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Adam frowned as he entered his locker room for the house show that evening. Lita was supposed to have met him in the parking lot or at least in the locker room before the show started. Obviously, he was here.. but, after talking to a few co-workers, Lita had not been seen or heard from at all. Added to that, Mickie was nowhere in sight, Maria had yet to show up ... And the three aforementioned divas were all slated for a match that night. The tall Canadian knew, without a doubt, unless she had a good reason.. Lita would always show up for the house shows. It's just how she was, from the time he had first met her to know. It just wasn't like her to not show up without a good reason. According to Vicki, Lita and Mickie were supposed to be leaving Tampa in the morning so they could be at the house show that evening. And yet, when Victoria had called Mickie and Lita, the two divas had claimed they would be there. That had happened this morning and here it was, a little under two hours before the house show was supposed to start with no sign of Mickie or Lita.

Randy arched an eyebrow as he walked into the locker room, "what's wrong with you?"

Adam gestured plainly, "our manager isn't here and, not only is our manager not here? Mickie isn't here either. Maria hasn't shown up yet, but no one really cares about her anyway."

The younger man's forehead etched in confusion, "I thought Li and Mickie were in Tampa."

"They were, but, just because they were in Tampa doesn't mean I saw them." Adam pushed his hair back from his forehead, "Li and Mickie were in Tampa for Christian's birthday."

"So, maybe they're flight got delayed or something?" The Legend Killer set his bags down near one of the empty lockers, "it could happen, you know. And it's not like the house show is starting soon."

Adam frowned again, "so that means you haven't seen Lita or Mickie?" And when Randy shook his head, Adam stood. "Damn it."

Randy shook his head, "look man. There's really nothing to be worried about. So what if they're late, I'm sure there's a good reason for that."

Adam raised an eyebrow, "you don't know her like I do, Randy. She's never late for a house show, she's not late without a good reason or calling someone first."

The third generation wrestler gestured to the door, "then go talk to Jeff. He's actually here early, maybe he heard from her."

Adam inwardly sighed, "and now I know something is wrong. Jeff Hardy showing up early or showing up before Li? That's just not right."

To that, Randy could only shrug... Adam leaving the locker room shortly to find Jeff Hardy or Vicki.

"Ads?" Victoria beckoned from nearby, "is something wrong?"

"Have you seen Lita or Mickie?"

Victoria blinked, "no I haven't seen either of them.. Why?"

Adam frowned, "because they aren't here yet and Lita was supposed to be here by now."

Victoria arched an eyebrow, she knew why they weren't here but.. "Umm.. Ads?"

"I'm going to call Li, see if she's at the airport or something. Tell Randy it won't take me long, alright?"

Before Victoria could say a word, Adam had walked off towards the parking lot.. His cellphone already out and dialing.

"Come on, Ames.. Pick up."

When the phone just continued to ring, Adam hung up.. Dialing once more to leave a voice mail before he went back into the arena. And it wasn't that he was mad or anything like that, just that now he was worried..

"Still haven't heard from her?"

"No, I haven't." Adam sat down on the bench in the locker room, "and you're sure you haven't talked to her?"

Randy shook his head, "trust me man, she might be able to put up with me more now, but.. She's more likely to call you first if anything happens to her."

Adam ran his hands through his hair, "that's what I'm worried about.. that something did happen to her. I know her brother wouldn't let anything happen to her, neither would Benoit, Jericho or Christian. But, what if--"

Randy held up a hand, "if something happened on the plane? There would've been something on the news or McMahon or someone would've told us."

"Right," Adam sat back, leaning against the lockers for a long moment. "I'm going to give her another call before the house show officially starts. Could you--"

"I'll ask around and see if anyone else has heard anything."

Meanwhile, back in Tampa...

After they'd heard they wouldn't be needed for the house show.. Coach having called Lita earlier that morning; Mickie and Lita had reasoned that staying in Tampa would be their best bet. Especially if they were going to be at the TNA tapings on Monday.. Mickie staying over with Chris Jericho while Lita stayed with Christian. According to what Coach had said.. Mickie and Lita were reportedly no-showing the house show. A report on the official website would affirm that, though, in reality it was just a weekend off. And once that bit of information had sunk in, Lita had called Mickie... the two RAW divas heading out for a late breakfast with Lance, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Trish and Dawn before they went back. After that, of course, they had to be dropped off at the airport.. Lita and Mickie reasoning, even if they didn't want to, that they'd have to do a little clothes shopping thanks to their extended stay in Tampa.

Tyson set down a few of the bags he had graciously offered to carry. "Lita.. I've never known you to be one for shopping.. What changed?"

Lita smiled sweetly, "who said I was only clothes shopping, hmm? It's December, time to start some Christmas shopping."

The bald man arched an eyebrow, "and you couldn't tell us this? When you said that you and Mickie wanted to go shopping, I thought you had meant only clothes."

Christian grumbled from behind the two, "you really shouldn't be complaining dude."

"I wasn't stupid enough to offer to carry everything, weakling." Tyson smirked, when Christian glared. "If it hadn't been for me? You'd be carrying everything."

"Whatever," the blond TNA wrestler sent a look towards Lita, "are you almost done? We've been here since this afternoon and--"

"It's not even that late, you big baby. But, if it makes you feel better.. I think Mickie and I are almost done. Then we can go grab something to eat."

"Finally," Chris Jericho muttered, "granted.. I might not be carrying as much as the pack mule over there, but--"

Mickie rolled her eyes, "who knew.. Big, bad wrestlers who can go through steel cage matches, ladder matches and whatever else? Stick them with carrying bags and they complain like little old ladies."

Lita nodded solemnly, "we'll have to alert everyone else... How to properly deal with a wrestler with a big ego and put them in their place, all at the same time."

Christian looked offended at that, "I don't have a big ego.. My persona, maybe, but me? Come on, Leets. How can you say that?"

Tyson coughed, "she just did, genius. Would you like me to repeat it for you?"

To that, Christian rolled his eyes.. The remainder of the shopping trip continuing in comfortable silence. And despite what had happened only last night, things hadn't changed all that much between Lita and Christian. Though, at this point, the redheaded diva wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing... And she really didn't want to bring it up with him just yet. Truth be told, she'd never given much thought to dating the blond Canadian, nor did she know if he would consider dating her. As Dawn had said during breakfast, and much to Lance's chagrin, there was just something there with Lita and Christian. Obviously, there was at least the physical attraction, but, the former WWE diva was convinced there was something more. But, before Dawn could elaborate on that, Lance had declared that the discussion was over... Lita, Mickie, Trish and Dawn instead discussing the vacation possibilities in the upcoming future.


The next morning found Mickie, Chris and Terry at Christian's again, this time having breakfast. Between Mickie, Lita, Terry and Tyson the actual cooking had gotten done.. Terry declaring that neither Chris or Christian was allowed to set foot in the kitchen. And while at least one of them did know otherwise where it concerned Christian, the subject wasn't brought up. Instead, they at their breakfast and discussed options for the day. Really, since they would be there until Monday at the very least... Anything was up for discussion. Lita had also called Victoria that morning, just to check in with her friend and to see if Victoria was slated for the group to go to the tapings. The raven haired diva had informed her that while she and Melina were still scheduled, Maria had been added as a last minute addition. Why, neither diva was really certain but... It wasn't like they absolutely had to interact with the flaky blond interviewer. Still, the general plan for the day was to relax.. And that more or less meant hanging out at Christian's for the day; everyone finding themselves in the pool by the afternoon. Granted, no one had yet to set actual foot into the pool, but it was the principle of the thing.. Or something to that effect, Lita currently inside to get the requested refill for drinks and snacks.

"What the hell?" Lita blinked as the front door was opened, "who--"

"I just wanted to see you," the tall blond man explained first, the spare house key held up shortly. "Seriously, Lita... Why--"


He shook his head, the house key set down on the counter as he made his way over to her. "I was worried about you, no one would tell me where you were, no one had any clue as to where you were.. And yet, here you are.. at his house, half dressed--"

"Adam, it's a bikini. You were there when I bought it."

"Because, apparently worrying the hell out of your best friend doesn't mean nearly as much to you as working on your tan."

The redheaded diva pinched the bridge of her nose, "I called Vicki this morning, are you trying to tell me that she didn't explain?"

Adam made a face, "that's not the point Leets. I was worried sick about you. I had Randy going everywhere last night at the house show and the hotel looking for you or asking around to see if anyone knew where you were."

"And as you can obviously see, I'm fine."

"Working on your tan."

"Adam, I thought you--"

"Why are you here?"

Lita buried her face in her hands, "this really can't be happening..."

Adam put his hands on the diva's shoulders, "Li.. Ames.. I was worried about you. It's not like you to just no-show like you did--"

"So that gives you the right to just come into my house?"


"The next time you pull a stunt like this? Call me."

Lita blinked as the taller blond suddenly engulfed her into a hug, "I thought someone would have explained to you, Ads.. Or I would have called. It's on the website."

"Could someone please tell me why he's here?" A beat passed, "and how did you get in here anyways?"

Adam nodded to the counter, "spare key." He glanced down to the redhead, "really now, Li.. I know you've only been here since Thursday, but.. His influence is already starting to show. You would never keep anything from me before."

Christian made a face, "dude.. Seriously, you walk in here like you own the place and you insult me? Are you ever going to let that slide?"

The taller blond pretended to think on it.. "Well let me think about that... No."

The TNA wrestler rolled his eyes, "so you're telling me, it's alright for me to just walk right into your house without a word... Insult you and you'd be okay with that?"

Lita sent a smirk between the pair, "you two do realise.. In some countries? That little exchange of words is considered a conversation."

"You're not helping Lita," they said in unison, Adam adding: "You worried me. Enough that I would come back to Tampa, make up some lame excuse so I could get out of the house show for today and--"

"Okay.." Tyson blinked as he entered the kitchen, "wasn't quite expecting this when Lita didn't come back."

"You aren't the only one," Christian muttered under his breath, "Copeland over there decided to invite himself in."

Tyson arched an eyebrow at that, glancing between the two blond Canadians before speaking to Lita. "I think I'm gonna go hide the knives."

Adam held up a hand, "that won't be necessary. Now that I know that my best friend wasn't seriously injured and only wanted to work on her tan--"

Lita sighed, "Adam.. If you'd actually shut up for a minute and let me explain? According to Coach.. Mickie and I were told to take the weekend off for the storyline. You know? We are kinda supposed to be at the TNA tapings on Monday."

The tall blond frowned, "and you couldn't have told me that?"

"We were told to keep it quiet, obviously Vicki and Melina know.. Management knows, but no one else was supposed to know. They didn't want that leaking."

"Right," Adam ran a hand through his hair, "well.. Now that I do know you're alright and that you weren't injured.. I'll see you next Wednesday I guess, unless you're going to be excused from that as well. Rated RKO has their next set of appearances scheduled in North Carolina."

Lita nodded shortly, "if that changes.. Give me a call. I'll be at home after the TNA tapings are over so.."

Adam nodded, "I'll do that.." Giving her one last hug, the tall blond left without another word, taking the spare key with him to re-hide it outside.

Tyson shook his head as the front door closed, "alright.. Can someone explain why he was just here? Since I thought the two of you were still involved in your childish game of not talking to each other?"

Christian waved it off, "it's not a big deal, man. Copeland was just being paranoid when Leets didn't show up."

The bald man nodded knowingly, "so, in other words, he was acting like you?" Tyson smirked when Christian flipped him off, "well.. Now that that's all cleared up, I'm going to get the drinks and the snacks that we were all waiting on."

Lita swept her hair back from her face, sighing slightly as she seated herself at the counter. "If I didn't know the two of you, I wouldn't think that just happened."

Christian arched an eyebrow, the blond man coming to stand in front of her. "What do you mean by that?"

"Just that the two of you are so predictable. Think about it.. If the roles were reversed--"

"I wouldn't go barging into his house like I owned the place."

The diva shot him a skeptical look, "you have done that before."

Christian rolled his eyes, "well yeah.. But it wasn't Adam's house. It was Jeff's. And you hadn't called me, Jerky or Adam so.. I wasn't the only one who went looking for you."

"But you still did the same thing... And Jeff's house was the first place you looked, or so you claimed anyway."

"That's because it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I already knew you weren't home, you weren't at Matt's and that you weren't with your brother."

"And yet, you were the first one to show up at Jeff's. Adam wasn't far behind you as I recall."

Christian smirked, "that's because Adam thought you would be at your house. When he couldn't find you there, he called me."

Lita rolled her eyes, "trying to get a point across with the two of you is like trying to get water from a stone."

"If you weren't you--"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I've heard it all before Christian.. Empty threats."

"Empty threats, eh?" He grabbed her wrist, "I'll show you an empty threat."

Lita still didn't seem quite convinced by that, clearly not taking him seriously until he had managed to trap both of her wrists in one of his hands. "And just what do you--"

The diva cut herself off when he started to tickle her without mercy; Lita nearly falling off of the chair she had been sitting on... And she likely would have if Christian hadn't had an iron grip on her wrists. Still, as she tried in vain to get away from him, that only seemed to provide for more incentive for him to continue... Lita finally uttering a breathy plea for mercy.

"That was really unfair," she informed him with a pout, "I'm a guest in your home, you should be treating me nicely."

Christian simply shrugged, his arms wrapped loosely around her waist."You shouldn't doubt me then, Leets. I told you, one of these days.."

Lita rolled her eyes to that, "whatever... It still wasn't very nice of you."

He shrugged once more, the pair standing in silence for a moment in the kitchen; an unreadable expression on both of their faces. But, before either of them could anything... or do anything for that matter... Tyson came back inside to get another refill on drinks and snacks.. The bald man claiming that he'd miscalculated earlier... Lita and Christian returning outside with him this time around.. Though, on the redheaded diva's part it wasn't entirely on her own free will. Christian, for whatever reasons or another, had decided that now was a good a time as any to toss her into the pool. For her part, Lita had managed to drag him into the pool with her.. The action nearly costing her the top part of her bikini in the process. Still, the one silly move had eased whatever tension that Adam's surprise arrival had brought.. Christian, Lita, Mickie and Tyson engaging in a game of chicken for awhile just to pass the time and just because they could. Once they'd grown tired of that, Lita and Christian planned out a little of next week.. the blond man still intending on heading back to Atlanta with her once the tapings were over.