Ikkaku and Yumichika need more luvin' ; D. Hence, this fic. Hope you enjoy and review!

Dress Up

Because Yumichika never saw the harm in wearing girl's clothes, he wore them. Because he never saw the harm in wearing his mother's lipstick, he wore it. And because he never saw the harm in having slightly girlish hair, he had it.

When people questioned him about it, he'd respond with a firm 'because I look pretty in them'. People couldn't disagree with him in that department; he did look very pretty and so they decided to leave him be and enjoy his childish dress-ups.

It wasn't until Yumichika met Ikkaku that he began to realise people would get the wrong idea if he would dress up like a girl.

On a summer day, when it was becoming dark, Yumichika was walking home alone, some water in his hands. His mother had asked him to get some, to which he had happily agreed to. At first, she was scared for him, because their district did have some violent thieves in them, especially the younger children, but Yumichika had told her that he was a big boy and could manage to walk a couple of blocks. She told him he was very brave and that she was very proud of him.

However, there were some children running on the street as well and they bumped into him, making him spill all the water he had bought with the little money they had. Yumichika had never been one to let others walk all over him and so he had turned to the three bigger boys, who were smirking at them.

"Take responsibility!" he had yelled at them, pointing at the water that had been spilled. It was slowly disappearing underneath the hot sun and Yumichika was on the verge of crying as he thought about his mother, who would be disappointed in him. "It's your fault I spilled that water; take responsibility and buy more!" he had cried at them. The boys didn't take him seriously, and instead the biggest eyed him carefully.

"Hey, aren't ya that Yumi-guy? The kid who's a girly-boy?" he asked, grinning at the others. "You got a lot of guts to be talking to us like that. Let's teach him a lesson, huh?" The other two had nodded, and one of them smacked Yumichika in his face, making him fall to the ground. His face had stung and he was worrying that it would leave a mark, but he got up again and attacked the same boy who had hit him, only to get held back by the other two.

It was at the point that they were going to hit him more that another boy came running, a stick in his hand. He yelled and beat the kids up and chased them away, before turning to Yumichika, who was dusting off his clothes while still lying on the ground.

"Hey, are you okay?" the boy had grumbled, offering Yumichika his hand. He took it and stood up.

"Yeah, but my water…" he muttered, growling. "Those bastards! I'll get them!" The boy blinked at him and cocked his head.

"A girl shouldn't say things like that. Come on, I have some spare money, I'll buy you some new water," he said, smiling. Yumichika was about to say to him that he wasn't a girl, but a boy, thank-you-very-much, but the other interrupted him. "I'm Ikkaku by the way, what's your name?"

"Y-Yumichika," he muttered.

"Hee, that's a pretty name," Ikakku said, grinning at him, before taking 'her' hand. Yumichika didn't have the heart to tell Ikkaku that he was actually a boy and quite liked the attention he was receiving from him.

It wasn't until later that evening, when Ikkaku had brought the young Yumichika home, that he managed to tell him. Right after Ikkaku had given him a peck on the lips of course, and right before said boy stomped off , wiping his mouth all the way back.

Ever since then, Yumichika decided he should wear more manly clothes. Even when Ikkaku came back the next morning, asking if he would come and play with him.