Note: I do not own Pokemon (whatever that should mean) I just read the other authors stories and damn you all, they were all beautiful (sob)

Me: Ok everyone this will be my first Pokemon fanfic but I hope you'll understand

Ash: Yeah right who's gonna believe you wrote this story?

Me: Be quiet Ash, I know I haven't known you for too long but I'm just gonna write what I feel like writing UNDERSTAND?!! I'm not paying you to stand there and insult me!"

Ash: Okay okay I get it sheesh! You don't have to be so grumpy about it.

Me: Just get to your position already!! (sigh) Well let's get this show on the road

Ash Ketchum: 14

Misty Waterflower: 14 ½

Daisy, Lily and Violet Water flower: Late teens

Brock: 21

Delia Ketchum (Ash's mom): 30+

Gary Oak: 14

Samuel Oak (professor Oak): early 50s

Officer Jenny/s: 20+

Nurse Joys: 20+ (I guess)

Tracey: 18

Team Rocket (Jessie and James): mid 20s

Richie: 14Duplica: 14 ½

Team Rocket (Butch and Cassidy) mid 20s

Chapter 1: The Reunion

Our story begins back at Pallet town where Ash and his friend are taking a short break from training in becoming a Pokemon Master. He had already beaten the Elite 4 in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn and is about to claim the title which he has been dying to get, but there was still one more obstacle in the way, the 'Valmarian All Out League' It was the grand stage where all great trainers from all around the world come to compete but there was only one problem. The league wasn't like any other league. There were no pokemon gym in any of the surrounding towns and so there was no badge. Instead, a trainer can only enter this league if he/she has a town/village/city to represent him or her. The mayor and all the people of Pallet town were already on their way to represent both Ash and Gary and things are still quite shaking up.

"Alright!!!" Ash yelled out

"Ouch, would you mind lowering the volume Ash?" Brock stated and he picked his with his pinky, "I'm trying to watch the last episode of my favorite soap opera" Ash ran to the kitchen where his mom was cooking breakfast "Mom, look at this! It's the official note from the mayor of Pallet town!" Ash said holding the letter in his hand. "That's wonderful dear! My Ashy is finally going to Valmarian! Oh what am I standing here for? I have to pack your bag and your underwear needs to be washed oh but whose going to cook breakfast?" Delia worried so much that she'd wish she could split in three.

"Ehhhh….Don't worry mom, the competition is still three months away" Ash said with a sweat drop

"I'll help Mrs. Ketchum, my soap opera is just about to end anyway so I'll come by in a minute" Brock said as his head poked through the door while his eyes were constantly staring at the television.

"Thank you dear, but I believe three months would be plenty of time to prepare Ash's clothes" she giggled.

"Mom!!" Ash shouted and blushed.

Ring ring… ring ring… ring ring. The sound of the phone came by as soon as Brock got back to the living room to watch his soap opera. Brock tried to reach for the phone but with the climax scene coming about on to his show he couldn't take his squinty eyes off the monitor. Ash picked up the phone and heard a very familiar voice. "Hello?" Ash asked

"Oh good morning Ash, you're up quite early today" said the voice on the phone.

"Professor Oak! It's great to hear you again!" Ash shouted out as the video screen turned on the show a mildly retired looking man "It's good to hear from you too Ash. It's been awhile hasn't it? Two years if I'm not wrong." Said the professor with a bright sunny smile on his face. "Almost professor, just a few more months probably. Where are you now?" said Ash "Well believe it or not," said the professor with an even bigger smile, "I'm actually near Pallet town!" Ash mouth widened at what the professor mentioned

"Isn't this great!? I just finished my research in Goldenrod city on that new Pokemon they discovered, it wasn't exactly a new type but just a very rare breed that's all. By the way I heard that Pallet town was representing you and my grand son Gary on the Valmarian pokemon league." "That's right professor, I just got invitation this morning! I'll soon be known as the Pokemon Master!" The professor smiled at Ash with tears in his eyes, "That's great Ash, I'm very proud of you and I some how know that you'll make it big… (horn sounded) Oh there's my bus, bye Ash, I'll be seeing you in just a few hours and give my regards to your mother for me." The professor hung up and Ash was grateful that the professor was finally coming back home.

A few minutes later, Ash heard another ring coming from the door "Ash would you mind seeing who that could be?" Delia said as she kept cooking with Mr. Mime. Ash answered the door and saw a stunning looking girl with blond-reddish hair knit nicely with a pin to form a ponytail on the side wearing light yellow shirt with short sleeves and shorts of the same color.

"Hey you're up pretty early Mr. Coconut head" said the girl "Misty?" Ash gasped as she approached with Togepi on her chest. "What are you doing here?" Ash was puzzled, "Hello, I came to my payment for my bike!" She yelled in return. "Gwahh! I haven't got the money to buy it yet can you wait just a little longer?" "Yeah, that's what you've been telling me for the past THREE YEARS!" That's what Misty has also been saying for the past three years as well, but in truth she didn't really care about the bike at all, to be truthful, she had almost completely forgotten about it. It was because of Ash's silly face that she able to remember. During her adventure with Ash for 2 ½ years, she seemed to have grown a certain feeling for him, but she thought it was just temporary.

"Oh why hello there Misty, how long has it been?" said Delia said as she was setting up the table. "Hi Mrs. Ketchum, three weeks seems about right though." Misty walked in with a bright smile on her face, "Come on in! Don't be shy we have plenty to go around. Brock do you mind helping me with the tables?" Brock didn't reply, he was crying in front of the television as the credits of the show rolled through the screen. "That was… the most beautiful thing… I have ever seen in my life (sniff)" Ash and Misty both sweat dropped and helped Delia set the tables.

A few minutes later everyone was chewing on Delia's special breakfast that she usually makes for Ash. There wasn't a lot to pick from but it was still difficult on which to bite first! The pancakes with honey syrup and butter on top, buttered toast strawberry jam toast or both, freshly made fruit drink made entirely out of nature's gift and to top all that a wonderful and delicious fruit salad mixed with small slices of ham. Pikachu still had his old favorite ketchup which everyone still wonders why, and Togepi with poke chow.

"Pika pika, pikapi?" (So how's Misty doing Togepi?) asked Pikachu

"To chic preee! To chic!" (Great, she was very sad back at home though) sighed Togepi

"Pika?" (Huh, why?")

"Chu tic to chic!" (I don't know, but she was very happy to see Daddy again)

"Pikachupi?" (Daddy? Who's daddy?)

"Chi chi chi chit" (Why Ash silly)

"Pika!!!" (WHAT!!) "Pika pika, pichu, pika kachu" (Hold on there must be some mistake!)

"Hey Pikachu is something wrong?" asked Ash, Pikachu turned around and shook his head nervously.

"Hey Ash, it's almost time…" said Brock with a sigh

"Yeah I guess so…" Ash sighed in return

"Time? Time for what?" Misty questioned them, but they just grinned and walk out of the door with a food basket. This made Misty very worried and quickly followed them outside. "What's the matter guys? What time is it?"

"You'll see…" Brock answered "5…4…3…2…1…" he then clicked his stop watch and then came another very familiar voice.

"Prepare for trouble"

"And make it double"

"To protect the world from devastation"

"To unite all people within our nation"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love"

"To extend our reach to the starts above"



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight fight fight"

"Meowwtth that's right"

"I believe we all know what comes after that" said Ash with a smile on his face. Team Rocket was confused on how he could've figured out that they were approaching. "Here something for your troubles…" Brock handed them a basket full of Delia's left over breakfast "Oh why thank you" said James. "Pikachu Thundershock now!" with a blink of an eye, the small cute electrical mouse generated a huge amount of electricity and blast Team Rocket "I can't believe those twerps managed to figure out our all out attack plan!" said Jesse "Maybe we became very predictable now?" said the human talking Meowth, "But it was nice of them to give us some food before they blasted us" said James as all of them were still flying through the air. Jesse seemed so pissed off by James silly attitude "We're not beggars you idiot!" as they were still flying into the distance they said their usual exit phrase "Looks like team rocket is blasting off again!!!!!" and they disappeared into the sky.

"So that was the thing you guys were talking about" said Misty "Yeah…" sighed Brock, "But to tell you the truth, I feel like we kinda need to thank them. If it weren't for those guys, Ash would never have gotten those few extra practices." Ash blushed in astonishment in realizing that what Brock said was true. "Yeah, now that you mentioned it they were nice to fight against once every once in awhile." The Trio laughed as morning finally turned in and lunch was just about ready.

Later in the afternoon, Ash and his Pokemons went to the yard where professor Oak usually treats his Pokemon patients. There was nothing but the wind splashing on hi face in the air, earth to lay his body on and a never ending fire of determination to win the Valmarian League Cup. Ash didn't care for the trophy or the fans he got himself, he just wanted to go out there and become the best Pokemon Master the world has ever seen. Just as he lay on his back to the soft green grass, a dark female figure came by and blocked the sun light on his face.

"Get up sleepy head" said Misty with an annoying tone

Before Ash could react to the face of his 'best friend' his heart skipped a few beats and that he just realized how beautiful Misty was when the sun reflected her entire face. "Ahhh!!! Misty!!!" Ash screamed out. "What's the matter Ash? You look like you just saw a ghost" Misty was confused by his late reaction. It took him at least 30 seconds to finally move after her greetings. "No you just… I just never saw you that way… before" Ash said with his blush growing even redder, Misty reacted the same as well. Things were silent for a few moments and just before they were about to speak, Brock yelled from Ash's house, "Hey you two! It's lunch time!!!" Ash and Misty snapped back to reality and head back towards his house. Ash stayed back for a little while trying to sort out his feelings "What was that just now?" He thought, "Its not I haven't seen Misty in awhile… it's just… I didn't realize how beautif… ahh what am I thinking?" Ash then rub his head and had a dumb childish looking face on, "She's my best friend that's all, yeah that's it" relieved with his own thoughts he began walking back towards his house.

Back at Ash's house, Misty walked in sad and confused, back at home in Cerulean city Ash was the only thing she would talk about. She liked Ash only as friend (or so she thought) and now she can't even remember how it all began in the first place. As she walked onto the table, Togepi pulled her leg slightly trying to grab her attention. "Oh sorry Togepi, I didn't see you there" Misty then lifted Togepi up onto her lap and played with her. "Come and get it!" Delia said as she brought in her famous roast turkey that was truly fit for a king. Ash smelled it all the way to his nose and quickly grabbed a seat when he entered the house. Brock stood on the other side while Ash and Misty stayed on one side of the table. Just when they were about to eat, two figures came into the house, one was with a bright smile and another with a smirk on his face. "Sorry, do you have room for two more?" said the old man rubbing the back of his head. "Professor your back!" yelled Ash, Brock and Misty. "Oh… and you're here too…" Ash muttered to himself. The kid behind the professor looked about Ash's age and had an Umbreon gazing at Ash from below. "Be nice now Gary," said the professor "Yeah whatever…" he replied. "Oh my professor I didn't know you were coming back so quickly from your research" said Delia, "Yes, and by the time I got here I could recognize the smell of your delicious meal anywhere. And on my way I met my grand son training at the back yard"

"Well why don't you come on in and join us for lunch?" Delia invited them over and soon the table was completely full. Ash and Gary gave each other evil glares cuz they knew that in the next three months, they would soon meet each other on the Valmarian stadium as enemies.

"I know what you're thinking Ash so you can stop dreaming" Gary said while chewing on his food. "There can only be one Pokemon Master in three years, and that ONE is going to be me"

"Dream on Gary" Ash replied "I can beat you and all your Pokemons and in three months you're gonna be left behind to eat my dust!"

"Tsk tsk tsk, poor Ash still living in dreamvill" Gary giggled at Ash's insults

In just mere moments, the table became a battle ground for those two trainers and they were just about to choke each other's throats until the door bell rang. Ash answered the door, and was surprised to see who it was. A tall dark haired kid wearing a light green T-Shirt and beach shorts carrying a sketch book and a backpack "Hey Ash, how are you?" said the kid "Tracey? Is that you?!" Ash said in surprise. Moments later, Tracey explained that he was doing research for the professor and was told to meet him here. He then join in at the dining table and scooped up a small plate for himself.

"Hey Ash, I heard you got invited to the Valmarian League!" said Tracey, "That's right, and I got the letter right here" Ash showed his invitation and everyone smiled with congratulation… well except Gary of course. "Hey that's nothing to be proud of, I got one too you know!" Gary said trying to get some attention as well, but it seemed like Ash was getting all the praise, even from his grand father. Gary looked away as all the attention went to his rival.

At that night, after everyone had left, Tracey slept at professor Oak's place while Brock and Misty slept at Ash's house. Pikachu Togepi, and everyone was snoozing happily well… all but Ash. He was gazing into the night sky, thinking about the tournament that was about to happen that would make him finally earn his life long dream. After this last tournament he'll become the youngest Pokemon master in the course of history. But one thing bothered him, "What am I gonna do next?" he thought "After I become a Pokemon master, I'll… I'll be… nothing." The thoughts raced around his mind tightening the oxygen supply to his brain. As he kept thinking of the aftermath, he noticed Misty coming out of the back door of the house with a little frown. "What is she doing this late at night?" Ash whispered to himself. Without thinking about the situation, he followed Misty towards a nearby pond where professor Oak treats all the young water Pokemons to learn how to swim. Misty sat at the edge of the pond gazing on the moon's reflection, she felt a little confused at the moment and thought of things that took place a couple of weeks ago in Cerulean city gym.

(Flashback) just in case some of you might not noticed

Misty was still packing her bags, the bus that would take her to the city checkpoint would be arriving in just a few short more hours. It was still 8:00 AM and the bus would be arriving somewhere between 12:00-1:00PM. When she finished packing up her clothes and supplies, she let out a huge sign of relief. Until her sisters came up… she knew that was a bad sign.

"Oh like hey Misty watsup?" said Daisy as she combed her hair.

"I'm heading to Pallet town today" she replied

"Oh are you visiting that Ash kid again?" Violet taunted her with a grin "I'd tell ya Misty if I didn't know better I think you got a crush on that kid"

Misty's cheek turned strangely red "I do not!!" her sisters giggled at her expression "He's just my best friend who so happens to owe me a bike and who so happens to be competing in the Valmarian Tournament!!!!"

"Really…? So why do you have this picture of you holding his hands?" said Lily

"For your information Ash just happens to be in my favorite picture with Tegepi!" Misty quickly grabs the picture and puts it back on the table

"Oh yeah sure like whatev… wait… did you say the Valmarian tournament or the league?" asked Daisy with a quick surprise.

"Oh I think it's a league not a tournament" Misty explained

Her three sisters quickly jump and screamed with delight like they just hit the lottery or something and perhaps they have

"Girl like don't you know the prize of first place in that competition?" Misty bent her head sideway in confusion, "You are so like… not smart" said Daisy, "That is so true" Lily added. Misty was already boiling up as her sisters continued to giggle. "The winner of that league will be like… the second richest guy… or gal on the planet girl!!!" "Oh with that kind of money, you'll be set for like… forever!!" squealed Daisy. "I'd tell you Misty, if you ever become his boy friend, don't forget to send us some cash ok?"

"He's not my BOYFRIEND!!!!!" Misty yelled out for the final time until she took her bag and did a final check up. Her sisters then began talking among themselves and for once it wasn't about boys, but about money and power.

"Don't you think that men actually become spoiled jerks after they're rich?" said Violet as she scratch her head

"Hey now that you mentioned it, I heard all the winners in that league all became losers in the retirement home." said Lily

"Maybe Misty should like… think over on dating this guy" scream Daisy

Misty couldn't help but notice that her sisters were glaring at her "What is it this time?" her face became annoyed but by the looks of her sisters, she quickly changed her tone.

"Misty we changed our minds. Don't go for that loser Ash if he wins ok?" "Yeah he'll be like a total jerk when he wins" Misty seemed confused, first they wanted me to think that Ash was her boyfriend and now they're trying to persuade her not to "Are you trying to use reverse psychology on me?"

"No silly, we're like… worried that, that Ash kid might turn into those losers.

"You mean like the other trainers who won the Valmarian league?" the young sister tried to set an example. She then reach out for another pair of pants and stuff them into her bag.

"That's right sis, if he wins… dump him right away k?" Lily extended her hand to her little sister's shoulder

"You guys worry too much. Ash aren't like those grumpy old men in the retirement center" Misty protested to their unusualy act which was really freaking her out

Violet: "You'll never know sis, even money can turn good guys into… not good guys" Violet with her usual 'like' at the end

"Trust me Daisy, Ash isn't going to be like uncle scrooge next door. (Alarm clock rings) Oh no the bus!! Gotta go sis, later!!!" Misty ran off towards the bus stop on the other side of the city, trying to forget what her sisters said

Violet stood there confused and sobbed "……… I'm not Daisy…. I'm Violet"

(End Flashback)

Misty tried to imagine Ash, becoming a rich jerk just like what her sisters told her. She imagined him with all those money and wealth and… well… wealthy. "I wonder if my sisters are right" she said to herself. Misty was so deep in thought that she didn't even hear Ash's footsteps. "Misty?" Ash put his hand on her shoulder making her leap into the pond! "Ah!!... Ash!!!!!" she yelled at him. Ash didn't know how to react either laughing or apologizing to Misty but he just giggled.

A few minutes later they both returned back to Ash's house. Misty was dripping all the way from her hair to her shorts. Her PJs was snowy white and when it gets wet, it becomes a little transparent. Ash blushed and turned his head around as he handed her a towel that was hanging outside. When Ash turned the door knob,

"Uh oh…" Ash said with a fake smile on his face

"Don't tell me… the door's locked" Misty said as her head slowly hovers over Ash. There a moment of silence… then "How could you possibly lock yourself outside of your own house you stupid, idiotic, unreliable, nincompoop!!" Misty started banging the door and calling anyone inside to open up. But it was no use, Delia, Pikachu and Togepi were on the second floor and Brock is impossible to wake up until he gets his daily 7 hours rest. It was 1:00 AM and the two of them were clearly stuck outside for the night. Since no one was around, they had to make the best of it. Just as they shared a small bench in Ash's garden, the clouds suddenly moved away revealing about half a moon and more than a million twinkling stars. Misty was awed by the beautiful sky as it reminded her of the endless sea back at her home. "Don't they look wonderful…?" Misty said "Yeah, I've never seen so many starts in my life!" Ash glared endlessly as he too was awed by the night stars.

"Oh, by the way, what were you doing there anyway?" Ash tried to start a conversation as they sat there

"Oh I was just… wondering… about stuff" she wasn't technically lying I guess

"What kind of stuff?" the boy asked as he put his hand behind his head in a comfortable position

"Nothing, I was just thinking" she then quickly change the subject "What about you? Why are you still up?"

"I was… thinking too" Misty gave a 'why?' face

Ash then explained everything to Misty, how he feared to win and how he also feared to lose. He wanted to continue his Pokemon journey forever and keep on going until the end of time at least. Misty never knew that Ash could've been so afraid about his future. Ash tried to hide the small drops of tears that fell from his face but it was no use, his eyes were about to burst out. Suddenly, a soothing hand touched his own making the tears dry up.

"Don't worry" said Misty "Stop thinking about the future and stay focus on what's happening now, isn't that what you always say?" Misty reminded Ash of the motto he got from one of the gym leaders. The words eased his aching mind and his body finally stopped shaking.

"That's right!!" he stated, "Who cares about what happens then? I'm gonna win that league and prove to everyone that anyone can be a Pokemon master!" his determination returned to him and before he knew it, he was already thinking on how to gloat on Gary's face when he wins.

Misty was happy to see Ash's overconfident attitude, it somehow manages to lift your spirit up even on a fowl day. As he continued gloating, Misty fell right into dream world without even telling. Ash smiled back and whispered to her "Thanks Misty…" Just as he lay on the soft green grass of his mom's garden, Ash starred at Misty for quite a long time, he raised his hand trying to block the moon's ray on him.

Misty's face shine beautifully by the moon's light, her slight smile could crack a stone heart and she seemed to have matured over the past few years traveling around the world. Ash mentally slapped himself back to reality, "What am I thinking?!!!" he thought "She's my best friend and here I am thinking of how beautiful she is!" As shook he as he thought it would shake away the thought. "I wonder what she was thinking a…bout…" Before he knew it, Jigglypuff was behind him singing her usual song.