can say is you did the crime, and payed the price."

" Do you think I should marry him?" Xena asked.

"Honestly no I don't. In fact after awhile I was against it, and when you kept putting it off I saw no reason for me to interfere. He seemed to be losing hope, and would be easily put off. But I was wrong about him, I respect him because he loves you, who wouldn't." Lyceus said.

"Thanks for trying to protect my honor, but it is my burden to bear." Xena said. Lyceus nodded.

"Ok I respect that." Lyceus said.

"Good, so why didn't you tell me about Atrius. When Maphias showed up I expected one child not two." Xena said.

"Sorry I thought your brain was in working order. Why don't I feel you in on the way back to the village." Lyceus said.

"That would be lovely." Xena said.

"Well I'll wait outside with the children." Xena nodded. She gave him a sleeping Atrius, and Little Cyrene followed him when he motioned for her too.

"I'll be out in a second." Xena said. A moment later she exited the tomb. She picked up Little Cyrene, and as they walked Lyceus proceeded to fill her in. Once home he returned to the tavern while she put the children to bed. She stared at them. She caressed their faces and smoothed their hair. She was just so heartbroken over Solan, but now here he was in his crib by her bed. Little Cyrene had her own little bed at the end of her bed.

She layed down and thought about all Lyceus had told her. She only wished her mother was there. She fell asleep for a little while, but than decided to visit old places. She was almost far away from the house when she remembered her kids. How could she have forgotten her kids who she had only a few hours ago stared at in wonder.

"Oh Xena you must be so sad." said a woman.

"About what?" Xena asked as she headed back.

"About Maphias running off." She said."He just announced in the tavern that he was joining the warlord Mezentius' army."

"Mezentius?" Xena asked.

"Yea." She said."How awful he is for leaving you with two children. I do hope your not pregnant again."

"No as far as I know I'm not." Xena said.

"Good, it would be traigic." Xena went back home and waited for Lyceus to return.