Chapter 10: A Sweet

Next day

It was a cold, cloudy day when suddenly—

"Ohaiyo, minna!" Mikan shouted energetically once she entered the room.

Everyone looked at her. Everyone glared at her (except Hotaru, of course…).

"…What?" Mikan asked, looking a little bit confused.

"SAKURAA!!" Sumire shouted, as if she was gonna kill Mikan and bring her to hell.

"N-naze!? What did I do?" Mikan said, not even thinking about her and Natsume last night.

Suddenly, the door opened when two boys entered the room. Obviously, they were Natsume and Ruka.

Hotaru looked at Ruka straight to the eye. Of course, Ruka blushed. The first thing stuck in his mind was about what had happened to them last night.

Meanwhile, Mikan and Sumire were fighting. But once Mikan saw Natsume, she turned red. Natsume saw that, but he didn't mind.

Well, eh didn't make a move, but he did mind it. He stared at her for a while, then went with Ruka to their seats.

After a while, Narumi entered the room.

"Ohaiyo, minna!" the teacher greeted.

"Ohaiyo!" everyone replied.

"Okay, now that the Alice Festival is over, you know what's next, right?" Naru informed.

"Aaawwww!!" everyone shouted.

"It's time for your exams!"


-After all the teachers told them what to do…-

"Aawww! Hotaru! Will you help me in studying?" Mikan pleaded.

Hotaru looked at her coldly and replied, "If you pay me 50 rabbits for each subject, then yes, I will."

"Aww!! Hotaru! You're so evil!" Mikan shouted.

Though it wasn't obvious, Hotaru frowned and pulled her Baka-gun out of nowhere and shot Mikan on the face.

"Don't be selfish, baka," Hotaru told the (quite) unconscious Mikan. "it's not just you who have problems in the tests, you know."

Hotaru pointed to the other students who were panicking the same way Mikan did.

Mikan suddenly regained consciousness. Hotaru was right. She was selfish for thinking only about herself.

While she was thinking about this, Hotaru stood up and said, "I'm going outside…" (outside the building)

Mikan tried to stop her but was unsuccessful due to Hotaru's baka-cannon.

"Don't follow me, baka." Hotaru said to her.

Hotaru was already out of the classroom when Ruka suddenly decided to go outside as well.

"Umm…Natsume, I'll have to go somewhere. See ya…" he said.

Ruka went out of the classroom. As he was walking (there were other students outside the classroom as well), someone softly called out, "Hey, Ruka-kun…"

He turned around to see Hotaru.

"I-Imai!? I thought you were—"

"Outside? In our classmates' minds, yes." she cut him off.

"B-But…what are you doing here!?"

"I'm planning on something, so don't interfere…"

"What plan?"

"You see, I'm planning on putting Natsume and Mikan together, even for just once." Hotaru replied.

"Wait—maybe you could be of help…" she added, forming an evil-looking (well, maybe not just evil-looking at all…) smirk on her face.

"Huh..? But…h-how?"

Hotaru explained to Ruka the "mechanics" on their plan.


"WHAT!?" Ruka shouted out.

"Yes. I'll sell your photos again if you don't do it."

"But I can't just…betray my best friend like that!"

"Okay then…" Hotaru took out the photos from her pocket and started walking.

"F-Fine! I'll…do it…"

"Good. Now we have to go before they see us. Hotaru said as they left.

Luckily, the bell rang as the students left, going the elementary dorm building.

Just in time, Mikan walked outside to see Hotaru when Natsume also went outside to look for Ruka.

Unfortunately, it started to rain.

While Mikan was panicking, looking for Hotaru, she wasn't looking on her way so she bumped onto Natsume. But before she could fall on the wet ground, Natsume already held her arm from falling.

Mikan's eyes widened in surprise.

'Natsume!?' she thought as she blushed.

She stood straight and said, "Umm…thanks, Natsume…" still blushing.

"Next time be careful, little girl." He said, making Mikan blush even more.

The rain started to pour harder. They had no jackets or umbrellas. No person to ask for help, since everyone already went to the dormitories.

The two of them were just standing there, under the rain. They didn't even care that they were soaked wet.

Hiding in the bushes a few meters away, Hotaru and Ruka were watching. Ruka felt a little uneasy seeing the little camera in Hotaru's hands. Then he thought he'd be more disturbed the more he thought about the camera, so he redirected his attention to the couple under the rain.

"They're not doing anything…" Ruka commented.

"They're not yet doing anything. So make them do something, baka." Hotaru answered.

"But what?"

"You think of that."

"Why me?"

Hotaru looked at him sideways. Then she smiled that mischievous grin she always had whenever she blackmails.

"You do it because, one – I only take their picture. Two – I had the plan in mind in the first place. Three – take a guess where these pictures will go to." she pointed at the pictures of Ruka. Then she smiled again.

Obviously, Ruka had no other choice than to obey her. So he thought of ways on how they could hook up Natsume and Mikan together.

Meanwhile, back to Mikan and Natsume's area…

"AAAH! I can't take it! Why'd Hotaru leave me!? Hotaru you're so me—" Mikan complained.

"Shut up, will ya!?" Natsume cut her words.

Mikan frowned and said, "Hmp. I never asked you to come along, you know."

"Tch. Why would I want to be with a stupid girl like you anyway?"

"Say that again!"






"Grr…Natsume...!!" she turned her head and decided to ignore him. Natsume did the same.

A little while later, Mikan did some complaining again…

"My hair's really wet…" Mikan whispered.


"Eeh…it's nothing…"

'He heard me? Is he…concerned or something?' Mikan thought. 'But my heart's beating really fast again..!'

"What's wrong?" Natsume asked.

Mikan pouted and said, "First, nobody wants to help me in the exams. Second, Hotaru left me here. Third, no one's here to help. Four, it's raining and we're wet."

Mikan complained and complained and complained more in front of Natsume. Natsume had had enough of her mouth so to shut her up…

"Why can't anyone help—" (Mikan said this)

Natsume suddenly pulled her by the shoulder…

…And he kissed her. He kissed her under the pouring rain.


Mikan's eyes widened in surprise and shock.

Natsume held Mikan's left pigtail with his left hand while the other held her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Mikan was really shocked. She didn't even think Natsume would ever do that.

Mikan slowly closed her eyes and, without her knowing what she was doing, she placed her hand behind his head and pulled him closer, even though she was blushing hard.

Now it was Hotaru and Ruka's to be –O.O- .

Both of them were silent until Ruka heard some faint clicks. He turned to see Hotaru taking pictures of the couple.

"I-Imai…w-what…a-a-are you…!?" Ruka said, being quite insecure.

Hotaru didn't look at him but replied, "Why, is this bad?" Ruka sweatdropped.

"Eh…I…Don't you think we should respect their privacy?"

"Why, did they even respect ours?"

Ruka sweatdropped more. "Y-you…mean…t-th-they s-s-saw…?"

"Yes, they did. Only a deaf person wouldn't hear that baka's sounds."

Ruka sweatdropped even more, accompanied with a VERY, VERY red face.

"But…d-don't you…" he said.

"Okay, that's enough pictures already. Now we can leave." Hotaru replied without the slightest trace of embarrassment nor regret. So the two left Mikan and Natsume alone.

After a time, Natsume broke the kiss. He then let go of Mikan as she did the same.

Now Mikan's face was all red, VERY red. She asked, "…W-Why did you…do th-that..?"

"Because you were too loud, baka." Natsume said without even caring about what they just did.

"…Sorry…" she said. Then she smiled.

"…but at least you're here with me to listen to my problems." Mikan said.

Natsume was kind of shocked. But, to Mikan's surprise, he drew her closer to him.

"Mikan…aishiteru na…"

"Arigato, Natsume…" she said as she hugged him back.


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