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Summary: Kairi Itou, a supposed to be a typical everday normal teenager. What her parents would want her to be. Kairi happens to be a tomboy and loves to cross-dress, even her parents knew that. From America Kairi travels to live with her cousin for the year and she meets the Host Club. Will her cross-dressing days be over or how will the Host Club cause her somewhat complicated life be even more complicated?

Kairi's Alias: Kai (usually referred to that outside of her home)

Author's Note (A/N:) I like to write a lot so I decided to make a fanfic of Ouran High School Host Club. So I hope that you'll enjoy this chapter and many others!

Tick; tick; tick; a sixteen year old teenage girl stood in a quiet terminal at the airport, she glanced down to her 24 carat gold handmade wristwatch. She did not think that her flight would arrive an hour early in Japan, and wished that she knew her cousin's phone number.

She sighed heavily, looking up and down the now slowly filling terminal of the airport. Then she looked down to the five large suitcases that seemed impossible for her to handle on her own. Throughout her flight on the first class airplane a kind flight attendant had assisted her.

"Doesn't anyone know, here in Japan, that you go to the airport at least an hour early?" she asked no one in particular in English.

The teenage girl didn't want to leave America, her birthplace, but she had no choice for the matter. Her mother and father decided to go on a long business trip, and thought it was best for her to live with her cousin in Japan for a year while they were away.

In any cases she didn't have time to voice a complaint, or for the matter of fact her maid and menservants had rushed her to the airport, as though they had wanted her to leave immediately. Just simply thinking about it angered the teenager furiously.

'One of these days, just one of these days I'll show my parents and everyone that I will not be an underling anymore!' she thought determinedly as she clenched her hands into fists.

"Excuse me Miss, are you Kairi Itou?" asked a man wearing a suit that the teenager was accustomed to, he was a chauffer."

Uhh, hai," she responded in Japanese with slight hesitation.

"I'm Gin Amano, and your ride is outside Miss. Kairi. Let me help with your luggage," said Mr. Amano kindly taking the luggage.

Kairi nodded as her mind was working away trying to translate the language in her mind. Japanese was not the kind of language she was keen on when the thought never occurred to her that she might live in Japan for a year.

She merely guessed at the body language Mr. Amano was showing and she nodded, following after him when he had gathered all of her luggage onto a cart. Mr. Amano led her to a limousine and opened the door to the limousine as Kairi gracefully walked in and sat down.

After a few minutes waiting for Mr. Amano to load the luggage into the trunk, he then entered through the front and started to drive. Kairi glanced out the window with her hands on her laps, quietly fidgeting.

Mr. Amano checked his rear view mirror and noticed Kairi's uneasiness fidgeting yet she had a calm expression. He had to admit, she did act a lot like her cousin.

"We'll shortly be arriving at the residence soon," he informed her.

Kairi sat on the smooth black leather seat as she heard Mr. Amano speak, she couldn't understand what he was saying exactly. She guessed that he was informing her something. She nodded it was the best reply she could do for the simple yet complicated situation.

'Should I try to tell him that I can't understand much of Japanese? Oh, but he'll laugh. Then what about my cousin? What'll he think if he finds out that I can't speak Japanese fluently?' she thought to herself as she fidgeted even more now. 'If only I had paid more attention in Japanese class, if only,' she thought mentally hitting herself in the head.

The language wasn't the only thing that seemed to caused her distress when she still had jet-leg, she need to go on a short stroll or at least stretch her legs. Also she couldn't get a wink of sleep on the plane. While Kairi was in her thoughts she felt the vehicle slowing down to a stop and she realized she had finally reached her destination.

Mr. Amano had gotten out of the front seat and opened the door for her. She climbed out to find a western style mansion and felt somewhat relieved that she didn't have to be completely accustomed to the Japanese life style.

"This way," said Mr. Amano.

Kairi guessed by his friendly directional gestures that he wanted her to walk up a set of stairs on her own.

She listened to the words he spoke, each syllable and each words carefully to then pull out a small memo pad and a pen, then scribbled the words down to remind herself what it meant for future references.

Mr. Amano watched and smiled, he was right, she was a lot like her cousin. Kairi carefully placed the memo pad into her pocket with the pen and made her way up the stairs; while Mr. Amano fetched her luggage.

At the top of the stairs Kairi met a maid who was standing at the front door entrance.

"Welcome Miss. Kairi," greeted the maid with a courteous bow, "Your cousin is currently at school and his father thought it was best you stay home today resting"

Kairi nodded slightly, only able to have recognized a few words. 'I heard cousin but what about him? And fatherwanted to stay home?' she tried to piece the little knowledge she knew.

Once again she pulled out her memo pad and started writing things down while following the maid who guided her to a room.

'I think this is my room that I'll be occupying for the year,' Kairi noted and her assumption was correct when Mr. Amano placed all of her luggage next to the door.

Kairi let out another heavy sigh for the day once she was alone in her room and thought, 'It's only been almost two hours since I've come to Japan and I'm already confused as hell. Is there anyone here who knows how to speak English?' She trudged over to the bed and laid down, allowing her exhaustion take over and fell asleep.

Approximately three hours later Kairi was awoken by the bright sunlight shining brightly through a partly opened curtain in the middle of the afternoon. She slowly sat up rubbing her eyes sleepily and found the room to be somewhat dark.

The maid must've closed the curtains while she was asleep and put her things away. Kairi assumed when she couldn't find her luggage anywhere in sight. She crawled out of bed and made her way to a dresser that was located next to the large glass windows.

She pulled on a rope as it pulled the curtains apart and allowed natural sunlight to enter the room. Kairi found all of her clothes neatly folded and tucked in the drawers as she had expected and decided to take a shower. Kairi scanned around the room to see two visible doors in the room, one of them would lead to her personal bathroom.

'Ok, I just have to make sure I won't walk into the bathroom when I'm leaving my room,' she told herself, remembering little past events back in America.

Kairi pulled out a pair of black cargo pants and a white long sleeved shirt with a quicksilver logo on the back.

After the nice long shower Kairi dressed herself with the attire she chose for herself, she walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her neck under her long wet hair.

The moment Kairi left the bathroom something had caught her eyes. A desk that was located in a corner, she could easily make the desk as her sanctuary as she made her way to it. Kairi sat down on the comfortable leather black chair and pulled out her memo pad to place it on the smooth writing surface.

"Now to break this language barrier," she said speaking to no one in particular.

Pulling out extra sheets of white paper that she found sitting neatly on the right corner of her desk.

Half an hour later there was a knock at the door and Mrs. Kuwabara walked in quietly to check up on Kairi. She found Kairi sitting at the desk working quietly with her most trusted laptop beside her.

"Excuse me Miss. Kairi, but would you like something to eat?" the maid asked.

"Anything would be fine and I'd like to eat in the room, thank you," Kairi answered confidentially in Japanese since she had heard the phrase many times before.

The maid nodded and left quietly as she had came in.

Kairi continued to work alone in the room again. As each minute passed Kairi gradually learned more and more about the language then she leaned back in her chair grinning, taking a break. She felt accomplished that she had come to understand most of the language.

There were only two problems that Kairi would have to overcome in the long run. The fact that she couldn't speak Japanese fluently yet, and also Kairi had no idea where to start learning to read and write Kanji in Japanese. This would pose a problem in her studies but she didn't worry too much for the time being.

There was another knock a the door again.

"Come in," she called out and Mrs. Kuwabara walked in carrying a silver tray of sandwiches as Kairi sat upright in her chair.

"Thank you," she said after when the maid placed a plate on a small table stand next to her and left.

Kairi reached out to take a triangle sliced sandwich and took a bite out of it. She could tell it was a tuna fish sandwich, lucky for her it wasn't raw. Kairi didn't like seafood so much but living in Japan meant that she'll have to get use to tasting seafood.

While eating Kairi glanced down at her wristwatch to see it was two in the afternoon. She decided to explore the mansion once she finished eating. In the halls everything was quite as Kairi had expected it to be. At the very end of the south hall Kairi began to descend down a set of stairs to then hear a door close at the lower level.

"Afternoon Mr. Ootori, you're home early," Kairi heard a maid speak. "Your father left a message that he'll be running home late tonight."

"Very well, school was out early today," spoke a deep stoic voice, "Is my cousin here?"

"I shall go and fetch her."

Kairi was slowly making her way down the stars and she saw the maid about to climb the stairs.

"Your cousin is here Miss Kairi, come and meet him," she said as soon as she noticed Kairi and led her to the living room.

Kairi entered into the rather large living room and she stopped shortly in front of her cousin. The both of them were eyeing each other carefully and apparently the both of them were thinking of the same thing at the same time.

'He/She'll make good use to me.'

"Have you made yourself comfortable at home yet?" he asked to receive a slight nod from Kairi. "I am Kyouya Ootori, as you should know."

Once again Kairi nodded, "Kairi Itou, it's nice to have finally met you, Kyouya-kun," she told him.

Kairi had to admit that her cousin was cute and beside this was the first time that she had seen him face to face.

Kyouya snapped his finger signaling a maid to bring a white box to Kairi with an Ouran's school crest symbol at the center.

"I took the liberty to get this for you," he told her, "this is your uniform for school." as the maid handed the white box to Kairi.

Kairi grew curious to find out what her new uniform may be and opened the box. To pull out a nearly folded yellow puffy dress. A disgusted expression flashed across her face for a brief second and it was gone.

Kyouya, who was watching his cousin very carefully to see the expression on her face he instantly knew what type of person she could be. He could use this new discovery to his advantage, his mind was calculation many possibilities.

"Uhh, thank you," Kairi said stuffing the dress back into the box.

Late in the night Kairi sat on her queen sized bed with the white box open again, the yellow dress uniform laid across on the bed sheet. Kairi stared long and hard at the uniform.

'And here I was complaining about the school uniforms back in America,' she thought and shuddered, 'this is the most ugliest uniform I have ever laid my eyes on, and on top of that it's yellow, I hate yellow. Surely Ouran's Private Academy male uniforms must be better looking than this or I'll die from laughing to myself it looks almost anything to this dress,' she thought as she looked up the ceiling.

An image of Kyouya that Kairi had met this afternoon appeared in her mind, he was wearing a suit. Kairi was certain that he was wearing a school uniform when she could clearly remember seeing the school's crest on his jacket. The image of the uniform made her fell relieved to know that it wasn't as ugly like the dress.

There was a knock at the door as Kairi got off the bed and answered. Kyouya was standing in the hall with another white box in his arm.

"I noticed that you disliked the dress," he stated as he walked into her room uninvited, his mind was carefully calculating.

Kairi had to nod, she wanted to be as honest as she could with her cousin and watch him turn around to face her.

"While I was picking up the girl's uniform I also took a male uniform set," he said opening the white box in his arms, revealing the same uniform Kairi saw Kyouya wearing this afternoon. "I believe that you'll prefer this over the dress?"

Kairi stared at the uniform Kyouya held before her, she took a quick glance to the dress lying on the bed and back to him.

Something registered in her mind, what was Kyouya's purpose of doing this? Kairi was very familiar to this kind of situation, there were always some kind of catch, always. Even if Kairi were to weigh her options there was no way that she'd be wearing that yellow dress.

"Y-yes, I like this over the dress," her voice was hesitant while she eyed Kyouya carefully. "But what's the catch?"

"Catch?" Kyouya asked as though he wasn't familiar with the term. "There's no catch at all," he said with a smile that told things were going as planned, not that Kairi knew him long enough to know that. "I hope that if you don't' mind dropping by the Third Music Room tomorrow after school, can you?" Kyouya asked as she handed Kairi the male uniform.

"No, I can make it," she answered as she took the clothing and Kyouya bid her good night.

Kairi stood next to the closed door where Kyouya had left through, the uniform was in her hands. She felt as though she had missed some kind of big picture. But it was too late to turn back, she had accepted Kyouya's offer so she'll have to stick with whatever her cousin had plans for her. It was nothing for her to worry, she also had plans of her own for Kyouya too.

Kairi's alarm rang at seven in the morning the following next day, but Kairi was not lying in her bed. She was walking out of the bathroom wearing the male uniform and looked at a mirror over the dresser, she saw that something had to go.

She made her way over to her bedside turning her alarm clock off to next pull out a pair of scissors from a draw in the night stand. She then made her way back to the dresser. Kairi stared long at the mirror, this would be the last time that she'd see her long hazel brown hair until she decided to grow her hair out again.

She began to cut her long hair, in her opinion she didn't much like having long hair, it was her father who practically begged her to grow out her hair two summers ago. Long locks of hair fell to the carpet floor while Kairi continued to cut her hair.

She turned her head here and there trying to get glimpses of her work through the mirror. There were still a few strands of long hair visible behind her neck. As patient as Kairi normally is, but when it came to her hair she had not patience for it.

At this point she was cutting at random strands of her hair, once she felt like she was done she placed the scissors on the dresser. Kairi looked much like a boy with her now very short hair and it was messy. She grabbed her book bag to leave the room and found a maid on the other side just about to knock.

"M-miss Kairi?" asked the maid speechless.

"Hai?" Kairi answered with a smirk plastered across her lips.

"W-would you like some help for your hair?"

Kairi looked thoughtful for a moment, she had wanted to have her hair cut short and with some style, like the one she had a long time ago.

"Hai," she said nodding and a barber was called in. She told the old barber that she wanted it nice and short yet it must be messy at the same time. It didn't take any longer than ten minutes for the barber to trim her already short hair and Kairi was on her way to school.

"Good morning Miss. Kairi," Mr. Amano greeted at the bottom steps outside of the house.

"Good morning Mr. Amano," Kairi said nodding and walked into the limousine and the moment Mr. Amano got into the front seat he drove off. Kairi had noticed that Kyouya did not join her this morning.

'Probably he's already, or on his way to school,' she assumed as she crossed her right leg over top her left leg. With only one night at the Ootori residence Kairi seemed confident with herself. She was not shy or hesitant like the day before.
Mr. Amano glanced at the rear view mirror every so often to then state, "Lovely hair you have this morning, Miss Kairi."

"Thank you," Kairi said smiling at him. "How long is it to the school?"

"It only takes fifteen minutes."

Kairi nodded as she glanced out at the dark tinted windows with a blank expression.

"Do you have any plans today, Miss Kairi?"

"Not much - oh Kyouya-kun asked me to drop by at the Third Music room after school today," Kairi answered reminding herself.

The limousine was pulling up the curve rode and came to a stop. Mr. Amano got out and opened the door for Kairi.

"This is the number you can reach men when you need a ride at anytime," he said handing Kairi a business card.

"Thank you Mr. Amano, I'll keep this in mind," Kairi said as she made her way towards to the school's main entrance.

She placed the business card into her book bag and had found the administration office with ease. When it was commonsense that most administration offices' were located near the school's main entrance.

"Good morning, I am Kai Itou the new transfer student. May I get my schedule?" Kairi asked the secretary in a more deep and refined voice, the secretary seemed a bit perplexed.

"I have Kairi Itou's schedule, not Kai Itou," stated the secretary eyeing Kairi carefully.

Kairi gently slapped her forehead in an embarrassed gesture, "I'm sorry, but I am Kai Itou. My father has always wanted to have a daughter and must've wrote Kairi instead of Kai," Kairi paused, waiting for the Sectary to by the story. "Thank you very much," she said as she took the schedule and bowed.

As Kairi walked out of the administration office and into the large grand hall she glanced down at her schedule while walking.

Out of the corner of her eyes she thought she saw Kyouya leaning against a wall, when she looked up there was no one there. She thought she was imagining things and stole a glance at her wristwatch.

'Uh-oh! I don't even know my way around this school yet!' she thought as she took off running in a random direction.

The moment the sound of the bell ring she had managed to find her classroom. She calmly walked into the room as the educator noticed her.

"Class we have a new transfer student from America today," grumbled the educator gather the student's attention. "Please introduce yourself to your new classmates," the educator continued to grumble while Kairi turned to face the entire class.

"Hello, I am Kai Itou, I hope that I can be friends with all of you," she spoke confidentially and heard most of the girls in the room squeal in delight seeing her smirk.

Kairi knew better not to say anything more, this was the same routine that she would go through whenever her parents suddenly transfer to her different schools back in America. Go to the new school and act like a boy, smirk or smile or even grin and you'll make tones of friends in no time with a friendly attitude.

The educator pointed to an empty desk nearest to the back of the classroom. Kairi gladly took the desk and made her way to it sitting down, taking out materials that she would need for the hour.

At the end of the day Kairi sighed in relief that school was finally over. It was just as she had expected from yesterday: her studies would still be hindered by the language barrier, in writing terms that is.

Kairi walked slowly through the grand halls and pulled out her memo pad once more from her pocket. There was a map that she had sketched roughly of the school's interior halls and rooms that she had found from her laptop at noon. It would only take a matter of time for Kairi to memorize the main halls.

She climbed up a set of smooth marble stairs, she spotted a sign that was labeled Third Music Room as she had expected to see at the top of the stairs.

'It's quiet, unlike the other halls I've been to,' Kairi thought as she looked up and down the hall to find no one in sight. Nor did she find any signs of Kyouya. 'Maybe he's already inside the room,' she assumed and reached for the golden door knob, twisting it to open the door.

The scent of rose filled her nostrils and rose petals fluttered past her.

'What the --!' she was taken by complete surprise.

Inside the room she found many girls sitting on couches having tea or standing in line. This was no ordinary music room, scratch that where's the instruments!?

'What on earth is this place?' Kairi wondered as she stoically strolled over to her cousin.

Who sat in a corner of the room quietly scribbling things down into the clipboard he had with him. Kairi also noticed that there were five other boys talking to many girls, perhaps four to five girls at the same time.

"I'm glad that you could make it, cousin," stated Kyouya not looking up from his clipboard when Kairi stood next to him.

There were a few girls who had noticed Kairi's entry.

"This is your cousin?" asked a random girl approaching the both of them.

"Yes," answered Kyouya with a nod, he was still into his clipboard.

"Your cousin is so cute!" squealed another girl approaching as well.

Kairi was inching away slowly unconsciously. She had never seen such a thing in her life lie the yell puffy dress she dreaded so much.

"His name is Kai Itou," Kyouya introduced Kairi to the girls. "Today is his first day at school and he wanted to join a club. I suggested him to come by today and join as a host," Kyouya said looking up from his clipboard with an approving smile.

'What!? I didn't say I wanted to join a club!' Kairi was dumbfounded at the thought. 'Damn…, I knew something could happen. There's always a catch like I knew from the -- he tricked me!' she came to realization but did not express her thoughts openly or shown any emotions.

"Y-yes, that's why I came here today," Kairi said with her usual smirk trying to hid that fact that her left eye brow was twitching. "I've always wanted to try to be a host," behind that smirk Kairi realized another thing.

'Hosuto? Translate that to English it means host. The definition in English is to entertain groups. In this situation… the host is to entertain girls?! How can Kyouya put up with this? This is mad I tell you, absolutely mad!'

"I disapprove of another person joining the club!" interrupted a blonde teenager suddenly walking onto the scene. "Mother! You know you should tell me these kind of things!" he exclaimed with large melancholy eyes.

Kairi stood still with her back press against a wall, her mind was in a state of shock as though a high voltage of electricity had stricken her brain. 'Okaa-san? That means mother! This blond guy referred Kyouya as… mother. Ok this has to be some kind of nightmare. I'm just dreaming, I am still asleep in my bed - I mean Kyouya can't be gay! He's my cousin for crying out loud!'

"Tamaki, I really think that it would be best if my cousin, Kai joins the Host Club. I believe that he is suited for the position, I guarantee that," Kyouya spoke with utmost confidence.

"But what other type can he be?! We have a long line of ranks that we must follow Kyouya… even if you are mother!" Tamaki exclaimed as he rushed over to a small blond boy sitting at a table eating strawberry shortcake.

"We already have the loli-shota type. Also the wild type," he turned to the taller teenager next to the short blond boy.

"There is also the devil type," he gestured to the identical twins who were in the middle of their forbidden brotherly love act.

"Kaoru, remember the time when we use to sleep together at night especially when there's a rain storm and that you -"

"Hikaru…," interrupted the younger twin, "Please no more…," he said with his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

"But I was going to tell the girls that you were so adorable when you cuddled next to me at night," said Hikaru looking a bit concerned and confused. "If you don't want me to go on then I won't," he said wrapping his arms around Kaoru pulling him closer.

"You've said enough Hikaru," said Kaoru resting his head on the older twin's shoulder.

The girls who were watching squealed so loud that they fainted from lack of air from such a lovely brotherly sight. On the other hand it disgusted Kairi but commented nothing about it. She had a feeling if she did trouble would be on the way.

Tamaki moved next to a normal looking boy with big chocolate brown eyes. He was having a normal conversation with the three girls around him.

"This is the natural type," he declared and rushed back to Kyouya's side. "Kyouya is the cool type. And lastly, but of course not the least, I am the prince type," he said pulling out a thorn less rose smiling, showing off his pearl white teeth making girls blush looking away but Kairi.

At this very moment Kairi wanted to be wiped from the face of the Earth. She couldn't' take it anymore, this was the most weirdest thing she has ever been to and seen with her own two sapphire eyes.

What was this club? Did it hold a lot of attraction in Japan's high school district? These were the questions that kept entering into her thoughts.

"Kai can be the bad punk type," suggested Kyouya.

'Kyouya, I am going to have a nice long talk with you tonight!' Kairi practically yelled in her thoughts, not that she wanted anyone to have heard her.

She was clenching her hands into tight fists and slowly unclenched them. This was the first time that Kairi had a difficult time containing her emotions, one in particular: anger.

"Bad… punk… type…?" asked the blonde teenager thinking, as he smoothly spoke each word. By now Kairi had caught on his name that it was Tamaki, he sounded dumbfounded by the words.

"Yes, the bad punk type," Kyouya repeated himself.

"Very well, he can be the bad punk type," said Tamaki agreeing with Kyouya's decision with a wave of his hand. "Alright everyone, return back to what they were doing before the commotion," he said walking back to the red arm chair he was occupying before.

'…but he was the one who caused the commotion as a big deal," Kairi thought flabbergast. She turned to look at Kyouya to see the very same smile from last night. At that moment she knew that it was the very smile that meant he was planning something, she had to remember it somehow.

Kairi pulled out her memo pad and quickly scribbled down the smile for future references.

"Kai-kun does not have any similar appearance as Kyouya-senpai," stated a random brunette girl.

"His actions are like Kyouya-senpai; writing on a note pad is so cute!" exclaimed another random girl which the both of them squealed.

"So who would like to designate my cousin, Kai as the bad punk type?" asked Kyouya gather the girl's attention.

In an instant many girls swarmed around Kyouya saying their names out loud.

Kairi was about to gape at her cousin's action but shook her head an looked off to the side.

She found herself looking out a near window, there was not a single cloud in the sky, not a single thing to worry about; like her mother once told her.

Just as Kairi was about to ponder of how her parents were doing she heard a few girls squealing ecstatically.

Kairi was now leaning against the wall, her hands were in her pocket as she looked out the window with a far off gaze. She turned her head at a slight angle to look at the girls and see them with their eyes shut tightly and they squealed even louder.

'I think I'll go deaf by the end of the day if they keep squealing so loud,' Kairi thought. She sighted looking up to the chandelier that glowed brightly, this was going to be a long day.

'I just want to wake up from this nightmare,' Kairi whined to herself with her eyes closed.