Inside the Third Music Room, Leon drowned out the conversation the seven boys were having. His mind was obviously occupied and didn't hear Haruhi mention his name. The others simply left him alone to wallow in his thoughts. So he took the time to smooth out any unnecessary wrinkles on his shoulder. Next he tugged at the hem of his new blazer, as if it didn't fit properly. The school's bright crest stood out on the breast pocket when he looked down, which brought a dreary sigh from him. The idea of him resuming school again, especially at Ouran high school, did not put Leon in a better mood. It was impossible for him to persuade his father to choose a different school, he already attempted and failed. Whenever his father came to a decision he wouldn't relinquish the thought of backing out. His father was not a man to be pushed, though with a deity's help, only God could move a mountain at will, to change his mind.

He feels his pant's pocket vibrate and knew it was instantly from Yui. She's the only one who has been calling him non-stop ever since he missed his flight. He had a three hour conversation on the phone last night with her. What else would she want to talk about now?

"This has to be the worst summer I have ever had in my entire life. None of us got to go anywhere and have fun. It was very annoying when the authorities kept getting in our way too."

Leon over hears one of the Hitachiin's opinion, he then jerks his head in the boys' direction, completely ignoring his vibrating cell. Leon wasn't sure which of the identical twins had spoken but this was the first time, ever since he met them, he agreed to the opinion.

"It couldn't be helped because of the swimming pool incident," Haruhi states, "Attacking a lifeguard wasn't a great way to start the summer."

"That lifeguard sounded just like Kai! She was shouting at people and at the same time eating watermelon," spoke one of the twins again.

Leon could feel the blood rise in his face. How could his beloved twin befriend with these jerks? He marches straight to the boys, "My sister is more refined for a young woman at her age than that crude lifeguard! And don't you dare compare them. Kairi looks nothing like that woman. It's impossible for Kairi to have grown her hair so fast and down to her buttocks!"

Kyouya suddenly looked up from the notebook that he was glancing through. A smirk slowly spreads across his lips and Leon knew then his cousin was already scheming something. The others didn't notice his odd movements until he spoke, "How long has it been since Kairi left?"

"Three months," Hunny was the one to reply with a frown.

It was obvious that everybody knew the answer to the question. For Leon it was definitely a new record for him not to see or talk to his sister. The new thought made him sigh exasperatedly.

What if they had managed to find Kairi?

What would they or she do when they got together again?

So many questions had bombarded Leon's mind at that very moment and he couldn't keep up with them. Those were the same questions he kept asking himself ever since the Host Club offered their help. He then holds a hand under his chin in a thoughtful manner.

Hypothetically, he tells himself, if they all managed to find her after all this time will he be able to say what he needs to? What if he blurted something he didn't want to? The list went on with his never ending questions.

He could only imagine what her reaction would be at his questions, in the end; he'd get hit over the head as the result for thinking such a thing, by Kairi.

"What exactly are you trying to suggest, Kyouya?" asked Tamaki.

Kyouya close his notebook and then leans against the corner table with an expectant look. "Why do you think it has taken us so long to search for her? Do you think we might have overlooked a few things?" His voice turned sour near the end, he didn't like the idea of making a mistake by overlooking something as simple as this. "It's the swimming pool we made a mistake at."

"You mean we shouldn't have attacked the lifeguard?" asked the twins in unison.

"We were not supposed to harm people in the first place," Haruhi tells them.

"What did we overlook Kyo-chan?" asked Hunny looking eager.

"Consider the amount of time since we all last saw Kairi. Wouldn't it have been more than enough time for her to change her appearance?"

Leon raises an eye brow as he searched through the thin layers in Kyouya's words to find the real meaning to them. His mouth drops in shock and stutters, "Y-you mean that lifeguard was actually my sister!"

"I don't believe she was. I'm trying to say Kairi may have altered her appearance without any of us realizing it, considering her hobby is to cross-dress."

The poor Itou takes a step back as if he has seen a monster appear before him. "It can't be… she couldn't have turned herself into a real transvestite!"

Haruhi knocks him on the side of the head, "let's not assume on the extreme side Leon."

Kyouya clears his throat, "We shall pretend that Kairi right now is taking on the appearance of a male then we will need to find a way to lure her back to us and have her reveal herself."

"The real question appears again: how can we find her?" Tamaki places a hand under his chin.

"Mori, I want more cake," mumbled Hunny.

Kyouya glanced over to Hunny, his smirk remained. "What a wonderful idea Hunny-sempai. Leon, do you know if Kairi likes deserts?"

"I think she does…. Yui did give her a lot of treats almost everyday when she went to visit my sister. What exactly are you planning Kyouya? It better not have to do anything that forces Kairi to do something she doesn't want to."

Tamaki takes a step forward, "Don't worry Leon. Whatever Kyouya has in mind, we must have faith." He turns to Kyouya with a pout. "Won't you tell me the plan already Kyouya! I believe I should know too!"

The tall teen raises the bridge of his glasses further up on his nose and says, "Everyone, it's time we brush up on our other hosting skills."

Leon rolls up the white sleeves up to his elbows and wipes the countertop before him. He makes a casual glance over his shoulder to see a large sign mounted on the wall above him, it read: Dessert Paradise.

All thanks to Mitsukuni Haninozuka's family who owns this place, Kyouya's plan became effective after two weeks when Leon had went to the music room. It was a small fundamental space and the loli-shota boy was more than eager to turn the place into a café. Everyone agreed that the location, beside the new amusement park: Lex Way gave them a better advantage to find Kairi.

Leon hoped Kairi would drop by today, as he had hoped the other day as well. Their waiting game began anew.

He hears a classical music to his left and turns to find Tamaki playing the grand piano. Tamaki was the one to propose the idea for everyone to experience the work of a Commoner. This led the club's activities to be cancelled, not that anyone minded, besides the customers. It was a "Hands on Common-life fieldtrip" Tamaki had called it. The power of being the Chairman's son had many benefits, Leon acknowledges Tamaki's position.

From the bustling and crowded room Haruhi appears before Leon and places a pink order slip.

"Do you remember which glasses to use?"

The brown haired boy nods.

"The Amethyst cups with the grapevine pattern are used for ice cream and/or jello and pudding. The Frosted Baby Blue cups are for the sundaes and parfait. And the Frosted Green cups are mostly used for sundae floats."

It didn't take him long to memorize which cup to use since he was standing behind the counter for the last three hours. He pulls out two Frosted Baby Blue cups from the second shelf below the counter.

Haruhi smiles, "Kyouya said you can take a break in half an hour so hang in there."

"Hey miss, we're ready to order," a customer waved his arm in the air.

As Haruhi walked away Leon wondered why Haruhi was the only one wearing a waitress outfit, as he maneuvers through the room. This wasn't the only time he's seen Haruhi wear feminine outfits either, whenever the Club would put on some sort of theme he'd be wearing female costumes. Does Haruhi like to cross-dress as Kairi too? He has been pondering about it for some time but never got enough courage to ask Haruhi and left it at that. So in conclusion, he came up with the idea that Haruhi was some sort of sick twisted pervert.

He takes two scoops full of chocolate cake without icing and layers them with cinnamon powder and ice cream and whip cream. At the top he takes two strawberries and cut them into fours and places them around the ice cream on each glass. He crisscrosses a bit of strawberry and chocolate syrup to complete the parfaits.

"Table four's Chocolate Delight is ready," he spoke into the ear piece he and the others wore.

Hikaru, wearing the red apron with three divided pockets, comes to the counter. He replaces the two cups with three order pink slips. "These orders have been waiting for the last ten minutes so you better hurry."

"It would help if you brought the slips to me right after you've taken the orders instead of wandering around," Leon said glancing over the slips, pulling out four Frosted Green cups and three Amethyst cups.

"Why don't you switch places with me and let me know how it goes," he said sarcastically and left.

"Table one, six and seven's special drinks are ready," Hikaru and Leon hear Hunny's voice through the head piece.

Leon glances to the loli-shota boy placing several colored vintage cups, one after another on the counter. Mori was also at his side but cutting pieces of pastries customers have ordered. Kaoru was wearing the white apron with three divided pockets, he loads the full cups onto his serving tray before disappearing into the crowds.

"Target has been spotted," Leon hears Kyouya's voice. "She is accompanied with two people at table five."

'This is the moment I've been waiting for!' was the first thought that came to Leon. He automatically drowns out the rest of Kyouya's words as he glances over to table five's direction. His eyes widen and joy overwhelms him. Without consciously realizing it Leon takes off the apron he was wearing and places it on the counter. He walks around the counter, about to head over to the table but a hand rests on his shoulder. It was Mori's hand.

Hunny grins broadly at him, "Remember the plan Lee-kun. We can't waste a perfect chance like this. Afterwards we can have lots of cake and desert to celebrate."

The Itou boy makes another glance to the table but reluctantly heads to the back room of the café with Mori and Hunny. The others were gathered there as well.

Kyouya checks his wristwatch and announce, "Kairi should be here in two minutes. Everyone get into position."

Leon takes in many deep breaths as the others rush off to the next hidden room behind him. A click was heard from the door then he sighs.

'Ok, I can do this, I can do this. This shouldn't be so hard, I mean, Kairi is my sister after all.' He could feel a bead of sweat roll down his forehead. In alarm he pulls out a handkerchief from his pant's pocket and dabs his head with the cloth. 'Calm down, after this conversation I'll know what to do. No more confusion.'

"This way Miss Itou," Leon hears a waitress from behind, he quickly stuffs the cloth back into his pocket.

The door in front of him swings open and he watch the person wearing an identical face as his enter the room. The familiar auburn eyebrows rise as their eyes locked together.

"Uh…, long time no see?" Leon said scratching the side of his head. At this moment he wished he had some sort of super power that gave him the ability to read people's mind. He didn't like the puzzled expression his sister gave him.

"...I thought you'd left by now."

"W-well I couldn't go home when there are many things left unfinished here."

He blinks a few times and tells himself this was not a dream. He is talking to Kairi again, his twin, the beloved his sister he cared about but never had the time for her. There was no way he could ruin this perfect chance like Hunny had mentioned. His vision began to blur as he tries to get a good look at his sister.

A grin appears on his face, 'This would be a great time to die while I have my new memory of Kairi embedded in my eyes.'

No matter how much he looked there were no traces of Kairi wearing male clothing. She wore a violet v-shaped tank top, it was more revealing than it should've been but he was content, and a flowing violet skirt down to her ankle. Also, from the looks of it Kairi has been trying to grow out her hair again, it's at shoulder length. Now this is a dream come true, his eyes began to turn on the waterworks, until a voice snapped him back to reality.

"krrk, What are you doing? Wake up and get with the program here!"
"I had to make sure you were doing well without the Ootori's help," he said weakly, secretly thanking Tamaki.

"As you can see for yourself I'm doing fine on my own. If this is the last unfinished work on your list then you should go back home and be with Yui."

The smile Leon had fades away, he then looks down to the plaid carpet. "I… don't have that option anymore," he said quietly. He begins to dig his shoe between the black and red colors of the carpet.

"What do you mean?"

Hesitantly he slowly looks up to his sister, "I rejected the official engagement date and all of it with Yui and with Father." He also wanted to add, last night, but thought against it.

He watches his identical face frown in anger. This was something he was not expecting to see.

"You think I'm some kind of idiot who was born yesterday!?" Kairi spoke while gritting her teeth. "Just because you refuse the engagement now doesn't mean I'll be coming back."

He shakes his head, "No, I didn't do if for that reason at all! Wait, the thought did cross my mind but that's not the point! Don't go yet Kairi!" He takes a few steps forward when she had turned around and reached for the door knob. "While the time you were gone I reflected a lot and I've made up my mind. I want to apologize for all the stupid stuff I've done in the past and… ignoring you. There has to be some kind of way for me to make it all up to you sis."

"I don't know if there is a way," she said quietly and looks back at him. "How did you find me?"

"It wasn't easy for the past three months. Besides, I want to find out why you didn't bid a proper good bye when you left. Did that mean you were planning to come back, to the boys, and to Ouran?"

"I'm pretty sure I said "good bye" to everyone."

"They're not going to accept it, I can tell you that."

The door behind Leon opens and everyone enters the room wearing casual clothing. Leon spins around and thinks, 'That's not fair!' Leon thought, 'I should've changed out of these stupid uniform clothes too!'

"Kai-chan! We missed you!" Hunny sprints across the room and embraces her. "You look pretty dressed like this."

Kairi frowns, "You guys were here the entire time?"

"Of course, Kai-ri," Tamaki sounded uncertain with pronouncing her name.

"I don't mind if you just call me Kai."

"How can I do such a thing," he was shocked by the idea, "Beautiful princesses should be called by their beautiful given name from birth!"

A knock was heard and the door swings open. A male with ash mauve eyes looks into the room. He opened his mouth but a girl suddenly shoves him out of the way.

"Kairi, babe, Eichi and I were wondering what was taking you so long. So who are these guys?" Yuna asked.

"Someone I know?" Kairi sounded uncertain with the choice of words she used.

"Well?" the dark haired girl taps her foot.

"Well what?"

"Introduce me already," Yuna mouthed the words.

Kairi scratches the side of her head and says, "They are seriously out of your league."

"You're so mean! Not telling me you knew this many hot guys. It's a no wonder why you didn't look interested in anyone at the school because -"

"That's not true!" Kairi interjected.

"Oh? Then tell me who you like?"

Eichi was still standing at the door, looking at Kairi with excitement but at the same time worry in his eyes.

Leon frowns, "There was someone you like and you didn't tell me sis?"

Yuna turns to him and stares wide eyes, "You didn't tell me you had a brother!" She looks back at Kairi with a mischievous look. "You definitely have a lot of explaining to do my dear friend."

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