Date Written: January 22, 2007

WARNINGS! Much of the sexual innuendos and KuroFai-ness.

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"Oh, this? It's a hickie."

And thus began the plethora of awkward moments Syaoran would experience throughout this journey. The poor boy would be shown an entirely different dimension that was able to and did travel along with Sakura and him. The dimension's name? Kurogane and Fai. But let's go more into this discussion between young Syaoran and Fai, shall we?

"Fai-san, what on earth is that on your neck?" Syaoran had exclaimed.

Fai casually picked up one of the spoons from the kitchen where he was busy preparing their breakfast and looked to where Syaoran was pointing. He then laughed and said, "Oh, this? It's a hickie."

Syaoran had never had much experience with boys his age as he was too busy helping his father and now there was the whole get Princess Sakura's feathers to get her memories back, yadda yadda, so he had never learned much about couple interactions. It was quite predictable that he asked next, "What's a hickie?"

Not missing a beat, Fai said, "A mark."

"It's not a mark of an illness, is it? If so, we should get you a doctor right away! It's turned purple!"

"Calm down, Syaoran-kun! I should have been more specific. It's a bruise."

"Oh. What did you do to get such a big one?"

"Inquisitive as always, aren't we? Well, let's turn this into a fun learning opportunity! Now, if you examine this bruise, you will see that there are marks surrounding it. Do you see them?" Syaoran nodded as Fai leaned down for him to get a better look. "If you were to find the matching marks to something in this house, that is what gave me this bruise. Okay?"

"O-okay, but Fai-san… they look like… like... teeth marks?"

"Very good, Syaoran-kun! You're so smart! Now just go and find the matching set!" Fai punctuated this command with a cheer leader type pose.

Syaoran didn't know what to say, so he just nodded again and left the kitchen. He wasn't about to go and examine everyone's mouth, but the thought just woldn't leave him. What were the person's motives for biting Fai on the neck and leaving such a large bruise? He quickly took out himself, Fai, and Sakura from the list of suspects and then was pondering whether or not Mokona had teeth (he never really thought to look before). Kurogane, however, was just a very strange thought. Syaoran knew they fought very often, but would Kurogane really bite Fai like that? He seemed to be the type who wanted to kill Fai with a sword, not his mouth.

Suddenly, the subject of his recent thoughts came around the corner and put his hand on Syaoran's forehead to keep from running into him. "Don't walk around when you're thinking like that," he muttered.

"Ah, sorry, Kurogane-san!" Syaoran quickly said. He then thought that he better ask his question just to double check Kurogane wasn't the biting type. "Um, I have a question, Kurogane-san…"


"Um, well, uh, I was just, um, wondering, uh…"

"Spit it out, kid!"

"Well… would you ever bite Fai-san?"

"… Why?"

"Um, Fai-san has this terrible bruise on his neck that he said was from someone biting him and-"

"That idiot!" Kurogane quickly ran to the kitchen where Syaoran heard much yelling along the lines of,

"What the hell were you thinking telling the kid that!"

"I didn't see the harm in it."

"If he didn't know what it was to begin with, you should have just kept it as a


"I did because it is. It's a bruise that Kuro-myuu gave me this morning that happens to also be called a hickie!"

"Shut up, you want that bun to hear you? And why did you tell him to go and FIND the person, of all things!"

"I thought that it would be a wonderful hands-on learning experience for Syaoran on the birds and the bees!"

And that is what made Syaoran realize what a hicky really was. Needless to say, he didn't spend much time around Kurogane and Fai for the rest of the day. Instead, he went to his local library and secretly checked out a book all about such things in hopes of avoiding another moment like that days'. Oh, how wrong he was to think such a thing.


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