The party sucked. Not that she had expected it to be the best party ever, but she was Glinda Upland, so maybe that was what she'd expected. And why shouldn't she?

It was everything she'd ever dreamed of, and nothing like she wanted it to be.

Everyone was there, but someone was missing.

Just a few months ago she would have done anything to earn Madame Morrible's praise, but now it just made her feel worse. And the groom-to-be certainly wasn't helping. Fiyero had changed. Glinda's first thought was that it was a recent thing, but the more she thought about it, she knew that wasn't true. He'd been different since that day Doctor Dillamond had been taken away. Elphaba had changed him; she'd changed them all. She'd changed this, this day that Glinda had been planning since she could plan anything. Her very own happy ending. Glinda marveled at how one awkward, outspoken girl had changed her so completely.

The party fulfilled her dreams, but she couldn't be happy. Not without her best friend.