Robin and Starfire were in the common room. "Robin, on my planet, lip contact merely means a transfer of knowledge, but here I heard it means something more." Robin was smiling at her before jumping up slightly.

"Oh..a more. Yeah, I heard that too." The two quickly separated with Starfire shoving a bunch of mints into her mouth while Robin checked his teeth on a bird-a-rang. The two turned towards each other again. "Hi."


"Star, you know that you're my best friend right?"

"And you are my best friend as well." The two of them started leaning in. "There is nothing to fear."

"AAAAAH!" The two looked up to see Cyborg falling from the roof and into the water, while Shaman fell through the window and onto them. "Ow."

"Nothing to fear except the fear of intervention." Robin muttered to himself.

They were all in the training room wrestling each other. No powers or gadgets allowed. Robin had the bright idea that they should go for flexibility and not rely only on their powers. Beast Boy agreed after seeing what Slade was capable of. It had been two weeks since his execution. Robin of course had been present to make sure that the last thing the villain saw in his life was his arch nemesis' face. Needless to say that Robin was in a good mood for the rest of that particular week.

At the moment it was Beast Boy vs Shaman in the ring. The two were facing each other off slowly, circling each other like wolves as their animal enhanced instincts focused entirely on their opponent. Beast Boy twitched a second before Shaman rushed towards him. Beast Boy didn't think, he just acted. He twisted his body while leaping backwards so he twirled in the air, just dodging Shaman flying underneath him about 1 inch away from him and two feet away from the post of one of the corners. As Beast Boy landed he felt more than saw Shaman twirling around so he kicked off the post and tackled him from behind. A sharp pain hit his back as Shaman's fingernails hit him too hard, knocking them both to the floor. Beast Boy used his momentum as they were moving, kicking his legs up and flipping Shaman, who was still holding on to him, so that Beast Boy was on top, pinning Shaman. Cyborg jumped and started pounding on the arena floor. 1...2...3...Beast Boy wins.

Beast Boy jumped up lifting his arms in victory, stopping his left arm from going up as a sharp pain hit just beneath his left shoulder blade. "Ouch." He turned to the source of the voice. Shaman was wincing and Cyborg's human eye was twitching. "You might want to get that back checked out B.B." Cyborg said slowly. Beast Boy looked at a wall mirror and saw where Shaman's fingernails hit his back had cut his uniform and his back was bleeding. It looked more painful than it felt. Though not by much.

Shaman whispered an apology as he rushed out of the room with Cyborg trailing right behind him. Robin walked up congratulating Beast Boy on his win and asking if his time with the unmentionable had helped him improve his hand to hand combat skills. "Sure dude, just like you." Beast Boy smiled grimly as Robin's left eye twitched through his mask. Two strong arms had snuck up on Beast Boy while talking to his leader. He didn't realize until it was too late that Starfire had put him in one of her famous death hugs.

"My Friend, I must congratulate you on the successful whooping the of the butt." He was going to feel the bruises from that hug well into next month. Robin finally managed to get Beast Boy out of Star clutches.

"Thank you dude." Beast Boy gasped. Her arm came dangerously close to his new injury which hurt like

"Don't thank me Beast Boy. She and I have a date tonight and I don't want her feeling guilty throughout the whole thing. It would ruin the mood." Robin answered with a smile. Just perfect. The two soon left to get ready though Beast Boy didn't know why. Their date wasn't for another six hours. That left only him and Raven in the training room.

"Gah! That Kid has got to clip his fingernails." Beast Boy more or less yellped to himself. Raven walked up and examined it. Her hand started glowing blue.

"I can heal it for you." She moved to put her hand on the injury when Beast Boy caught it.

"Save it." He said. It wasn't that serious and would be better by the end of the week. They wouldn't be on duty for another week or two as all the villains had heard that Slade had finally been stopped. The one villain every other was terrified of had been stopped. They wouldn't inch their way out of hiding for awhile for fear of being caught again as well. And if Raven healed him, she would absorb the pain needlessly.

Almost as if sensing his thoughts 'She could be.' Beast Boy thought to himself, Raven lowered her hand. And stared at him for a short while. Beast Boy raised an eyebrow as she simply stared at him. "What?" Without warning or provocation, Raven grabbed Beast Boy's shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Stunned for 7 seconds from her uncharacteristic move, he slowly started kissing her back. Time seemed to stop as the two kissed slowly and sweetly. A quote from one of Beast Boy's favorite movies "The Princess Bride" came to mind.

Now in History there were five kisses that were considered the most pure, had the most love, and was the most magical moment of them all. This one left them all behind. Beast Boy felt exactly like that. No moment could be better than this. They both jumped as the door to the training room opened suddenly. Their feet got tangled in the others so they both fell down on top of each other.

"Man are you guys going to be glad to see us." Shaman said excitedly as Cyborg walked into the room. Both had big smiles on their faces. Cyborg pulled out a small bottle. "We've got an ointment for you back."


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