Title: Behind Cell Block Thirteen

Warning: YAOI, Language, Rape, Torture, Drugs, Gaa/Nej, Sasu/Naru, OOC, AU, SMEXXXXXX

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Chapter 37: Epilogue

Ten years later

"God, being in our thirties suck. I think my bones are getting brittle and I swear I saw wrinkles around my eyes." Naruto checked himself out though the passenger mirror. They were on their way to Neji's new house to help him move and settle in. Neji wanted to move far away from Kanoha and decided to settle in a quiet little town called Espagreen a few hundred miles away. The couple was excited to spend the weekend with their long time friend.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "We're not that old dobe. Stop acting like a woman."

"Yeah, well, at least Gaara can't complain. He's still twenty nine. That lucky bastard." Naruto turned around towards the backseat and smiled at their little passenger drooling and babbling away. Naruto rattled a favorite toy in front of her. "How's little Kanna doing?"

"Bah bah bah!" She cooed as she tried to grab the colorful toy in front of her.

Sasuke smiled to himself. Kanna always brought a smile to his face every time she was around. She looked so much like Itachi it was almost scary.

"You're such a pretty little girl aren't you Kanna? Are you excited to see uncle Neji?"

Kanna screamed and giggled. Naruto laughed and handed Kanna her pacifier. "Do you know when Itachi is coming back?" He asked Sasuke.

Sasuke sighed. Itachi was an emotional wreck. His wife died a year ago and he became a depressed mess. He didn't want to be a burden to his little daughter so he agreed to take a job overseas with a three year contract. Of course Sasuke chewed him out for a long time because of his rash decision but eventually let him go. Itachi said he will leave his little Kanna for a short while in the hands of her Godfathers, Sasuke and Naruto. Of course the couple couldn't refuse because they treat her as their own daughter and they truly loved the bundle of joy.

"He called yesterday when you were at work. He seems to be getting better from the sound of it. Itachi even said he's dating a girl now. Can you believe that? Here I thought my idiotic brother was going to drown in his own river of sorrows but he jumped right into the dating scene already."

"That fox." Naruto laughed. "Kanna, did you hear that? Your dad is becoming normal again. Maybe you'll see him soon."

Kanna said something gibberish and started drooling. Naruto smiled at her and sighed. He really wanted a child that he and Sasuke could call their own but the justice system was cruel and would not allow them due to their criminal background. Adoption was out of the question but taking care of little one year old Kanna filled the missing hole in Naruto's heart. Sasuke knew how Naruto felt and it saddened him that he couldn't give his lover what he wanted the most. He reached over and held the blondes hand, silently comforting him.

"Neji sure did pick a small town in the middle of nowhere, eh?" Naruto looked out the window and stared at the little antique shops along the road of the small town. "I don't think I can ever leave the city. Small towns scare the crap me out."

"That's because you watch too much horror movies."

"Yeah, majority of them happen in small towns you know." Naruto continued to look out the window when he spotted Neji's house in the distance. "Holy crap, is that his house?" He whistled as the building came closer. It was an old white Victorian home with a vast yard. It wasn't as big as the family mansion but it was a decent size for a starter home. Everything about it was bright and happy. Something Neji really wanted in a home.

"Well, that's what happens when you work under your uncle and start making a load of money."

"Oh, they're here already." Naruto beamed. He saw a very pregnant woman and her husband relaxing outside the front yard with Neji. They all waved when they saw Sasuke's car pull up the driveway. Neji was the first one to reach them. He hugged them tightly and thanked them for coming. He scooped up little Kanna from Naruto's arms and kissed her. "She's so big now!"

"She's also starting to be trouble." Sasuke laughed.

Naruto ran up to the smiling pregnant woman as she wobbled her way towards the group. "It seems like Kanna isn't the only one that grew. Hinata, you're so huge!" He bent down and kissed her belly as she giggled.

"Hey bastard, are you calling my wife fat?" Kankuro smirked as he wheeled himself towards them.

"Sweetheart, be nice." Hinata said.

"It's okay Hinata, I'm use to it." He winked. Naruto and everyone else were so proud of Hinata and Kankuro. They had gotten to know each other since they both spent a good amount of time in the hospital for rehabilitation and checkups. They officially got together a few months after Hinata was released from the hospital. Everyone was shocked at the random coupling but they knew from the looks they both had for each other that it was true love. A few years later the couple got married. It was a beautiful private wedding. Everyone was in tears. They both had been through so much but now they were starting their lives over with their true love.

According to doctors, it was nearly impossible for Hinata to have a child since the wound was so close to her reproductive organs. The couple, however, didn't give up and decided to do an artificial insemination. They really wanted a child. Everyone of course supported them. Hiashi was kind enough to pay for the fees. He truly wanted his daughter to be happy. There were a lot of emotional struggles and frustration throughout the whole process. The insemination kept on failing but the couple would never give up and kept trying. One day, Hinata felt that something wasn't right with her body. She was afraid that it had something to do with her old wounds so she went to the doctor right away with her husband, Kankuro. To their surprise, they were expecting… with twins.

Kankuro was the happiest man on the face of the planet that day. Hinata lost count on how many times Kankuro kissed her and her belly. He whooped and yelled outside the hospital that he was finally going to be a father. It was, after all, a miracle. The heavens were finally smiling down upon him. He was finally forgiven.

"When are the little ones going to pop out?"

"I'm due any day now actually. My due date is in two weeks but my two little ones are getting fussy in my stomach. It's becoming unbearable sometimes. I think they want out."

"Hey guys," Neji announced. "Let's get inside now. It's getting dark."


"You're house is really beautiful Neji. The restoration is really bringing out the charm of the home." She continued to look at the structure of the living room. "Maybe someday we'll move in this town. It's a great place to raise a family. Don't you think so?" She asked Kankuro.

"Of course!" Kankuro grinned. "Anything for my princess."

"Oh god, I'm still not used to you talking like that." Sasuke said.

"Well, when you're in love with the most perfect woman you just can't help expressing your love for her." Kankuro reached over and caressed his wife's belly. Hinata was blushing and laid her hand over his. Sasuke and Neji just looked at each other and made a gagging noise. Naruto thought it was the most adorable thing he has ever heard and openly glared at Sasuke. "Hey teme, why don't you ever talk to me like that?"

"You should already know how much I love you, dobe." Sasuke said as a matter of fact. He looked at the blonde and dared him to say anything else. Naruto blushed and quickly kissed Sasuke on the lips. "I guess that's fine. It's Sasuke we're talking about anyways right?" He chuckled to himself.

They all looked at Neji afterwards and noticed him staring at the floor. "So, when will he get here?" Kankuro asked.

"My uncle should arrive here tomorrow morning. Gaara is probably wondering why we're not there to pick him up but I really wanted to surprise him with this new house."

"Oh trust me, he'll be surprised."

Neji just smiled at the thought. "I can't believe tomorrow is finally the day. You don't know how nervous I am. I think he'll also be glad that you're all going to be here for his arrival. Thank you by the way. It really means a lot to me and Gaara."

"You know we're all here for the both of you, especially for a special day like tomorrow." Hinata said.

"You know, I think Gaara will also be surprised when he sees your stomach, Hinata. I can't believe you guys didn't want to tell him the news."

"I know, Kankuro and I decided we would surprise him and announce that he's going to be an uncle when he gets out. Do you remember when you told us how shocked Gaara was when you told him we got married?"

Neji laughed. "Yeah, it was priceless. He couldn't talk and kept asking if I was fucking with him. Actually, I think that was the last news he had heard of you two."

"So did you sound proof your room? I don't want Kanna waking up to weird noises coming from uncle Neji and Gaara's bedroom." Sasuke teased.

"You're right Sasuke. Are you sure you don't want us to stay at a motel for the night or something?" Kankuro wiggled his eyebrows at Neji. The brunette's face was bright as a tomato. Everyone in the room had a good laugh at that. However, Neji knew what was going to go down tomorrow night. Gaara, on too many occasions, kept reminding Neji how needy he was and how he couldn't wait to get out all of the frustration when he leaves the penitentiary. The thought of it gave Neji tingling sensations in his stomach and he blushed even more. Tomorrow evening couldn't come any faster.

The next day was a very busy event. The men helped Neji unpack some of his things and move furniture around. Kankuro, since he couldn't help with the furniture, decided to boss and dictate everyone around. "No, the painting is still crooked. Turn it a little to the left."

"My arm is getting tired asshole." Sasuke growled.

"I want everything to be perfect when Gaara gets here. Now, I repeat, more to the left." He glared. Kankuro's new favorite pastime was to annoy Sasuke.

Hinata was out on the patio with little Kanna while she caught up on some reading. Overall it was a productive day. The house was nearly ready for the new couple. Neji couldn't wait to start his new life, although a bit late, with Gaara. Living in the city would have been too much. Settling in a small town sounded perfect to him and he knew Gaara would have agreed. They both needed privacy and peacefulness in their lives for once.

Preparing dinner was interesting. Everyone gave in their two cents about what they should make. In the end they decided to listen to Kankuro who insisted he knew what Gaara liked. "Are you sure it's not what you want to eat?" Neji joked. The grandfather clock dinged. It was six in the evening already and Gaara should be arriving any minute. Neji was a nervous wreck. He kept double checking everything in the house to see if everything is in place. Dinner was ready and everyone was prepared for the arrival. Just then they heard a car pull up the driveway. Neji took a deep breath and walked outside along with everyone else.


Gaara was confused. He was standing at the entrance way holding his belongings and looking at the car that was supposedly picking him up. Where was Neji and why are Hiashi and Hanabi there instead? Did something happen? The two Hyuugas met the redhead halfway. Hiashi shook Gaara's hand and said his congratulations on his release. Hanabi, much to Gaara's surprise, ran up and hugged him tightly. Gaara stiffened at the contact, not knowing what to do. He raised a hand and patted her awkwardly on the back. Hanabi giggled at the gesture and let go. "Cousin Gaara, you have to learn how to properly hug people."

Gaara mumbled something under his breath. He didn't know when Hanabi started calling him cousin. It was probably years ago, he didn't remember. All he knew was that Neji had informed him through letters and said he found it amusing and cute. Gaara noticed how much she had grown. The young Hyuuga was young no more. She was currently in college. She was a spitting image of Hinata.

Finally he asked, "Where is Neji?"

The Hyuugas looked at each other and smiled. "That's where we are heading to right now." Hanabi winked.

Gaara raised an eyebrow at her. What was Neji up to? He looked at Hiashi. "Don't worry Gaara. He's safe. He's the one who actually planned this all out."

Gaara was now confused as ever. His confusion was doubled when they were driving away from Kanoha. "Where are we going?" He asked as he surveyed the land. Oh how he missed looking at the outside world. He was glad he didn't have to stare at concrete anymore. Gaara knew it was just his mind playing tricks on him but he swore even the air outside smelled ten times better. It's as if he can finally breathe.

"You'll see. Be patient Cousin Gaara. We should be there in an hour."

The redhead rolled his eyes and continued to take in the views outside of the car. It still felt like a dream. Like he would wake up at any moment and still be in his cell. His old cell, he had left so many memories in it. After Sasuke had been released they put him back in cellblock thirteen. They also never gave him another cellmate. He was thankful for that; it was all the work of his lawyer. In a way he felt a small sadness inside him when he looked at it for the last time. It was where he had met Neji; it was where they first kissed, where they first made love. It pained him to leave the memories behind but he knew that the new memories he will be making with Neji will outweigh it all.

The penitentiary changed after his trial. They were constantly monitored by the county after the news of corruption. Gaara, however, was monitored the most. The staff made sure he had his meals on time, had the proper medical care when needed and the best psychologist. His psychologist helped him out a lot. He even prepared Gaara to face the outside world when the time came. He taught Gaara the importance of trust and friendship. He taught Gaara was to keep his head cool when times get frustrating. Gaara still had a long way to go in that department, however, but he was slowly learning.

The penitentiary didn't want to make mistakes and they were afraid that Gaara's raging lawyer might find something else and sue them. Gaara smirked at the thought. Scared mother fuckers. Visiting days was lowered to once every six months. It pissed Gaara to no end but he had no choice. The penitentiary was now cautious of who went in and out of the facility. After the kidnapping incident many years ago, they had to be careful.

His only communication was through letters. Once in a while they would be nice enough to let him talk to Neji on the phone. Although he was only given five minutes, it was always good to hear the voice of his lover. It gave Gaara courage to endure more years in the cell. It was also through the phone where he was informed that his brother got married to Hinata. Gaara was speechless. He thought Neji was playing a joke on him at first but Neji insisted that it was true. It was official that the Hyuugas and the Sabakus were now a family. He didn't want to admit it to himself but he was excited to see everyone. Yes, even Naruto but he wasn't going to admit that to the blonde.

"We should be there soon." Hanabi informed him. He looked outside and noticed the small quiet town they were driving through. It would be great if they lived here, he thought. Gaara was not really a city person anyways. They soon drove up to a white Victorian home. He thought it looked amazing but wondered what they were doing on the lot. Was Neji in there? The thought sent his heart racing. Was he really only a few meters away from Neji? His question was answered when the door to the Victorian home opened and people started pooling out. He didn't notice anybody but Neji. Although older, he was still as beautiful as ever. He couldn't take his eyes off of him as he stepped out of the car.

Gaara's world became a blur when Neji ran up to him and hugged him tightly. Everything felt so right. Neji in his arms felt so right. Gaara breathed in Neji's scent as he hugged him back. He didn't want to let go, afraid that if he did, he would lose him. He pulled back a bit and stared into the familiar milky orbs of the person he loved. His insides felt like jelly. This man standing before him was all he needed in his life. Gaara cupped Neji's face and pulled him into a long tender kiss. The world spun. To hell with the world, he had Neji now. Gaara continued to kiss him hungrily as did Neji. He probed his tongue inside Neji's mouth as if trying to remap everything. He wanted to continue tasting him. Gaara and Neji didn't know how long they were at it until they heard someone cough in the background. The couple parted, out of breath.

"Yeah, I miss you to little brother." Kankuro joked. He was being pushed by a very pregnant Hinata. His eyes widened and the sight. All he can say was "Oh my god. How?"

"Surprise, you're going to be an uncle!" Both Hinata and Kankuro said in unison. They had been practicing what to say when they were preparing dinner. The couple quickly explained the whole process to the confused redhead. When they were finished Hinata took Gaara's hand and placed it on her belly.

"They're moving around. They want to say hi to you."

Gaara felt something move and grinned. Sabaku blood was in her belly. Gaara couldn't be more proud of his brother. "Wow, you should really smile more Gaara. You're quite handsome when you do."

"Back off buddy, she's mine." Kankuro teased him and pulled a giggling Hinata to his lap.

"Gaara, I would like you to meet someone." He heard the blonde say behind him.

Gaara turned around to be handed a one year old baby girl. Gaara held her but he didn't know what to do. He hadn't been around infants before and he looked desperately at Neji for help.

Sasuke smirked and scooped Kanna out of Gaara's arms. "Okay, I think Uncle Gaara is a bit too shocked right now."

"Her name is Kanna by the way. She's Itachi's daughter but Sasuke and I are temporarily taking care of her." Naruto seemed so proud of Kanna. "Itachi is away on business for a few years that's why."

"She's beautiful." Gaara commented.

"Wow, Gaara complimenting someone? This I can get used to." Naruto gave him a thumbs up.

Gaara glared at the blonde. "Who said I'll start complementing you?" Gaara smirked when he saw Naruto's annoyed face.

Naruto pouted, "Never mind, you're still mean." Everyone laughed.

"Come on everyone, let's get inside. I'm pretty sure Gaara is tired from the trip and is hungry." Hiashi told the group. They all started heading inside the house.

"Where are we anyways?"

Neji held his hand and was grinning from ear to ear. "Welcome to our new house."

Gaara looked at him strangely as if he had heard something wrong. "Excuse me?"

"I wanted to surprise you. That's why I wasn't there to pick you up. I bought this house recently and I know you like privacy and picked this location. Isn't it great?"

"You never cease to amaze me." He pulled the brunette into another passionate kiss. "You're going to pay for surprising me like that." He whispered in Neji's ear. The hairs on the back of Neji's neck stood when Gaara gently nipped his earlobe. The redhead licked the side of his neck and trailed it down his collar bone sending shivers up Neji's spine.

"Can we skip dinner?" Neji joked, breathless.

"How big is the bed?" Gaara purred in his ear.

Neji gulped. "Big."

"Hey lovebirds, we're starving. Get your asses in here." Kankuro shouted from the door.


Dinner was interesting. To everyone's disbelief, Gaara actually ate… a lot. Even Naruto was amazed. Neji figured that maybe it was just the atmosphere of the penitentiary that made Gaara lose his appetite in the first place. Kankuro kept whispering to the people beside him that it was good that they listened to him about the food choice. Gaara however was annoyed and glared daggers at everyone staring at him. "Can I eat in peace?" He said out loud. Everyone blinked in surprise and pretended to be interested in their food. Neji smiled to himself. He could never get tired of this kind of Gaara. It always made things interesting.

At the end of the meal everyone was stuffed. Food coma was starting to creep up on everyone. One by one they said their goodnights and started heading off to their assigned guest bedroom. Hinata and Kankuro took the first floor guest room.

"Thank god we're downstairs and out of hearing range." He said to Hinata.

Hinata frowned. "Sorry sweetheart but I think we're directly under their bedroom."

"Damnit!" Kankuro cursed. Hinata smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek.

"Let's rest now, my feet are getting sore. Can you massage them for me later?"

This changed Kankuro's mood right away, "Sure thing honey!" He beamed. For some reason, anything Hinata said always made Kankuro happy. His life, after all, was now complete.


Hiashi and Hanabi volunteered to take care of Kanna in their room since they wanted Sasuke and Naruto to have a little privacy as well. The couple barely had time together since, currently, their world revolved around Kanna.

"Oh great, reminds me of old times." Sasuke said sarcastically when they were outside of their guestroom, which of course had to be next to Neji and Gaara's bedroom. "Luck wasn't with us tonight."

"Well, we've heard them do the deed before. Besides, be thankful that we actually have a door that can close and muffle out the sound. Remember when we only had bars? You can literally hear a pin drop in the next cell."

Sasuke closed the door behind them. "Don't remind me."

He leaned against the wall near the door and looked at his blonde lover, who was unpacking their clothes. After many years together, his love for Naruto never ceased and continued to grow. This man, his soulmate, was his answer to his prayers. If it wasn't for his and Naruto's strong bond, he would probably be alone and miserable somewhere in the world. Sasuke was proud to be married to the dobe. He smirked and walked up to his husband. "That can wait Naruto." He snaked his arms around him and they both tumbled onto their bed.


Gaara and Neji were already in their room. Neji was lounging on the bed and watching, with amusement, Gaara inspecting the whole bedroom. The redhead still couldn't believe that he and Neji owned the house together. After so many long years, he was so used to small spaced rooms. Even before he was sent to jail, his father gave him the smallest room in the house that was only a little bit bigger than his old cell. So of course having a grand bedroom with a huge soft bed was a huge change. He noticed an empty frame against the wall. Gaara looked at it curiously and was about to ask when he felt arms snake around his torso.

"That's for when we have our first family portrait. My uncle has been bothering me about it but he wanted one done. He even invited Sasuke and Naruto to be in it since he considers them part of the family as well. Won't that be awesome? It'll be your first family portrait." Neji kissed Gaara at the back of his neck.

Gaara didn't know what to say. These people, his family, had done so much for him. He was, after all, a once broken man. When he expected people to turn their backs on him, these people accepted him with open arms. They didn't care about his past and didn't care about his past mistakes. It was a good overwhelming feeling that he can get used to.

He turned around and faced his lover. Gaara wasn't sure how long he looked at the gorgeous man in front of him but he couldn't help it. Neji had changed him, in a good way. It was fate that brought them together. It was through traumatic events that made them get closer. He wrapped his arms around Neji's waist and rested his head on the brunette's shoulder. Again he breathed in his scent and left little butterfly kisses along his neck until their lips met. At first the kiss was tender and soft but soon became passionate and rough. All of Gaara's frustration was finally coming out and Neji was prepared for it.

Gaara ravaged Neji's mouth like a hungry animal. Tasting everything he can get his tongue on. His hands had a mind of their own as they roamed Neji's quivering body. He wanted to feel him. He wanted to feel every inch of his body. Gaara wanted to imbed it in his mind forever. His hands cupped and caressed the brunettes behind, squeezing them hard from pleasure. Gaara roughly suckled on Neji's lower lip causing a small cut and drawing out blood. Neji moaned from the pain. Gaara began to lick the small wound and found pleasure when he tasted the blood.

Neji's insides were churning and his body was heating up. Gaara's hands were like magic. The redhead's hands found its way to Neji's crotch. He smirked into the kiss when he found the other already hard as a rock. With one hand he grabbed the throbbing member through Neji's pants and stroked it with his heart's desire. With the other hand he pulled Neji's hair back, exposing his slender neck for him to ravage. Gaara was on it like a carnivore on meat. He licked, sucked and nipped. Neji could only whimper from the painful pleasure he was getting. He wanted to feel too. So he took his hands and shoved it down Gaara's pants. Neji needed to feel it, needed to touch it. He wrapped his hands around Gaara's hard on and squeezed, causing the Gaara to gasp. Without hesitation, he began stroking it as fast as he could. In turn, Gaara almost ripped apart Neji's shirt. His mind was going insane from the pleasure. Neji loved touching Gaara and making him feel good. Gaara began taking off his own shirt and took Neji's hand that was stroking him and took it out of his pants. Almost growling, he went on his knees and started taking off the brunettes pants. Neji could only stare down at him with delight. He could have came from just thinking what Gaara would be doing next.

Gaara licked his lips as he stared at the Neji's hard on in front of his face. He was hungry. He had been hungry for a long time and he was finally going to satisfy it. Gaara grabbed it and mimicked Neji. He stroked it hard and fast causing Neji to moan out loud from pleasure. He lifted it a bit and exposed the brunette's sack, which was frantically shaking from the fast strokes. Gaara went at it and began licking and suckling them, making sure to give each of them attention. With his free hand, he explored Neji's torso, every once in a while finding his nipples and giving them a playful pinch. Neji's closed his eyes and hissed at all the pleasures given to him at the same time. Both his hands were on Gaara's head, roughly grabbing onto his red locks. Just when he thought Gaara was finished, Neji felt his hard on enter a warm and wet mouth. "Gaara…" he moaned. He looked down and saw his lover moving his head back and forth, his cheeks sunken in. Neji closed his eyes tightly and felt the strong feeling of suction from Gaara's mouth. It was as if Gaara was milking him for all his worth. He had to brace himself against the wall because he literally felt like he had no bones in his body.

"Ugn, it feels so good. Don't stop." Neji begged. Gaara loved it when he begged and treated him with a faster head bobbing. Gaara lifted his free arm in the air and pointed two fingers towards Neji's mouth. Neji knew what to do and bent down and sucked on Gaara's two fingers, making sure to wet them thoroughly. Gaara took them out of Neji's mouth and reached behind a started playing around with his lover's willing hole. Slowly, he inserted a wet finger. He was so tight. Gaara continued to probe Neji's insides until it was time to insert another finger. "Ah!" Neji yelled. It had been years since the last time they had made love. Gaara shoved them as deep as it can go, scissoring his fingers inside. He stopped sucking on Neji and watched in fascination the expressions his lover was making. He continued this until he was sure Neji was prepared enough. He took his wet fingers out and licked them. "You're delicious." He purred.

Gaara got up and lifted Neji from his behind, cupping them for support. Neji wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. They began heavily making out while Gaara walked them over to the bed. Once they reached it, Gaara threw Neji on the soft king sized bed. Neji stared at him hungrily, his lips red from the passionate kiss. He watched as Gaara began taking off his own pants and gulped at the big throbbing member that was about to be inside him. The red head smirked and started to crawl towards him. He laid his body on top of the brunettes, resting between his legs, while their hard cocks touched. They began kissing again and Gaara unconsciously started thrusting his hips onto his lovers. He grabbed Neji's hands and lifted them up towards the headboard and looked at him in the eyes as his manhood entered Neji. The brunette yelled passionately as Gaara went deeper. Gaara closed his eyes from the pleasure because Neji was wrapped so tightly around his cock. It was almost unbearable.

He didn't even wait. Gaara, without hesitation, started thrusting in and out of Neji as fast as he could. No sound escaped from Neji's mouth, the feeling was that great. He wrapped his legs around Gaara, pulling him deeper inside him. Gaara fucked him for all he was worth. He had been waiting for years to be inside him and now that he had a chance, he wasn't going to waste this moment. He wanted Neji to take every inch of him so he kept going deeper and deeper with each thrust, slamming into Neji with all his strength.

"Does that feel good?" He growled.

"Yes…" Neji's voice quivered.

"I can't hear you." Gaara slammed into Neji harder.

"Ah!" Neji yelled. "Yes!"

They were both sweating and out of breath but they were not done yet. Gaara took his member out of Neji's hole and roughly flipped the brunette over onto his stomach. "Get on your hands and knees." He commanded, slapping one of Neji's ass cheeks hard. Neji hissed from the pain but did so obediently. He bent over, spread eagle and lifted his behind towards Gaara. The red head hungrily went down and started licking Neji's behind. He wanted to taste his insides. His wet warm tongue began probing inside his lover's inside. Neji tasted so wonderful. With one last lick, he spat on the hole and straightened up. Gaara grabbed Neji's hips and thrust his aching member inside. "Ugn!" Neji moaned. Gaara wasn't merciful. He fucked Neji as if he was being punished. He continued to occasionally slap his lover's ass until it was red and raw. "Fuck me!" Neji continued to beg. Gaara loved it. He grabbed Neji's shoulder and pulled Neji towards him with all his might causing the brunette to scream out loud. Every inch should and will be inside him.

Gaara could feel the familiar bubbling in his lower region. He went faster. The bed was rocking so hard that the headboard was slamming against the wall. The feeling of ecstasy was threatening to burst out of him. No, Neji will be going first, he thought. Quickly, he reached around and grabbed Neji's hard on and started to frantically jack him off. "No don't… I'm gonna…" Neji clenched the bed sheets. The pleasure was too much and he was going to explode. "Gaara, I'm… ah! Stop!" The red head ignored the please and continued to pump and fuck him. "I'm going to cum." Neji moaned. "Here it comes." Neji buried his face into the pillow while he shot his load onto the bed covers. "Fuck!" He yelled. "Feels so good!" Gaara continued to jack him off until he was sure Neji was empty. Neji's body became limp but that didn't stop Gaara. It was his turn after all. He licked his fingers that had Neji's seed on it while he continued to fuck his lover from behind. Neji closed his eyes and forced himself to be even tighter around Gaara. It was payback. "Shit!" Gaara cursed. The sensation in the pit of his stomach was too strong to hold back. He had to release. "Cumming…" He growled.

Before he shot his load, the brunette pulled away and turned around quickly, shoving Gaara into his mouth right when he exploded. Gaara moaned as Neji swallowed his seed. His mouth was around the tip of his member and was sucking him dry. Neji wanted every single drop. With one last pucker, Neji released Gaara and both flopped down on the bed breathless and sweaty. Neji laid his head against Gaara's bare chest and smiled. He looked up and saw Gaara staring back at him with a smile on his face as well. "You're beautiful." Gaara told him.

"You're perfect." Neji answered back. They gave each other a tender kiss and continued to lie in each other's arms."You know, maybe we should get married."

This caught Gaara off guard. "Get married?" He asked, just in case he didn't hear correctly.

"Well, if you want to that is." He cuddled more into Gaara's embrace. "Of course we don't have to. Marriage is just legality really but it'll be great, I think. When I was younger I have always wanted to get married. I just didn't know it might be with another man." He laughed.

"I didn't even plan on getting married at all." He felt Neji sulk. "But you're a different case. Marriage seems highly possible." This brightened Neji right up.

"Oo, then maybe we can adopt a dog? What do you think?"

Gaara rolled his eyes. "Maybe"

"We can name him or her Tanuki."

"Don't push it, Hyuuga." Gaara said irked. Neji chuckled and they both became silent. The couple laid together for a few more minutes in the dark, enjoying each others company.

"You know, If I was given a choice to go through all the crap I've been through just so I can meet you again in my next life... I'll do it again in a heartbeat." Neji whispered, his eyes slowly closing from exhaustion. "I don't think I can live my life without you in it."

Gaara kissed him on the forehead and watched his lover fall asleep. He thought about it long and hard. Would he want to endure all the pain and suffering again just so he can be with Neji? Can he really go through all of the shit he had to deal with? He guessed love worked in mysterious ways. In this big fucked up world , you don't even know what is sane and what isn't. He sighed and rested his head against Neji's. He had one answer in mind. His love for Neji was too great. "Me too. In a heartbeat." He finally said out loud. Neji, however, was already fast asleep before he could hear. Gaara smiled to himself as he too drifted off into slumber. The last thing on his mind before sleep took over was the new life ahead of him; with Neji, his new friends and family. For once in his life he felt wanted and loved. He can never give this up for anything the world could offer him.

They say fate can go in different paths, whether it is the route to happiness or the route to despair. But sometimes fate can make you cross paths with another causing yours to be intertwined with theirs. You'll both go through hardships, pain and suffering at one point but eventually, if you'll let it, destiny can bring both of you the contentment you both desire. With a strong bond, you can make it happen. This is what happened, not only Neji and Gaara, but to everyone else that they grew to care and love. Through pain and suffering they came out with the happiness they all needed and wanted. It was through hard work and dedication that their fates worked together to bring them to the path they are walking through at this very moment. It won't be an easy path, no path is easy, but they were all ready to endure it together… for the rest of their lives.


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