-wise men listen to their hearts-

Roose thinks more than people give him credit for.

Maybe he doesn't think the way Clay does…

But still…in his own thoughtful, caring way Roose is a genius.

Roose understands matters of the heart better than ANYONE at G.O.A..

Roose understands what it really means to be a FRIEND…more than anyone at G.O.A.

SO he sits in the hospital room with Yamagi. He brings him ice, and rubs his hands in that soothing way.

Roose is smart. He's almost sure—looking at Yamagi, thinking about Zero—he's not going to become a pilot. He's not MADE to be a pilot. But that's not really what makes him a genius.

Roose is brilliant because of now.

With Yamagi choking on silent tears and whispering…it hurts, it hurts, goddess it hurts.

He knows Yamagi is slowly discovering what he already knew, and what he was sure Zero would find out sooner or later…..

Dreams aren't always what you want them to be. But instead of expressing this…Roose just holds Yamagi's hand, massaging his sprained fingers.

Roose is smart in that way too—in knowing when its best to just be silent. But also, and most importantly Roose doesn't live his life for his dreams.

So instead he just hopes that they can die this way instead of in vain.

Roose knows, understands, and in some ways IS…the difference between chasing a dream and having hope.

And well—he's always been smarter than people give him credit for.

-men who listen to their hearts are not always wise-

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But then little Roose came and knocked on my door in his sweet polite way.

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