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Hotaru kiss Ruka already (since Natsume already did that to


A/N: Everyone in this story is a year older than in the manga.


2 more days before the Last Dance

Everyone was talking about it; what they're going to wear, or who their partners will be, etc.

Everyone also found their own partners. Well, not exactly everyone, you're forgetting someone else.

Yup, Sakura Mikan.

We all know that Mikan is being liked by the all-so-famous kuro neko, Hyuuga Natsume, who never had the guts to confess nor to offer his hand to Mikan for the Last Dance.

Everyday, every night, he couldn't remove nor erase Mikan's face in his head. He just couldn't stop thinking of her, even though he knows she's too innocent to notice, and that his best friend has also developed feelings for her.

Chapter 1:

Mikan was on her way to meet her best friend, Hotaru, who was currently selling Ruka's photos in Central Town. On her way, she bumped onto Natsume, who was with Ruka.

Mikan and Natsume fell on the floor. Ruka stretched his hands out to both of them.

"Are you okay, Sakura?" Ruka said, slightly blushing.

"Yeah, I'm fine! Thanks!" Mikan replied, taking his hand.

Natsume stood up and looked at them with the corner of his eyes. He tried to hide it: the envy he feels for his own friend.

Hotaru, then, approached them, holding the money and the pictures.

Once Ruka saw this, he ran after her, leaving his best friend behind.

"They ran off together again," Mikan said, with a sweatdrop.


Then Mikan turned to Natsume and said, "Hey, why don't we go around for a bit? You know, just to wait for them…"

"Tch. Why would I do that, strawberries?" he replied.

At this, Mikan was about to shout at him, but instead, grabbed his hand.

"C'mon, it'll be fun!" she said.


"OI IMAI!! GIVE THOSE BACK!" Ruka shouted at Hotaru, who was riding her…duck scooter (hehe).

Hotaru just looked at him for a second, and then went off faster.

While the two were on with their usual chase, Natsume and Mikan were walking around.

After some minutes of strolling, Mikan stopped.

"I'm tired…why don't we rest a little?" Mikan said, pulling Natsume to a nearby bench with her.

Strangely, she didn't let go of his hand. She just held it, but he didn't budge. He didn't remove his hand from her touch.

"Ne, Natsume, tell me…who's gonna be your partner to the Last Dance? Have you found anyone yet?" Mikan said, pulling her head closer to his.

"…" Natsume just didn't want to ask her to be his partner, since he knew his best friend liked her too.

"Natsume?" Mikan said.

Natsume just ignored her.

"NATSUME? DO YOU HEAR ME?" Mikan shouted to his ear.

"Shut up, will ya!?"

"Ugh! Fine!" Mikan let go of his hand then went off by herself.

'Ooh, that guy…he just never listens..!', Mikan thought to herself.

Natsume was left alone on the bench. He couldn't stop thinking about her.

'Her hand felt so warm…' he thought. 'Sorry, Ruka…'

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