Date Written: June 12, 2007

Summary: Poor, poor Sakura. Around all of those men.

WARNINGS! Lady things.


It was a pleasant morning in the Mokona family. Syaoran had actually slept peacefully, and the feather was retrieved just the other day, thus ending all of that world's issues. Since it was such a quiet one, the group had decided to stay just one more day for some rest and relaxation. Even better, Sakura had given Syaoran a kiss on the cheek for standing up to that mean duke. Honestly, things could not have been better that morning. Plus, he could smell Fai's special cinnamon buns and they were coaxing Syaoran to hurry downstairs.

With a skip in his step and a tune in his heart, Syaoran waltzed down the hall, happy as could be. It seems the boy is oblivious to this being a bad omen, though.

Right when he passed by the bathroom, he heard Sakura let out a small screech of terror. Moving quickly, Syaoran hurried back to the door (all two paces) and said while knocking, "Princess! Is everything alright?" He waited patiently for five seconds before knocking harder and shouting, "Princess! What happened?! Are you okay?!"

Before Syaoran was about to kick the door down (even though it was unlocked, it would just look seriously cool like in the movies and stuff), he heard Sakura hesitantly whisper, "I… I'm not, um… sure."

What is that supposed to mean? Syaoran thought. He shrugged it off as just a weird girl thing and said, "Are you hurt?"

"… I don't know if this counts."

Okay, this was getting a bit frustrating. Sakura had never been so cryptic as she was in those past two sentences. Wait, Syaoran thought, she has been acting really weird lately. She had that strange freak out yesterday about it never being the right temperature and she has been having those stomach problems. Oh my god! What if it's a stomach ulcer?!

"Do you need me to come in there?!" Syaoran continued.

"Well… I need something… but, uh, I don't know… who to ask?" She seemed to be struggling to speak, Syaoran realized. This was something that required more man power than just him.

"I'll be right back, princess!" As he ran off, he almost thought he heard her answer, "Take your time!" Rushing into the kitchen like a chicken with its head chopped off, Syaoran shouted, "Sakura is in trouble!"

Looking over his shoulder from the eggs, Fai said, "I thought she was taking a shower. Did she slip on the soap?"

It appeared Sakura had been in trouble one too many times. The shock must have worn off of the statement, because Kurogane was still struggling with eating his breakfast, Mokona was still teasing him about it, and Fai just looked at Syaoran like he had said, "Why, good morning to you, Fai-san! I do believe that the weather today shall be in the mid to low 70's and partly cloudy! What say we have a picnic?"

Syaoran shook his head at that way too long reflection. "No! She… Well, I don't know what's wrong, but it's something! She says she needs, um… something. She was being really vague. But we have to help her!"

"How was she acting?" Kurogane asked, dropping the knife and fork in an obvious annoyed manner (that usually happened early in the morning in worlds without chopsticks).

"Weird. She was saying that something was wrong, but she wouldn't say what. And when I asked her if she was hurt, she said that she wasn't sure if what was wrong with her counted as being hurt. But I'm really worried about her, Kurogane-san! You've seen how she's been acting and what she's been eating the past few days!"

"Yeah." Sighing, Kurogane got up from the table and made his way towards the bathroom, Syaoran, Fai, and Mokona close behind. Well, Syaoran was technically all around Kurogane, bouncing like he desperately needed to use the vicinities when in reality he was just trying to keep himself from begging Kurogane to walk faster. He knew better than to pester the man when in a situation that may require his amazing skills.

After taking a few seconds or hours, depending on your personality at the time, to walk down the hall, the group stopped in front of the door. Fai held Syaoran's shoulders to stop the bouncing as Kurogane knocked on it.

"Y-Yes?" Sakura's small voice came through after a while.

"Oi, princess," Kurogane began. "You bleeding?"

Immediately, a horrified cry was heard. Mokona looked concerned, Kurogane looked exasperated, Fai made that, "ah" sound indicating he understood something, but Syaoran flipped out.

"Blood?!" he near girly screamed. Not taking any time to think, Syaoran lunged past Kurogane and for the door, opening it at the same time Kurogane grabbed his collar to try to hold him back.

When Sakura heard the door open and saw Syaoran, she let out an ear piercing screech and proceeded to throw bars of soap at the boy. Syaoran didn't understand why. He was just trying to help his princess! He even saw some blood stains on her bath robe and was about to offer a ripped off piece of his shirt, just like the guys in the movies do.

"I'm sorry, but get out!" Sakura was yelling.

"I'm sorry, princess, but I just want to help! We need to sto-!"

Suddenly, he was thrown backwards out of the bathroom and into Fai. Too shocked to say anything, all Syaoran could do was look up at Fai with a look of confusion and pain that his princess would abuse him with soap. Mokona gave him a little pat on the head to help ease his aching heart.

"Is this a new thing or have you had it before?" Kurogane was saying, the door cracked just a little to allow better communication.

"This is the first time," Sakura whispered.

"Right. Kid, go to the store and get some… you know."

"Sanitation napkins," Fai finished.

Realization dawned on the boy at the same time Sakura let out another agonizing moan of horror. It really was weird girl things. And Syaoran had just made it so much worse for the her. He wanted to crawl into a hole and never see the light of day again (that made two people). He couldn't say anything as Fai steadied him and gave him some money.

"Kuro-rin, would you please ask Sakura-chan what kind she would like?" Fai said.

"Why me?" Kurogane asked. "I think my job is finished here."

"Well, compared to Syaoran-kun, Mokona, and I, you're the expert on this subject. Am I right?" Kurogane snorted and looked off to the side. "Of course I'm right. Kuro-pipi had Tomoyo-chan to look after so it just makes sense that he had to deal with these things and that makes him the best person to sympathize with Sakura-chan! Now go comfort your lovely daughter, Kuro-daddy!"

"I'm not going in there!" Kurogane hissed, trying to keep Sakura from hearing him. "She'll just be even more embarrassed!"

"I'm just asking you to ask her if she wants a specific kind and try to make her feel better," Fai whispered back, a bit of irritation in his voice. Syaoran, meanwhile, was still standing there doing a fantastic job of shutting up.

"Which I'm going to ask, just not in there!"

"But if she has to tell you through the door then all of us will hear and she's sensitive at this time."

"No kidding! But you're going to find out anyway, so she'll just have to suck it up."

"Don't be so insensitive to your daughter!"

"She's not my daughter!"

"Um, Ku-Kurogane-san?" Sakura called.

"Huh?" Kurogane grunted, still glaring at Fai.

"Did… Did you have to do this with Tomoyo-chan, too?"

Fai's smile grew to maximum happy as Kurogane turned his attention back to the door. "Kind of. She actually came running into one of my training sessions with the guards and announced to me she was a woman as of whatever time she had discovered it. It was more embarrassing for me than her, obviously."

"I'm sorry about this."

"Don't be sorry for something that just happens. There are worse things in life. Like an idiot mage who won't stop fake crying!"

"It's just so adorable!" Fai sobbed into Mokona. "Father and daughter bonding! I wish I had a camera!" Sakura squeaked at that and shut the door completely. "I wasn't being serious, Sakura-chan!"

"Just shut up, you're not helping! Kid!" Syaoran snapped back to reality after going into his happy place. "Just ask the lady at the counter for them. She'll probably be able to help you."

"Wh-What?!" Syaoran barely got out.

"Go to the drug store down the road and ask for ones for girls that are just… starting. You got that?"


It was then that Kurogane officially mastered the "look." Not the normal look that he gives when annoyed, but the dreaded glare that fathers give their kids when the kid is about to protest against something. That had Syaoran just nodding and leaving as fast as possible with Mokona jumping onto his head. Not to mention completely forgetting all about what his mission was.



1.) Men are such pansies when confronted with women issues. I WAS going to go ahead and go into Syaoran's trip to the store, but decided to make this a two parter. Oh, and for the future, this was atually posted November 25. Yes, I started AND finished this in June... and frankly, have no clue why I didn't post it until now. -yawns- Whatever, I'm tired.

2.) (side note) I couldn't help it, I ADORE Kuro/Saku/father/daughter bonding! And we all know that Kurogane is the REAL woman in the marriage.

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