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By Keiji

Life goes flying by the speed of sound

Pairing -
Sasuke and Naruto
Summary - Naruto hardly see's life outside the four walls of his room, because of his disease. Yet, he meets someone on the internet... his first friend. His saviour, his light. And his screen name is dark angel. Maybe... its a start of a new life.

A small young boy laid there, on the clean white sheets of the bed.

He was a beautiful boy, to say the least. His soft blonde hair gently fell across his closed blue eyes, it was almost as if he were an angel. Everything that surrounded him was white; the walls, the blankets, the pillow, the light...

Yet sometimes, when he tried to open his eyes, he'd feel his breath clog up.


He would try to speak, but nothing would come out of his mouth. Something plastic and hard was strapped across his face, connected with a tube.

His eyes would open a bit more as he looked around himself, seeing shadows.

Shadows of machines, looming next to his bed. The lights danced, and a small green line ran across a screen occasionally bleeping ominously. Then, with a surreptitious flicker, almost cruelly, the machine would sound the alert that he was awake.

The boy tried to wake himself up, and try to move.

Try to get the damn mask off his face.

Then, sounds began to seep in and register to his glazed mind. The hoarse roaring of the breathing tank, the gurgles of the drips running to the injections in his arms, the incessant beeping and alert noises ringing throughout.

Nurses rushed in and tried to push him back down onto the bed.

"Hush... calm..." They'd say, stroking his hair.

All he could think of was his father. He needed to see his father. In desperation, he was willing to wrench himself off the bed...

...but before he could move his tired and paralyzed body any further, a man in white came forth and stuck a needle into his arm, alongside the many other needles that were already inserted, pumping liquids into his small body.

"He'll be fine..." His voice assured, the last voice that Naruto heard before he slipped into darkness.

Naruto abruptly woke, flinging the sheets aside in a flurry, breathing heavily.

Drops of sweat slid down the back of his cold neck as he shivered, his frightened blue eyes scanning the dark room. He turned to his bedside and tried to open his drawer until he realized his hands were shaking badly.

"Sh-shit..." He cursed, gripping firmly onto the handle and yanking the drawer open.

The drawer fell and spilt its contents onto the floor with a clamorous noise. Naruto heaved his body to the side and rolled his body off the bed, landing on his hands and knee's. He shook even worse as he tried to scramble his way through bits of paper, pen and other objects.

Finally, his shaking hands brushed away the last pieces of paper before they revealed a needle, filled with a crystalline liquid. Naruto grabbed it, leaning against his bed.

His breathing shortened and he felt blackness rush towards his head.

He used his other hand to shakily push his shirt up. Not even bothering to swab his skin with alchohol, he jabbed the needle straight into his stomach. The thin, almost invisible needle, immediately pierced through and the liquid was injected swiftly. The effects were almost immediate.

Naruto didn't even have the energy to wipe the cold sweat dripping off his face, as he collapsed against his bed.

The door opened and light spilled into the room.

"Naruto!" The voice said harshly, yet it was full of concern.

Naruto gave a weak smile as the brown haired man quickly made his way to his side.

"...is ok..." He mumbled.

"Naruto, I told you next time this happens, you press the button," Iruka scolded, checking his face with a look of worry. He checked the needle, looking relieved that it wasn't broken and stuck in Naruto's flesh.

"I... I did it," Naruto breathed. "I did it myself," He said, looking proud.

Iruka stopped fretting and looked at him with a sad smile. "I know Naruto... but it's too dangerous now, I... I just like you to trust me. Alright?"

Naruto nodded, and Iruka helped him up to his feet.

His breathing had quickly gone down back to normal, and he was no longer sweating. In fact, he felt more awake than ever. That was what the drug did to him. Sometimes, almost everytime he woke up, he'd be on the brink of a break down. Then, the next minute he was alive.


He wasn't sure if he was thankful for it, yet.

"Let's get some breakfast, eh?" Iruka smiled softly.

"Sure," Naruto mumbled, wiping the blonde hair stuck to his forehead. He half crawled to the nearby desk with the computer chair, pulling it closer. Slowly, he heaved himself into the chair, shaking a little when the wheels began to roll backwards. Finally, he plopped into his seat with a satisfied smile.

Iruka watched, silently congratulating him with a smile. Then, the man turned and went to go get food for Naruto.

Naruto pressed the button of the computer on his desk.

It was an old crappy thing, and ran slowly. With great effort, the main drive finally began to whir into life and the screen turned to the desk top image of Iruka and Naruto together.

Naruto patiently waited.

He hated being patient, but it was something he had to learn to do. It was taking a long time to learn patience though. He was more sick of the four walls than the illness hidden within himself. He tapped the keyboard, sighing as he stared at the four walls.

Four. That was a bad, unlucky number. Or maybe, it was just Naruto being slightly paranoid.

Finally the bulky desktop computer finished loading.

Naruto took the mouse, easing his wheeling chair forward a bit. He flicked on the desktop lamp and began to click away at the screen, with great ease that only practise over time could mold. He tapped a bit at the computer, before beginning his daily internet crawl.

He loved the internet.

In a way, he hated it, but yes, he loved it because it was like a kaleidoscope of the world. Just a slightly differant way of seeing everything, everywhere. And he was grateful to be able to watch through the looking glass at other people around the world.

He began to wind his way through various internet pages, lazily waiting for something to come up to interest himself.

"Been there... been there... seen that..." He murmured to himself, clicking on and off differant screens.

Then, a window popped up.

His mouse hovered over the little X button before he realized he hadn't seen this page on the internet before.

Curious, he leaned in a bit more.

It appeared to be a rather dramatic, dark looking website. A blog belonging to some emo kid, or at least, that's what Naruto thought. He had never seen an emo, and had only heard them on the internet and through music.

The blog looked interesting. To the point, the picture of the boy the blog belonged to looked interesting.

"U-chee-ha..." Naruto scrolled down a bit to get a better look at the picture of him.

He gazed in awe, almost enchanted by the image. There, a boy looking up and sideways, exposing his pale neck. He wore a dark blue coloured shirt with a collar that reached midway his neck, making it look revealing yet at the same time concealing. His black eyes were half lidded, almost in a lonely way as he gazed away, with heavy black eyelashes. His fine eyebrows were just visible as his two ebony bangs softly frayed across his cheek bones.

It was better than the picture the other week Naruto had discovered the bahamas.

He began to read the writing below, tearing his eyes away from the picture.

... Tuesday - It's as if life stopped.

Naruto blinked at the first line.

...The feeling of helplessness flows through the very veins that trail from my heart.

Naruto stopped again, looking away and feeling his heart beginning to thud a little harder. It was ridiculous. It was just some silly poem-like thing that someone had written. So why was it evoking such emotions in him so early? Maybe... it was because he had found someone that felt like he did...

So he read on.

...Sometimes, I wonder if I'm really breathing. Maybe I'm not, because darkness surrounds me, like a covet of doom.

My only hope lies in the half luminous horizon.

I often think to myself, what is the point in living?

Why can everyone let go, and be unplugged, whilst I still survive... with my pulse flickering, barely alive.

I don't think I can survive this. Yet I did, I have, I will. Maybe it's destiny, but I'm not sure about that. It's been 6 years now, up to this very day, that they're gone. The people I love are gone.

They're the ones who make me who I am...

Suddenly the door opened and Iruka with his clinking tray came through, interrupting Naruto with a loud, "Breakfast is ready!"

Naruto's eyes widened and he frantically shut the window to the taskbar, looking frightened the hell out of his life. His mouse almost fell off the edge of the desktop.

"...Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you," Iruka apologized, looking slightly concerned. He set the breakfast tray down next to the computer as Naruto blushed slightly. "So, found anything new?"

Naruto shook his head, despite that usually he'd excitedly report whatever he found on the internet to him. But now, he just wanted to read it. He tried mentally to will Iruka away quickly.

"Any new places?"

"Nope," Naruto quickly said, giving a shake of his head.

"Alright then..." Iruka looked slightly disappointed, then turned to leave.

As soon as the door closed, Naruto managed to breathe again and re-opened the page. He had no idea why he was in such a fuss to hide the page from Iruka. It wasn't anything obscene or rude. It was just a blog.

...I can't fill that empty void.

No matter how hard I strive, to whatever goal people push me towards, I feel as if I'm tumbling further down a dark path which I can't return.

It's like I've lost and found myself, in the hands of another person.

No. I can't fill that empty void...

And maybe, I don't want to.

... Uchiha.

Naruto leaned back in his chair a bit, trying to stop breathing too heavily. But that last line bothered him. Maybe he doesn't want to? Why not? Who would want to live through all the suffering, without even trying to cure it? Naruto knew he couldn't

With a slight feeling of something uneasy hanging in the air, he scrolled down the page and looked at the other bit, with all his details.

Location: Yamaho, Japan

Age: 17

Subject(s): Biology, Math, Art

Naruto sighed a bit. He had no idea where Yamaho is, in fact, he hardly knew where he himself was. Sure he had seen maps, but they were far too confusing for him to figure out.

Then another piece caught his eye.

Without second thought, Naruto clicked the email target. He tapped the desktop a bit, wondering what to think. He was nervous, for no reason. It was just an email. But then he realized his hand was shaking a bit.

Slowly, he raised his fingers to the keyboard, and began to type.

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