Ryoma rejected by Tezuka

Ryoma promised himself before he started the round,

I must run fast, I must,

To please that beautiful man standing over there.

He tightened his fists as he prepared for the jog,

Hoping he would look his way.

To his dismay, he looked past him to another place,

He started his stopwatch and said 'Go!'

Ryoma forgot all his pains,

As he raced to please his wishes.

He ran fast with all his might,

Sweat pouring and exhausted legs.

He smiled at him each time he passed,

Hoping he would take the hint and ask,

"Ryoma, please hold my water flask,"

but to his grief,

He never returned his smile,

Only to glance at his stopwatch and say his timing.

Oh, how he loved the sound of his voice,

His fierce personality as he scolded them.

He ran to the front

To see him perform 'touch and jump'

While others laughed, he was enchanted.

Look at his rippling clothes, he thought, how sexy.

He immediately tried to do it,

But failed miserably.

He shot a last smile at him,

But received a glare.

Sigh, love is blind.