Just For Me

Summary: Murata, with his scheming ways, decides to help Wolfram win Yuri's love. He figures it doesn't hurt to look or 'flirt' with his friend's fiancée. Eventual YurixWolfram one-sided or not MurataxWolfram

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Part 1 – Teaser Chapter

Murata decided that it didn't hurt to look.

Being a teenager, with a mind much older, it was an unresisting temptation.

You see… he had a weakness for beauty, which did not exclude the pretty blond that was the fiancée of his best friend. He frowned upon Shibuya's poor treatment of such beauty. Murata had thought about relieving Shibuya of the burden, as he considers it, and whisking the blond beauty away. One would have to be blind to not notice the beauty of Wolfram von Bielefeld.

And that is why he had come up with an elaborate plan to help said pretty blond prince woo said fiancée.

And of course, ease his pervy-ness.


Wolfram von Bielefeld was, sad to say, in a very bad mood.

It didn't help that he already woke up with a major headache and got mad at his fiancée for even… Actually he didn't remember why, it was just that Yuri said something that would set his temper ablaze. Now he was just taking it out on his soldiers. It didn't seem fair but he didn't need to push Yuri further away.

He tried to be calm and cool like his brothers, but it just didn't seem to work. He had tried getting his temper under control but he just couldn't contain it.

Deciding that he was picking on the soldiers enough, he dismissed them. He also decided to take a rest. He was exhausted trying to not think about losing his temper on Yuri this morning.

Wolfram walked towards the gardens. He sat at the fountain's edge staring wistfully at the clear water.

That was how Murata found him moments later.


"A sad face doesn't suit such beauty as yourself," Murata stated, with a single red rose in his hand, to the now beautiful, scowling blond.

"Heika." Wolfram bit out. He was annoyed. But this was the Great Sage, so he had to be respectful. He was still annoyed as Murata let out a laugh and sat a few feet from him.

"Just Murata, Wolfram." Was it just he, or did Murata sound more flirtatious than usual? Nah, it was like Murata to act like that anyway. His green eyes went back to watching the flowing water.

"So, why are you all the way out here by yourself?" Murata asked to start the conversation. He could ease his plan in with this type of conversation.

"Nothing, because I want to." Wolfram snapped at him. There it was. Murata knew the source of the problem immediately. If someone didn't hear the shouting match between the Maou and his fiancée, then they must've been deaf.

"Saa, so where's Yuri?" He knew he hit a nerve.

"I don't know where the wimp is! You should just ask Conrad or Günter!" Wolfram didn't need this right now.

"I could, but I'm asking you." Wolfram backed away as Murata's form leaned over him. He didn't like the glare off the glasses that gave off an evil look. He felt embarrassment rising to the surface. He tried scooting back, but Murata just followed forward. He was a few seconds from flaming the Great Sage. But he couldn't do that to Yuri's 'friend'; otherwise, he'd probably push the dark haired king, even more, away from him. Instead of doing anything, he abruptly stood up and calmed himself down. "Excuse me Heika, I have duties to attend to." Wolfram then began to walk back away from the Great Sage.

"I could help you." Wolfram paused at Murata's tone of voice. This was the Great Sage at work. He knew there was something going on through the dark-haired man's mind.

"I wouldn't want to trouble you Heika. They're just miniscule things that need to be done." He replied.

"I wasn't talking about your duties." Wolfram jumped when he heard Murata talking in his ear. He tried putting some distance to bring back his personal space but the other just kept leaning in. "Like I was saying, I could help you."

"Help me with what?" Wolfram asked suspiciously.

"Why, I thought you'd never ask!" His glasses glinted. "To help you woo said fiancée of course." Wolfram was surprised at the answer he got. It was not one he was expecting. "Saa… how about it?"

Wolfram didn't know what to answer. It was embarrassing as hell seeing as how he needed someone's help to get Yuri to love him. His pride was on the line. If he agreed he knew he was never going to hear the end of it from Conrad's pathetic excuse of a boyfriend. He didn't want to deal with Yosak Guirre's teasing since he was as bad as Murata.

"Think about it, it'll just be between the two of us," Murata spoke interrupting Wolfram's turn to outright refuse. He knew the blond would begin to refuse. "Besides. Even if you did refuse, I'll still be able to help you without you knowing." Wolfram stopped trying to think of a refusal. He didn't know what to do. He knew he was trapped in the Great Sage's scheme. Either way he was in on it. He might as well agree to know what was going on. He didn't enjoy it when someone was playing with him. No one would.

"Fine…" he reluctantly agreed. "But you have to not tell anyone of this." He demanded. He jumped as he felt a hot breath on his ear.

"It's just between the two of us." Murata spoke softly, his breath blowing in the blond's ear. He watched as Wolfram nodded with a bit of blush on his cheeks and turned to walk in a fast pace that he was almost running. Murata chuckled at it. The blond looked cute when he blushed.

It was very coincidental that Yuri just happened to see that.

Part one complete, Murata thought to himself before going in the opposite direction.


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