His first time was in the bedroom of his high school sweetheart

His first time was in the bedroom of his high school sweetheart. There upon the sugary pink bedspread, he finally understood what motivated his father to carouse with other women.

Jill Baylor was the first girl that went on more than three dates with him and never questioned why she couldn't go over to his house. She was amiable, sweet and loved to curl her fingers through Bobby's hair.

After school, while studying for their English exam, Jill decided that it was time for them to "do it", as all of her friends already had and she didn't want to be left behind.

Bobby's lips formed the words his brain entreated him to say, that she shouldn't feel pressured into doing anything she didn't want. But his brain was no match for his hormones, and when Jill unzipped his pants and laid her head in his lap, his vocal chords seized.

He remembers the warmth and smoothness of her skin. When their pants were flung down onto the floor next to her bed, Bobby shivered in both anticipation and terror.

He remembers a lot of awkward fumbling and a few brief moments of unearthly pleasure, at least for him. He was too inexperienced and excited to notice if Jill was enjoying herself.

And when it was done, in an embarrassingly short amount of time, Jill crawled out from underneath him and hurried to the bathroom.

On the walk home that night, Bobby thought that he was supposed to feel different now. Wasn't this supposed to be the rite of passage that made each boy a man? All he felt was disappointment. Was that all there was to it? Sure, it felt great, but wasn't there supposed to more? It seemed like a lot of work for just a few minutes of pleasure.

But maybe it was in his DNA to seek out momentary pleasures like dear old dad. Whether it be booze, broads or the ponies, Frank Goren, Sr., was Mr. Immediate Gratification.

Determined and hell-bent on never turning out like his father, Bobby began a life-long habit of denying himself some of life's pleasures. Despite the number of attractive, available women that had slipped him their phone numbers, Bobby became particularly selective about his companions.

If the lady was attractive, interesting, and tolerant of his unpredictable work schedule, he would make extra effort to show her a good time. He was raised by a strong-minded mother who lectured him on the correct way a man should treat a woman. He always made sure to bring flowers and call when promised, and never promised them anything he couldn't or wouldn't give. And this worked for him for a very long time, close to twenty years actually. But all that came to a shuddering halt a few years ago when a fetching redhead named Fiona suggestively slipped her number into his pants pocket. Instead of hardening at the prospect of voluptuous Fiona in his bed, Bobby found himself remembering that Eames had red highlights when they first met.

And that was the beginning of the end of Bobby's carefree bachelor days.

Because he knew that despite how lovely his old girlfriends had been or the fact that the city had a million interesting women, he was stuck on one quality woman and no one else could compare.

The dating dwindled quickly until one day it was practically non-existent. The temptation to open his little black book beckoned every now and again when his body naturally seeked release. However, his conscious would not allow him to use a woman as a substitute for what he really desired.

But he had never imagined, never could have hoped that after all their years together, he would have the real thing, straining and sweating beneath him.

But here they were.

Alex with her flushed cheeks and fragrant hair, opening for him, ready to accept him in the most intimate, trusting way.

They both shudder at the sensation of their slick skin sliding against one another, heightening their anticipation.

"You….," Alex says as her breath hitches in her chest. "You didn't let me finish what I was doing," she whispers, rubbing herself against his hardness.

"Not a chance," Bobby groans, suckling on the side of her neck. "That would have been the fastest and most embarrassing first time on record."

Bobby shivers as Alex's low giggle vibrates though his skin.

"This is crazy anyway," she purrs. "What if Segal calls and-"

Her sentence is interrupted by the urgent pressing of Bobby's tongue on her lips.

"Mmmmmm," Alex moans into his kiss. "You're right, screw Segal."

"Better idea," he says, bending his knees and pulling her up into his lap. "Why don't you wrap lose beautiful legs around my waist and you can screw-"

Now it's her turn to silence him with her mouth. Who knew Bobby Goren had a filthy mouth in bed?

Pulled by the heat of his kiss, Alex secures her feet on the bed behind him as she straddles his large impressive thighs. As she squeezes his full, masculine shoulders, she ever so slowly begins her descent onto his pulsing hardness.

Bobby tightens his grasp of Alex's hips when she gasps at the first feel of him inside her. With careful and subtle movements, Alex shimmies little by little down onto Bobby's steely length.

"Oh God," Alex groans, leaning back as her hands secure themselves behind Bobby's neck. "I can't believe…."

"What?" Bobby whispers, watching in rapt fascination as Alex's breasts bounce in time with her hips.

"I can't believe," she says, stopping halfway down, "that I have you inside me."

Her arousing words combined with the snugness of her swelter have Bobby thickening more than he ever knew possible. Needing her more than ever, Bobby's grip on Alex's hips tightens possessively and in a split second, while looking Alex right in her tawny eyes, Bobby's hips slam up into hers, sheathing himself all the way into her depths.

Alex's scream catches in her throat as her entire body is infused with the most unbelievable pleasure.

"Now I'm inside you," Bobby whispers against her shoulder.

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