Just For Me

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Yuri was an idiot. Murata decided as he stood outside his door and heard crying. He knew Wolfram was probably broken up by this. After he had decided to help Wolfram win Yuri's love, which he already did, he made Wolfram pick a choice.

He could either continue with trying to win Yuri's love or he could try to let go.

Murata was rather surprised when Wolfram said he'd let it go. It had showed how Shibuya poorly treated the blond in regards to the engagement. He knew Wolfram had fallen in love along the way. He too was selfish in trying to win the blond's love this time around. He thought he could. But he was sure he'd still stay a substitute.

He ignored the temporary pain in his chest.

Prepared, he entered his room and walked towards the blond. Wolfram hadn't noticed him. Tentatively he reached out and stroked the blond's hair as a form of comfort. He sat down next to the lying blond. He was rather surprised as Wolfram propelled himself towards him. Arms around his waist while the face buried on his stomach. He felt the tears soaking through his wear. He rubbed circles on the blond's back.

Wolfram needed comfort right now, and it was probably the only chance Murata would be able to get.


Another week had passed by.

Yuri was going crazy! He took another swig of his drink as he thought of the situation. He didn't usually drink, but he was old enough and wanted to, so he will!

He hadn't been able to get a chance to talk to Wolfram. Either Günter hounded him down or the blond effectively avoided him. He thought of finding Murata, but he wasn't sure that he'd be able to keep his jealous side in check. He sighed. This was getting irksome. Besides, Murata didn't send Wolfram to him. He probably decided to let Wolfram decided. Knowing the blond, he had refused his request. After all, it was a request not a demand.

He quickly brushed the papers away. He couldn't read it thoroughly if his mind was on Wolfram. Dammit, this whole thing was driving him insane. Standing up, he walked brusquely out of the office. He was claustrophobic at the moment. Just as he walked out, he bumped into the person he was looking for. He stared at the blond for a few moments until he walked pass him. Yuri, not wanting the opportunity to go to waste, seized the blond's wrist. He was surprised to be met with some resistance. He just held on tighter.

"I need to talk to you," Yuri stated firmly and dragged the blond with him.

Wolfram was rather surprised, as he had bumped into Yuri without looking. He didn't want to face his fiancée. So he walked past him without saying a word. He was stopped by the grip on his wrist. He tugged but Yuri just wouldn't let go. He then felt himself being pulled along to wherever Yuri was going. He resisted, yes, but his strength wasn't with him. So he reluctantly followed.

Neither one of them noticed a spectator who had a wide smirk on his face.


Wolfram winced as the grip tightened on his wrist. He would probably get a bruise. Yuri had gotten stronger recently and was starting to build up like his alter ego. Yuri also took to letting his hair grow out a little. The numbers of turning heads had increased. Wolfram had figured that since Yuri didn't really think much of the engagement that he should let it go. Now…

Now the wimp had gone and done this!

Always made him to change his mind.

"Yuri! What are you doing?" Wolfram demanded. Yuri hadn't given an answer, which really pissed the blond off. "Yuri!" He still got no answer. He decided to see this through. Whatever the hell Yuri was doing must be very important to the Maou so it had to be over with. The sooner it was settled the faster he can get away. He was surprised to be tossed into a room and Yuri locking the door. He looked around to notice that it was the room that belonged to the Maou. It was the room they use to share.

For some reason he felt scared. This was a new side of Yuri he really didn't know. It was refreshing yet terrifying at the same tine. Yuri looked to have a moody cloud hanging over him. Wolfram feared of what would be done to him.


Murata followed the couple through the halls. He had a hunch. Of course, he was always right on his deductions. He watched as Yuri dragged the blond to his room. Although, he frowned when Yuri tossed the blond in unceremoniously. He figured it a good idea to wait out here incase of unnecessary violence or unwanted advances. He'd let it be if there were screams of 'rape'.


Wolfram stood his ground at the overwhelming silence. He just stared at Yuri's back with anxiousness. He wondered what Yuri wanted. The silence was getting to him. He wanted to get out. If Yuri didn't start talking, he'd leave. That is if Yuri would actually let go of the door handle. He swallowed nervously. The waves he was feeling from the Maou weren't pleasant. If it wasn't really directed at him, it was probably related to him in some way.

As a matter of fact, he had been hearing from Gwendal and Conrad, along with Günter, that Yuri had been acting strange these past few weeks. Wolfram just passed it off as nothing. Yuri was probably moody. Of course, he paid attention when one of those moods was directed at him. He took a step back in caution when Yuri turned to face him. He couldn't see the dark eyes to know exactly what Yuri was feeling. Yuri looked scary and far from the 'wimpy' image he usually sprouted.

Wolfram got another surprise as he was pinned to the bed, with the other on top. He blushed as he felt the hot breath on his neck. But he could also smell a faint scent of alcohol. Since when had Yuri been drinking?

Now he was even more frightened. What would Yuri do in his irrational state? Wolfram really didn't want to stick around to find out. He attempted to get the other off him, but was surprised to be met with strong resistance. His wrists were seized and pinned down, while his struggles were futile. Yuri was less commanding when he was sober. He attempted another escape, but was 'shot down'.

"Shtoop… morving…" came Yuri's slurred voice, proof of his drinking. Wolfram was really afraid. If Yuri does something irrational, the Maou would be on a major guilt trip in the morning.

"Yuri! Get off. I have to do some duties for-"

"No! Yoour duty is shhtaying by my side! Yoou're my fiancée not hhhhhhisss!" Yuri slurred out his confession.

Wolfram froze at those words. He ceased his struggling and fighting words to digest what was being said to him. It couldn't be true. Yeah… Yuri was just rambling. He felt the heavy weight lifted off of him but arms wrapped themselves around his waist holding him down. He still couldn't get out. He felt Yuri's head resting on his shoulder and hugging him like a teddy bear or something. He never knew Yuri could act like this even if it isn't supposed to be surprising. He sighed and just resigned to his fate. He might as well. It didn't look like he was getting out soon.

Before he went to sleep, he heard a faint voice:

"Don't go."


Murata smiled as things had quieted down in the room. He knew Yuri had been drinking before hand. Funny sight really… He couldn't wait for his friend's reaction tomorrow. They made such a cute picture. He picked the lock and slowly opened the door to peek inside. Coincidentally, Yosak was passing by who also decided to take a look.

"Looks like your plan worked Geika," Yosak commented in whisper. Murata just grinned at the complement.

"Ah, I wasn't Shinou's strategist for nothing," Murata said back. They both let out a quiet laugh before departing. They couldn't wait for the show tomorrow.


Yuri was the first to wake. He didn't open his eyes for he still wanted to rest. He snuggled deeper into his makeshift pillow. Whatever pillow he managed to get was very comfortable. It was one of the nicer ones since he started this habit. He heard a faint hitch of breath but ignored it as his imagination. Although, this pillow had a certain fast beat. Of course, pillows don't have beats.

Realizing it, he abruptly opened his eyes and looked beside him. His eyes met green ones. Inside he was surprised but pleasant at the same time. It had been a long time since Wolfram had been in their bed. Yes, Yuri considered it their bed for a while now. He finally had the blond back in his bed not Murata's.

"What was last night about wimp!?" Wolfram demanded before he could speak. Last night? He questioned silently. He didn't remember last night. "Don't tell me you don't remember!" Wolfram hit on target as the blond noticed Yuri's silent curiosity at his words. Yuri chuckled sheepishly. He really didn't remember last night. But whatever did, he hoped he didn't do anything stupid and ruined his chances by starting over with the blond. He watched as Wolfram threw his hands up as he gave up and stood up to walk out.

No! Yuri would not allow it.

Being brave, Yuri wrapped his arms around the blond's waist and pulled him back. The momentum caused Wolfram to fall on his lap, just like he wanted. He tightened his hold around the waist and rested his head on the blond's shoulder. He liked this feeling of having Wolfram in his arms. He had always wondered why he had denied himself before. After all, Wolfram seemed better than most women. He was loyal than most women would be. And the fact the blond drove him crazy with need. That need was surfacing quickly. He tightened his hold as he felt the blond trying to wriggle his way free. No, he wouldn't let that happen, not again, never again.

"I missed you, Wolfram," Yuri said softly. He was relieved as the blond stopped struggling. He was met with silence so he figured he could continue. "I wondered if it wasn't too late to say this…

I love you."

There he said it. But hew as greeted with stunned silence. He sort of understood. After all, he did realize he had been cruel to the blonde about this engagement. He had always ignored it and still put the blond second best even if he had only considered them friends before.

Damn, what a fool he had been!

He still hadn't heard an answer. Yuri was nervous now. What should he do? Should he let Wolfram think on it or talk more? But if he let the blond think on it, the blond would probably go rushing to Murata. He couldn't have that.

Wolfram sat there dazed at the confession. He really didn't know what to say. Could Yuri still be rambling? Yeah… Yuri was still rambling. He needed to confirm this with Murata. Now if only Yuri would let him go… even if he did like the gesture…

"Yuri… I need to-"

"Why? You're going to get his help, aren't you?" Yuri stated jealously, pinning the blond down on the bed. He could tell that Wolfram would go to Murata. He didn't want the Great Sage interfering with Wolfram's decision.

Wolfram was officially scared. Yuri was uncharacteristically dominant of this situation. He stared into Yuri's serious black eyes. He was too damn nervous to say anything. He would hurl some stupid, angry, irrational sentence by now but he really couldn't. He really should push Yuri away before something drastic happens. Listening to his instincts, he shoved the Maou away with all his strength and rushed to the door. He narrowly avoided Yuri's attempt to hold him back. He slammed the door shut and literally ran into Conrad, who was coming there to wake the Maou up.

"Wolfram?" Conrad questioned with a hint of worry in his voice. "Is something wrong?" Conrad asked afterwards since Wolfram didn't let go of him. That was a cause for worry in itself. As if coming back to his senses, Wolfram pulled away from Conrad's hold. Conrad was a bit saddened but was use to it.

"Nothing is wrong Weller-kyo," Wolfram told him and continued walking away, but in a quick pace. Conrad watched worriedly until his little brother disappeared from his line of sight.


Dammit! This is all so wrong! Wolfram thought angrily to himself. For some odd reason when he took Murata up on his offer to help him win Yuri's love, Fate decided to be a bitch and flip everything around for him. Yuri was not supposed to act like that nor was he supposed to say he loved Wolfram like that! Wolfram was counting on the inevitable for the engagement to be called off not for it to go the opposite. Damn it all to hell!

"You seem shaken," Murata stated next to him. It startled the blond out of his thoughts. Wolfram rolled his eyes. He was one of the last people he'd want to see. After all, part of Yuri's craziness was Murata. He glared and pointed an accusing finger at the Great Sage.

"You…" he began.

"Hm?" Murata stated amused.

"This is all your fault!" Wolfram finished getting ready to hurl some fireball at the smirking man.

"Ah, but you're the one who took my offered assistance." Murata fired back. He was right too. He knew he really didn't give the blond a choice anyway. "After all, isn't this what you wanted?"

Wolfram 'hmph-ed' and turned away with his arms crossed. The Great Sage always had to be right. This was what he wanted. But that was before! Now he just wanted to give up! But his mind didn't want him to. His heart wouldn't let him.

"Why don't you just go to him? It might ease you a little. He's already admitted to being wrong." Although not directly. Murata added as an afterthought.

Wolfram glared at the floor. Why does he always have to be right? He thought to himself angrily. Attempting to act like he's ignoring Murata's words of wisdom, Wolfram stopped angrily down the halls in search of the wimp and to finish this once and for all.

Murata just smirked and walked away. He knew where Yuri was. He wanted to witness the finale before it would end.


Yuri mentally cursed himself for the millionth time. He had been walking around all morning looking for Wolfram, making sure that he didn't go to Murata for advice. He had been dodging Günter, hiding in places to avoid the lessons. The blond was evasive. Yuri thought he'd already searched the whole castle. He sighed in misfortune. If the blond noticed him looking for him, then he was sure that the blond is hiding from him. He plopped down on the fountain edge in the garden. He thought Wolfram would be here but the blond was nowhere to be seen.

He hid his head in his hands.

This was so frustrating. When was Wolfram going to answer him? The blond had just bolted from the room and that was all. Conrad came to wake him and tell him about lunch. He didn't realize that he had slept that late, but didn't really dwell on it. After eating he asked Conrad to distract Günter as he went to look for the blond. He rested his head in his hand while glancing around the courtyard. By then he was able to spot the blond. He immediately stood up and began to run, hoping he'd catch up in time.

Wolfram paused as he heard his name. He knew that voice. He was contemplating whether to answer or not. He still didn't know what to say. It was easier said than done. He chickened out and walked away in a faster pace. He didn't want to answer just yet. He didn't know what to say…

He didn't bother pausing as he heard his name again. He kept his fast pace, which looked like he wasn't running. He didn't bother turning around. He just hoped that Yuri was the 'wimp' he was and gave up. Alas, that was not the case as he felt himself being stopped by the hand gripping his wrist firmly. He cursed his figure at times. He turned to stare into dark eyes. Dammit! He thought to himself.

"Wolfram…" Yuri began. Instead of continuing, he looked into green eyes. They were very hypnotizing. He began to lean in.

Wolfram stiffened in shock. What the hell was Yuri doing? He wanted to say out loud. But before he could move or shove the offending person away, he was caught in an embrace, a tight one. He gasped in surprise at the gesture and stiffened, questioning the method being played upon him. But why was he questioning anything? Isn't this what he wanted?

"I'm… so sorry…" he heard the broken voice. What did he have to be sorry about? It was Wolfram that had something to be sorry for. After all, he was the one being a pushy, whiny brat about this whole engagement. Yuri shouldn't like him, as he wanted him to. "I've been horrible to you. I know I've been cruel but I hope I'm not too late." Yuri paused again before continuing, "I want to start over because… I really do love you." He finished looking straight into his green eyes.

Wolfram was really at a lost for words. A part of him wanted to hit the wimp, the other wanted to cry hysterically and accept the proposal. Well, not really cry hysterically, but you get the picture. He was still hesitant. After all, Yuri could just be saying empty words that he'd regret saying later. He didn't know what to do. Should he just accept and hope that it'll go well? Or should he just think on it more and give an answer later? Or should he reject it and find out if Yuri was just playing with him as always? The last option didn't seem to appealing to him. Either way it would make him sad or hurt him. He didn't want that anymore.

"I thought you wanted nothing to do with it?" Wolfram softly whispered, his eyes downcast. To Yuri it sounded broken and it made his heart clench as he realized how much he really had hurt the blond.

"Please just give me a chance." Yuri said desperately. He really wanted this. He didn't want to lose the blond he was almost going to lose forever. He leaned down giving the blond a tentative kiss before pulling away. Wolfram saw the desperation in the Maou's eyes. He sighed.

"Fine. If you do one thing wimp, I'm leaving. Got it?" Wolfram said before quickly walking away from embarrassment as they attracted a crowd.

He didn't notice mischievous blue eyes inspecting.


"So, how did it go?" Murata asked Yozak as he leaned against the railing.

"It went rather well, Geika. I must applaud your great mind again," Yozak responded.

"I see… Well, alls well that ends well, ne?" Murata said before departing.

He was happy for the couple. Really, he was. But even if he couldn't have the blond, at least he still could get a few gropes here and there. After all, they both owed him a lot!

With that, he headed off to find the blond.


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