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Love stays the same

(T(H(E (B(U(R(R(O(W

Hermione Granger sat laughing with one of her best friends, Ginny Weasley. They were at the Burrow, and it was nearly eleven thirty. They were joking about Harry and Ron, and their dates. Harry and Luna, Ron and Lavender had gone out on a double date that evening. The boys had walked back in, smiling goofily and looking a touch dazed.

"He is so in love with her!" Ginny chuckled from her bed as Hermione grinned, replying "Who? Ron or Harry?"


They looked at each other and promptly began giggling. After a few minutes of laughter the girls fell into a comfortable silence.

There was a small tapping at the window, and Ginny ran to open it.

A barn owl flew in and dropped a package on Hermione's lap, then flew out the still open window.

"Who would be sending you mail at this time of night?" Ginny asked as she sat across from her friend.

Hermione shook her head and opened the letter, read it over once and paled considerably.

Ginny grabbed the letter asking "What is it? Has Headmistress McGonagall decided to give you the head girl post early?"

Hermione shook her head and motioned for Ginny to read the letter.

Hermione started unwrapping the package as Ginny read.

To Miss Granger and Miss Weasley

First off, let me apologize for what is about to happen, but I could think of no other way.

You see, I knew you. Both of you- Before we met that is... if that makes sense?

I remember two girls from my time at Hogwarts. And I know that they were, are you. You have a chance to change everything. Please do. Harry deserves parents. Sirius needn't go to Azkaban. Remus doesn't have to suffer. I don't have to betray my only friends. I know you may think me insane. I would too, in your place. The thing is, you don't have a choice. What has already happened will happen, I just thought it would be easier on you if I helped a bit. First off; a cover story for you. Your names are Mia and Harriet Carson. You are sisters, and were home schooled. You both wanted to take your N.E.W.T.S at Hogwarts, so your parents let you. Use a glamour charm for you looks, but don't change too much about your appearance. I am pretty sure I am the only one who matched you two girls and the two girls I knew together. I don't know what will happen, just please; don't let this mess happen again!

I will be forever in your debt and I hope that you will change what you see fit.

Good luck, to the both of you

P. Pettigrew

"Oh. My. God." Ginny whispered. She looked up at Hermione who had finished un-wrapping the small box. She held two time turners.

"They're connected. What ever year one turns to; the other turns to as well." Hermione said.

"Do you… do you think we should?" asked Ginny quietly.

"I think the question is; do you think we could?" Hermione answered. "It might be a trap. And even if it wasn't we would be gone for god knows how long. We might never be able to get home. We might destroy time as we know it, we might-"

"Do the right thing!" Ginny interrupted "Hermione, we have been given this amazing chance to change everything for the better! Who are we to deny Harry, to deny everyone that chance?"

Hermione looked torn. She sighed. "Let's take a walk, try and sort this out."

Ginny nodded and held out her hand.

Hermione looked a tad confused and then her face cleared. She handed over a time-turner and the two of them carefully put the chain over their heads.

"Just in case?" asked Hermione

Ginny nodded.

"Just in case."


It was a clear night and the moon was shining brightly. The two girls made their way towards the forest as they talked. It was a fresh summer night, and a warm breeze played with the leaves in the trees.

"How do we know it would change anything at all?" Ginny asked suddenly turning to look at Hermione.

"We don't. That's the problem with time. You can put all your effort into it, and it still won't make a difference."

Ginny snorted. "Time sounds an awful lot like life, if you ask me."

Hermione smiled and was about to answer when a crack alerted them that they weren't alone.

"What was-" started Ginny but Hermione held up a hand, face white. She turned her head up slowly, in the moonlight it looked like she was praying.

The moonlight…

Hermione shivered slightly. It was a full moon.

Sure Remus was locked up, but-

There was another crack, a rustling of leaves and then.

Ginny gave a small scream. She had never seen a werewolf before.

Hermione kept her eyes on the werewolf as it turned to the source of the noise. She could tell it wasn't Remus, just by looking at it. Remus, or rather, Moony was a dark brown, with silver markings. This wolf was a solid Grey, and much larger than Moony.

She could feel Ginny shaking next to her. She had to do something. Anything!

"Ginny, when I tell you to, run as fast as you can. Try and get back to the house, or find a large tree, or something." Hermione whispered as the werewolf drew nearer. She was absolutely petrified, but so was Ginny, and she had to do something to keep her friend safe. She felt Ginny shake her head next to her, but the wolf had leaped, Hermione had screamed "RUN! NOW GINNY!" and Ginny had turned and ran, Hermione sprinting in the opposite direction, trying to distract the werewolf behind her by weaving in and out between trees. She had a feeling that the werewolf was enjoying this, was merely playing with her.

Like a game of cat and mouse she thought to herself. Play, and then eat.


Ginny crashed through the forest, trying to find her way home. She had been running for about ten minutes now. She knew she wasn't being chased, but Hermione was. If Hermione died; No! She wouldn't! Ginny wouldn't let her! She would go to the Burrow and get help. Hermione wouldn't die. Ginny would help her.

And that was when she fell, tumbling and turning, ripping her sweater, scratching her face, falling into a shallow creek, hitting her head, and then blackness.

No one was, of course, there to see the unconscious witch disappear, as a distant scream split the air.


Hermione choked back a sob. She had been running for nearly ten minutes, although it felt like forever. She turned around another tree, splashing through a shallow stream. She was nearly across when she slipped. She gasped as she felt her ankle crack. That will hurt tomorrow. She thought as the wolf approached. And so will this, most likely.

The wolf was only a metre away, when it pounced.

She screamed as it's dagger like sabres sliced through her shoulder.

Game over.

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