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Summary: After a battle with Plasmus, Beast Boy goes into the city feeling rejected by his fellow team mates and meets a homeless teen who has powers. The homeless teen, who he introduces himself as The Shaman, has problems controlling his powers. Beast Boy, remembering his failure with helping Terra, takes it upon himself to aid him in helping him control his powers. As Beast Boy grows more distant with the other Titans, they grow suspicious as several of Slade's drones have been causing problems. Robin begins to feel that whatever Slade is planning involves Beast Boy in some way.

It was a standard day in Jump City for all the citizens of the city, as they applauded their heroes as they drove back to the Tower. Yet within the T-car was a completely different attitude. "Dude! Plasmus is so Sticky and EWWW! What is that!?!" Beast Boy exclaimed pointing towards Raven's forehead. On her forehead was a bit of Plasmus, yet it looked even slimier and it sparkled giving a very disturbing sight since it was on Raven.

"It's a bit of Plasmus that's on my chakra. If it's any consolation Beast Boy, then you have a bit of Plasmus nearing the inside of your gloves." She said sarcastically. Beast Boy however didn't catch the sarcasm as he looked towards his gloves and saw she was right. "Beast Boy, why don't you take off the gloves, rinse them out, and wash them." Raven stated, both because she was sickened that he was trying to get the goo out of his gloves while wearing them and because she was curious as to why he always wore them. Whether or not her words made it through to Beast Boy, it didn't matter because he didn't respond and just kept trying to get the goo out while still wearing them. "Beast Boy! Just take them off, and it'll be over much sooner, and you wouldn't keep getting more on my face."

Beast Boy jumped when Raven spoke again. "Oh hey Raven! Sorry that I got more on your face, I'll just wait 'till we get to the tower Dude...ett." Robin shook his head as he glanced back towards the road. He had been watching through the mirror so he could see what happened. It was a common debate, outside of Beast Boy's exceptional hearing range of course, on why he always wore gloves. Just as he knew that Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire tried to guess what was under his mask.

Before anyone realized, except for Cyborg, they were back at the Tower. When everyone was all washed and clean, Robin went to go train, Starfire and Raven were meditating together, Cyborg was repairing the T-car, and Beast Boy was bored as he always was. So he thought he could help people in whatever way he could. He turned himself into a cockroach and went into the garage to help Cyborg. He turned back to himself, though he could've helped not to scar Cyborg by turning back into a human directly in front of him. "Hey Cy! Need an extra hand to help fix the car?"

Cyborg just stared at him a bit then smiled and responded. "Sure ya little grass stain. Could you hand me the 5/8ths wrench?" Beast Boy got a 4 quarters and walked to Cyborg, but he saw the correct tool he was supposed to get a little to late. He tripped on it and the 4 quarter wrench to fall through the windshield. Cyborg glared at him. "Maybe you better go now." He suggested with anger seeping within his words. Beast Boy just smiled before running out of there almost as fast as Kid Flash.

Beast Boy went to the Training room. He almost just rushed in but remembered the last time he did he was kicked a good twenty feet away from where he was standing, though he could've helped by not jumping in the way of one of the targets Robin was aiming for. So this time he walked in slowly. "Hey Robin! Need a training buddy!" Robin, stopped kicking his targets and looked at Beast Boy. "Sorry B.B., this is more of a solo thing."

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos, Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" Beast Boy saw Starfire and Raven meditating in the corner. He walked and stood directly behind Raven, and started to say the words as well. However, the moment was ruined when Raven opened her eyes and glared at Beast Boy. "What are you doing?" Beast Boy didn't expect to be put on the spot so quickly, just left.

He was walking in the streets, feeling left out again. "This time I won't turn into a dog so I don't end up a pet." He chuckled at his own joke. He saw some girls talking and giggling at the Pizza place, but Beast Boy didn't go to them. While he still liked talking to multiple girls, the only ones who ever liked him were in Japan. But the only one he liked, hated him. Her name reminded most of a famous poem, yet when she was angry, it would scare anyone. Raven. She was so mysterious, so much in need of friends to spend time with her. However Starfire fit into that role perfectly. "What is my purpose on the team anyway?"

Most villains could be taken down by Raven and Cyborg alone. Robin could defeat almost anyone now, well Slade still kicked his butt, Starfire also was very formidable. But Beast Boy felt as he could do absolutely nothing worthwhile with them. He was just the comic relief of the team. Yet Star could make them laugh without even trying.

He was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of gunfire. He quickly ran towards the fight and saw an amazing sight. Seven guys were attacking a small teen. However, the teen's body soon turned completely stone. He knocked one guy over a building with one punch. The others must have been stupid because they charge. He turned normal, and Beast Boy saw he had bright yellow skin and yellow hair. Suddenly he turned into water. Completely into water. The punches and knives were just as effective on him as they are on real water. One guy's hand was still in when he froze himself, and punched the guy, knocking him out. He turned to normal, but this time his skin was light blue and his hair was dark blue.

He soon became transparent, started spinning in a circle and the muggers were caught in a cyclone. When they fell back to the ground, they looked at the kid scared (who was back to normal and had green skin and dark green hair). They grabbed their fallen comrades and took off. Beast Boy stared at the kid, asking himself "Who is he?"