Title: Behind Cell Block Thirteen

Warnings: Language, Drugs, Violence, YAOI, some OOC, AU, Neji/Gaara, other pairings to be revealed.

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Chapter 1: Wrongfully Accused

Neji Hyuuga walked up to his fridge to rummage through hoping to find a decent looking snack edible enough to eat. His fridge was bare; he expected it, not counting the carton of what looked like spoiled milk. He lifted the carton and read that it was two months expired. Neji made a face and stuck out his tongue in disgust as he threw the carton in the trash bin.

"This sucks." He said to himself and made his way to the living room to watch some television. That's if he still had cable. Neji flopped down on his brown leather couch that he got from Salvation Army and turned on the tube. Although his couch and everything else in his apartment literally looked like shit, he felt comfortable and at home otherwise. He sighed in relief when he noticed he still had cable.

Neji didn't like this whole unemployed life he currently was pushed into. It sucked having to guess when his landlord was going to evict him, Neji guessed a week more. He never liked the old bat, always annoying him with her bickering about paying the bills on time. Maybe it would be for the better if he got kicked out of this dump he called his apartment building.

A few minutes into watching The Price is Right, he heard a knock on the door. He sighed because he knew one hundred percent who would be on the other side. He reluctantly got up and answered the door. On the other side was his neighbor Kiba who kept a dog in his apartment when the old bat told him not to. Kiba was around Neji's age but a year or two younger. He lived with his roommate Shikamaru who was around three years older than Neji. Kiba was a skinny scruffy looking guy. Neji always described him as the boy who doesn't look like he showers much.

Neji looked at him with his face expressionless like usual and closed the door on the grinning boy's face. He turned around and was about to make his way back to the couch when there was knocking on the door again. He mumbled a few words and answered the door once again.

"Hey! That wasn't very nice!" said the boy while rubbing on his nose. "You hit me!"

Neji wanted to say that he deserved it but said "What the hell do you want now?" instead.

Kiba grinned again and began scratching his head, "Well, umm… do you think you can spare five bucks?"

"I think the fleas on your head got you thinking I'm some rich idiot who willingly passes out money."

"Aww, c'mon Neji, please? Akamaru is hungry and so am I."

"There is no way in hell I'm going to feed a mutt and an annoying kid with five bucks I wish I had. I don't know if you knew this Kiba but I'm unemployed, I've been unemployed since Saturday. Now, would you please leave me alone?"

"Calm down. Damn, has the old witch rubbed her crankiness on you?"

"Go away Kiba" he said and slammed the door on the boy's face once again.

Neji heard a "Ha! You didn't get me this time!" behind the door. Neji rolled his eyes and sat back on the couch. He clutched his stomach when it started growling. The boy was starving, he hadn't eaten anything since Monday which was two days ago. He was even thinking about calling his cousin Hinata for help but he stopped himself just in time before making that idiotic decision.

He wanted to show them that he can do this. He wanted to prove to his cousin and his uncle that he can live without them or their fortune. Hinata always worried about him though and would visit him a few times to see if he's alright and to force him to move back with her and her father. But of course Neji had too much pride and would always refuse. Ever since his father died two years ago, life emotionally had turned out for the worse for the milky eyed twenty year old. He had to move in with his wealthy uncle and his two cousins Hinata and Hinabi. Hinata was the same age as him and Hinabi was a hyper and annoying eleven year old. She was just as annoying as Kiba he thought.

Neji was never the type to just accept things handed to him. His father raised him to be a responsible young man who gained things through hard work. Since moving with his uncle, of course, he got stuff handed to him like it was nothing. At first he was a bit reluctant but eventually through time he accepted it until the one night he had a huge argument with his uncle. It started as something small but eventually turned to something bigger. It was just about the type of friends Neji was hanging around with but suddenly turned to his uncle yelling at him about how he owned everything Neji had and he can make it all disappear if he felt like it. That was the last straw for Neji. He packed his things and ran away from the Hyuuga mansion. He always despised his uncle when he threatens him about stuff like that. It made him feel small and he felt like he owed his uncle for something he didn't even ask for.

Neji shook his head almost like he was trying to shake away the memories. He wanted to think about the future and not the past. He looked around his dirty apartment room; he realized the future is going to be one hell of a ride.

Neji almost jumped in surprise when he heard loud knocking coming from his front door. He was clutching his chest trying to catch his breath. He got up and his feeling of surprise turned into anger. "If it's Kiba I'm going to kick his ass." He said to himself.

The brunet opened the door and yelled "What now Kiba?!" but instead of the annoying scruff he saw almost every morning, it was two police officers. They pulled out their badges, "Are you Neji Hyuuga?" one of them asked.

Neji, who was nervous, nodded his head, "Yes that's me officer. Can I help you with something?" he managed to say.

"You're coming with us." Before Neji could get a word out of his mouth the two police officers violently pushed him against the wall, his face pressed against it so hard that he felt like his nose broke in the process. They cuffed his wrist twisting his arms in a way that made Neji whimper in pain.

"What the hell is going on?" he cried, fighting off the tears that were threatening to burst out. His breathing became rapid and he tried to struggle free.

One of the cops grabbed a fistful of Neji's hair and slammed his head hard against the wall, making Neji cry out in pain.

"I wouldn't try resisting if I were you." One laughed. The other police officer began to read Neji's rights. Neji closed his eyes; he wasn't paying attention to what the officer was saying. He just closed hoping this all go away, hoping that it was just all one screwed up dream. Of course it wasn't.

They dragged him out the apartment, getting stared at by his neighbors who were quietly whispering to one another and giving him dirty looks. The boy hung his head low hoping they wouldn't recognize who it was that was being dragged out. "Neji! What's going on?" yelled Kiba from the lobby. So much for not being recognized he thought.

"Step away boy." The officer warned Kiba. Kiba obeyed and backed off and ran back to his room, Neji was sure he was going to tell Shikamaru what he saw.

The air was fresh when they got out of the building. Neji was glad there was no sign of crowd forming in the front; it would save him from more embarrassment. Just as he was trying to savor the fresh air he desperately needed, he was suddenly pushed inside the cop car making him land on his cuffed wrists. "Fuck…" he hissed.

Neji struggled to sit upright. If there was a good reason to hate city cops then this was one of them. They were exactly what everyone in the neighborhood described them as, dirty good for nothing pigs. Neji wondered why he was arrested, he couldn't think of one reason why he would be. Was this a mistake? Neji was sure these assholes made a mistake but he kept his mouth shut the whole car ride.


When they arrived at the station, he was automatically put in an empty room with just a table and two chairs. He knew what was going to happen. They were going to question him about something he knew nothing of.

He sat there alone in the room fuming. He looked around the room and noticed a two way mirror on his left. Neji stared at it knowing there were people on the other side examining him. If he wasn't cuffed right now, he would be flicking them off for sure.

Just then a fat man around his thirties along with a skinnier man around the same age walked in the room closing the door behind them. They stood there for a while looking at the boy with a look of disgust.

"Where were you on Sunday night?" the fat man asked.

"I was at home."

"Are you sure about that? How about Sunday night at around, oh lets say, nine?"

Neji thought for a bit and remembered, "I walked to the local liquor store to buy something to eat for the night."

"What liquor store was it?" he asked as he came closer.

"The one next by the abandoned cinema on Fourth Avenue."

The skinnier man grinned as he took a puff of his cigarette. "Would you like one?" he offered.

"No thanks, I don't smoke." He said glaring daggers at him.

The fat man continued, "Do you recognize this lady Mr. Hyuuga?" he held a picture of a pinked haired girl that Neji didn't recognize.

"I don't know her."

"Oh really? She was at the same liquor store around the same time you were Mr. Hyuuga, I doubt you don't know her."

"I don't know what you are talking about, I demand to know what's going on!" he yelled. He couldn't help it, he was beyond confused and they were asking him these weird questions that he had no answer to.

The fat man stood up and his face trying to stay calm. He took out another picture to show Neji, "Are you sure you don't recognize her? The lady you raped and murdered?" he yelled.

Neji stared at the picture. He had the urge to vomit for the picture had on it the same pink haired woman, but instead of the happy woman smiling in the picture earlier he saw a naked decomposing corpse. Her face was beyond recognition and her body was badly mutilated. Neji turned his head away forcing the acidic liquid from hurling out of his mouth.

"I didn't do this!" Neji yelled. "I swear on my father's grave I didn't do it!"

"We found all evidence leading to you Mr. Hyuuga! Don't lie and say you didn't do this to Ms. Haruno!"

"What evidence are you talking about? Tell me right now!"

"You hair, we found it intertwined with around Ms. Haruno's fingers when the forensic examiners came." He grinned. Neji became quiet. Not because he thought he was guilty but because he wanted to know how the fuck his hair got around the girls fingers.

"How the hell did this happen? I'm telling you I didn't do it! I was framed!"

"Sure you were Mr. Hyuuga. Take him away." He said to the two way mirror. The same police officers came in and dragged Neji out.

"You can't do this to me! I need my lawyer!" he screamed out. He didn't actually have a lawyer, he just needed something to say in hopes they would consider. They ignored him.


Neji kept quiet during his bus ride to Kanoha State Penitentiary. His life was over. He was framed for something he didn't do. He was called a murder, a devil and was wished dead by Ms. Haruno's family when he was being escorted on the bus. He never looked at them in the eye.

The twenty year old sat there in silence looking out the window. He was wondering how his life would be from now on. He had a court appearance in a month but he knew anything he would say would be total lies to them. Neji balled his fists in anger. What kind of a person goes around framing innocent people? Why him? He had the urge to cry but he forced himself to hold it in. He needed to be tough for the place he was about to go to.

There was only five other people on the buss with Neji. Three of them were police officers and the two others were criminals. One of the two sat four rows ahead of him. He looked old, maybe around fifty or so. He had salt and pepper hair and would sometimes turn around and look at Neji when he thought he wasn't looking. This made Neji very uncomfortable and tried to avoid looking forward. The other guy sat on the same row but sat on the other seat. This guy had jet black hair and pale skin covered in little cuts and bruises. Neji didn't want to know where those came from. Although Neji couldn't see his face, the boy looked around his age maybe even younger.

"We're here ladies." Said the bus driver, as he pulled over outside a huge light gray complex. Neji gulped when his eyes took in the high walls, barbed wires, and people with guns that were on guard. This was the real thing. Each of the men stepped out and had their wrist and ankles were re-cuffed. Neji wished his father was still alive. He wouldn't be in this nightmare if he didn't die. He suddenly felt angry and himself and his father.

One security guard pushed the boy with the black hair forward "Get a move on sonny! What are you waiting for? Christmas?" The boy nearly fell over but regained his balance. They walked inside the building, stopping once in a while to get checked every time they pass by a door. Everything looked sterile and boring according to Neji. He would probably kill himself with boredom before he gets released. That's if he ever gets released.

"Last but not least, everyone's favorite part of the walk." One security nudged another and they both started laughing. "Cavity checks ladies."

All three were pushed in a room where three other guards awaited them, each wearing latex gloves. Neji gulped, he knew what was coming. The police officers un-cuffed the trio's wrist and ankles and asked them to strip down to nothing.

The boy next to him striped down like it was something he was used to. This made Neji feel pity for the boy. Each layer of clothing he took off revealed more cuts and bruises. They were really noticeable against his light skin. Neji didn't even think of turning to look at the old man on his other side, he didn't feel like puking right now.

"C'mon boy quit staring and get undressed." A manly looking lady told him.

The raven haired boy glanced at Neji who quickly averted his eyes on the wall above his examiners head. It's now or never he thought and began to strip off his clothes one by one, first his sweater and t-shirt then his jeans and boxers. Neji shivered not just because he was cold but because he could feel the old man's eyes roaming his body.

The guard who was supposed to examine the older man noticed and smirked, "Eye's on me old man." Neji heard the old man snort and then chuckle.

"Okay you guys, hands up against the wall and I need you all to spread your legs two feet apart. No need to be shy."

They all did what they were told, though it made Neji feel disgusting. He just made sure to stare at the wall in front of him and wish for it to be over as soon as possible. Neji jerked as he felt the cold latex touching every curve of his body. First his mouth and face then arms, stomach then the place Neji dreaded the most, his private areas. He closed his eyes and bit his lip in pain as fingers entered his anus. Bastards can't even use a damn lube he thought. It'll be over soon.

"Hey luke, check this out, you can fit three bags of cocaine and possibly a knife in this scrawny dude right here." He laughed, along with the rest of the guards. Neji looked over at the raven haired boy who was now clenching his fists with anger and literally burning holes through the wall with his eyes. Neji heard chuckling from the old man, who Neji thought seemed to be enjoying his little cavity search.

The brunette glared daggers at the chuckling old man who simply licked his lips at Neji. The boy turned his head away and felt like puking. I hope I don't get stuck in a cell with this old fag.

"Get dressed." The manly lady told the trio as she threw white t-shirts and bright orange sweat pants at them. "I'll be storing your old clothes since you won't be needing them in a long time. James and these two officers will be taking you down to your cell blocks as well as tell you the basic rules around here."

The police officers re-cuffed them and led them on an elevator leading to the third floor. As they walked the hall hoot's and howls could be heard echoing throughout the place. Neji thought the place sounded like a damn zoo. A zoo filled will murders, drug dealers, rapists, arsonist, and all the creepy shit Neji could think of.

"Alright," started the prison guard, "the rules of the prison are quite simple. Breakfast will be served to you at your cell block, lunch and dinner you would be going to the cafeteria hall. You will know when to go because you will hear this loud ring. The ring mean prepared to be escorted out by two armed prison guards to dinner or lunch. You get five minute of shower time. If your thinking of asking what exact time you will go then lets just say it this way, cell one goes first then cell two, you get the point. Everyone gets one hour of free time after lunch in the courtyard. That's if you deserved to be there. There's one basketball court and a couple of exercise equipments and a television with one channel which is the news. Trouble makers and individuals who we think don't deserve the privilege would be spending it alone in a room with a basketball and a hoop. That's all you get. Each cell block has its own toilet so you don't need to ask permission to go. There's one hour of activity time after dinner. We have workshops, counselors, a small library where you can check out books. A few lucky, well behaved individuals will get two hours of activity time. Is everything clear?"

All three nodded their heads.

"Old man, what was your name again?" asked the guard.

"Jiraiya." He grinned winking at Neji. He cringed, he wanted to punch the old man in the gut right now.

"You're in cell block nine, your roommate is in there already probably sleeping." They un-cuffed the perverted man and put him in his cell.

"You son, what is your name?"

"Sasuke." His voice sounding a bit scratchy.

"Cell block twelve. You also have a roommate. Good luck with him." He smirked.

"Yes! A cellmate! Finally!" yelled a young blonde man.

Sasuke took a deep breath and shook his head. They un-cuffed him and pushed him in.

"Last one, your name?"

"Neji sir."

"Cell block thirteen." He leaned down and whispered to Neji, "be careful with this one. He's a bit of an outcast around here."

Neji gulped as he was being un-cuffed. They roughly pushed him in like what they did to Sasuke but Neji tripped during the process. "Ugh, do you feel superior pushing people around?" he glared at the guard.

The man laughed, "I wouldn't want you to start on bad terms with us sonny, so I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself."

Neji forced himself up. Dusting himself off and examining the small room. There was a bunk bed on the left and a small shelf near the small window, which was six inch by six inch. The toilet, which had no stalls, was on the corner along with a small sink. The room smelled decent but had a hint of a public bathroom scent to it.

His cell mate was sleeping under a thin gray blanket so Neji couldn't really see how he looked. Neji hoped he wasn't some kind of a pervert or worse, a prison rapist. The guy did say be careful right? Neji shivered at the thought.

Neji sat down on the bottom bunk when he heard the save voice of the young blonde boy that Sasuke roomed with. He was glad he didn't get put in a cell with that idiot. That loud and annoying voice would drive any cellmate mad.

"Shutup dobe, I'm trying to sleep!" Neji heard Sasuke yell.

"You're no fun teme!"

"Does it look like a prison is supposed to be fun you idiot?" he growled. Neji smirked at the question because it was something he would have likely said.

Neji leaned back and closed his eyes. He realized he would be staying at this place for a very long time, maybe even his whole lifetime. This was the time when he actually really needed his cousin's help, and the annoying Kiba didn't sound so bad right now either. He would rather have the dog boy for a roommate than be stuck in this hell hole. Neji grabbed his pillow and unconsciously threw it at the shelf, from frustration, causing some items to fall off. He sighed, got up and walked over to the shelf and began putting the fallen items back to where they belonged.

Little did he know, he had awoken his cell mate who was secretly peeking at him under the covers with his bright emerald eyes.

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