Title: Doctor Who: Rose Tyler and The Doctor's Tale
Author's name: Rose Tyler, and my best friend Melissa
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: I dunno yet
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. All of the charecters and places and stuff like that are the sole property of the BBC and the guys who write Doctor Who. I do not write Doctor Who, if I did you all would be hiding behind your couches.
Status: Work in Progress

Chapter 1

Rose Tyler and Her Memories

"And I suppose if it's my last chance to say it, Rose Tyler."

This sentance played through Rose Tyler's mind over and over. Each night in her dreams she found herself back at Bad Wolf Bay. She would have that dream and then spend the rest of the night awake.

The only thing that kept her going was the child residing in her womb. The Doctor's child, the last time she saw him it was still unnoticble. She was only three months along then, but now she was six months along. She now found herself in front of a computer writing her life story so that her child would know who she was.

"My name is Rose Marion Tyler. I was born in 1986, my parents are Jackie and Pete Tyler.

My mum was a hairdresser, I grew up at 48, Bucknall house, Powell Estate, SE15760. I started dating Mickey Smith when I was 14 and you better not get any ideas from this one but when I was 15 I was suspended from school for inticing the School Choir to go on strike." Rose finished typing and looked at her work.

"You better appreciate this," she said to her stomach.

Just then her alaram clock went off.

"8:00 time for work," she said with a sigh.

She saved her work and turned the computer off, then she popped in the shower and then got dressed for work. Then with a bit of help from her mum and dad she got in her car and drove off fowolled soon after wards by her dad.

"Another day of nothingness," Rose said as she pulled into the parking lot at Torchwood.

When she opened the car she was greeted by Mickey.

"How you doin today?" he asked.

"Same old same old. Here take my briefcase for a second," she said as she handed it to him.

Mickey took the case from her and got out of the way so Rose could get out of the car.

"So I was thinking maybe after work we could go out for a drink or somethin," Mickey said as he looked at the briefcase.

"Mickey did I miss something? I am pregnant aren't I?" asked Rose.

"Oh yea well how bout-" before Mickey could finish he heard a crash as the briefcase fell to the ground and popped open.

"What?" Rose asked as she struggled to get out.

Mickey dropped to the ground and began to pick up papers and pens. He threw file folders into the case.

He was just about to close it when he saw a picture that had gone right under neath the bumper of the car.

He reached for it and looked at it. Suddenly he had a feeling that he was being watched, he looked up and saw Rose.

"Here I dunno if this is the only picture you have of you two but you might want to take it. You don't want it to get ruined," Mickey said as he handed the picture to Rose.

Rose took the picture and looked at it, it was the most recent picture she had of her and the Doctor.

It was taken at the Olympic celebration 2012. Rose looked at the picture and thought about that day.

"Top Banana," the Doctor got a amused delighted look on his face as he bit into the cake Rose had given him.

"I can't stress this enough. Ball Bearings you can eat. Masterpiece!" he said as he swalloed the first bite.

Rose thought about how happy she was that evening.

"They keep trying to break us up but they never ever will," Rose had said to the Doctor.

"Never say never ever," thats how he had replied to her.

Now she wished she hadn't said that.

"Rose you ok?" came Mickey's voice.

Rose shook her head as the image of that night wiped out of her mind.

Rose looked at Mickey, "Yea I'm fine," she lied.

Rose sat the briefcase down on the back of the car and put her picture in it safely.

"So what were you saying?" she asked, as they headed towards the lift.

"Oh uh I was just gonna ask...you wanna go shopping for the baby? Theres also this great paint store. I know you said you wanted to paint the nursery. But since you can't inhale paint fumes they sell gas masks to. So you could wear that while I paint the nursery," Mickey answered.

It wasn't a total lie, he had planned on taking Rose on a shopping spree for the baby. But thats not what he was going to ask orignally.

"Ok yea that'd be great. But you know my mum is going to want to come," Rose answered.

The two friends entered the life and Mickey smiled as he pressed the button for floor 43.

A few seconds later they were walking into the offices where Rose, Mickey, her dad, the paralell Yvonne and a few other people worked.

When Rose was first assigned this office she had a hard time going in.

But as the months went on it got easier.

She looked around the room and sat down at her desk. She opened the briefcase and pulled out the picture. In the picture she was watching the Doctor as he smiled like a baffoon at the cake with the edible ball bearings. She pulled out her porfotillo, inside there was a picture of Rose, the Doctor and Tommy.

A boy they had met in 1953 the day before and the day of Queen Elisabeth's coronation.

She had more pictures like this but there were all tucked away in her desk at the TARDIS.

She had begun to make a scrapbook in her free time for the Doctor.

She now wondered if he had even gone in her room, she hoped not. Her room was a mess.

Just then a instant message popped up on Rose's screen.

"Rose, Yvonne is coming right for you." the message had said.

Rose quickly closed out the box and threw her porfotillo onto the desk. She then pushed her briefcase under the desk and double clicked n the blimp that said 'Ailiens of the 17th century."

Just as it began to load Yvonne approached her.

"Rose you should of logged onto the system 3 minutes ago. What were you doing?" asked Yvonne.

"Sorry I zoned out for a second," replied Rose.

"Rose I was watching you. You were looking at a picture," Yvonne said.

"Yea I was but I was just about to put it away," Rose answered.

"Was it a picture of him?" Yvonne asked.

"Who?" asked Rose.

"The father of your baby," answered Yvonne.

Rose looked down and then nodded.

"Your dad tells me he is off far away," Yvonne said.

"Yea he's traveling verry far away and he can't come home," Rose replied.

"I'm sorry," Yvonne said.

"It's ok," Rose answered.

Yvonne looked at Rose for a moment but then down at her watch.

"Oh Rose I've got to go prep for the meeting. So we'll talk later," Yvonne said.

Then she walked off to her office.

Rose watched her for a moment and then she entered her password and signed onto the network.

The day wore on with Rose only having to check into claims made about a ailien sighting.

Then at 1:00 she was allowed to go home because of her being pregnant.

So Rose packed up her briefcase and made sure her folder with her pictures in it was safe and then after saying bye to her Dad and making the plans to meet Mickey so they could go shopping she headed home.

When she got home she fixed a plate of nacho's and she sat down in front of the computer.

"Now where was I?" she thought for a moment.

"I then left school at 16 after sitting my GCSE's, doesn't mean you can do it.

Anyways so then I had a ill fated affair with a terriable idiot musician named Jimmy Stone.

We lived together briefly but I soon returned to Mickey and my mum. I then got a job working at Henricks department store. I was working there until I was 19. But then I happened to meet a man. A man who would change my life forever. A man called the Doctor. And you will soon learn as to how I fell in love with your daddy."


Ok so what do you all think of it? It's not that great right now, I have to finish writing chapter two. It might get tough because I also started writing the sequal to a Unstoppable Love.