A/N: I've only changed a few things. Lorelai has an older sister named Elisabeth, but will go by Elisa. Elisa has her own family and lives in Boston. Other than that, everything else is practically the same. Rory is sixteen. Lorelai is thirty-two. Elisa is forty. At the time, Lorelai is with Max. Rory is with Dean. A good time period would be roughly, early in the second season.

It was a lazy summer evening in the Gilmore house. The cool air-conditioner ran nearly nonstop as Lorelai and Rory relaxed on the couch. They were both attentively attracted to the television. It wasn't anything special, just a documentary on the History channel about the Mayan empire. They had both seen it several times, and Rory had recently went over it in class. Usually, they would rent a stack of movies and be content, but Eddie, the owner of the Stars Hollow video store, had gone on vacation for a week and shut down the video store.

The whole town seemed dull and sweaty. It was too hot to do much of anything, so everyone had stayed horded up in their cool houses doing as little as possible. It was one of the hottest summers on record in Stars Hollow. Taylor had promised that construction on a community pool would be finished within the next few weeks and then everyone would have a place to go on these miserably humid days. Until then, the best suffice was keeping cool indoors or accidentally hooking a water hose onto a fire hydrant. After a few local teens tried this a couple times, Taylor threatened to hire a fire hydrant guard to keep them away. Ironically, Kirk was enthused about the idea and was the only person to not only take Taylor's threat seriously, but also apply for the job and therefore was hired immediately.

After several minutes of silence between them, Rory spoke, but kept her constant stare at the television.

"My feet are cold." She stated with little concern or emotion.

"Socks." Lorelai replied just as emotionless. Her gaze never breaking the television screen either.


Lorelai finally broke her stare, and glanced over at her daughter. "You want me to get them?" she asked nearly astonished by the idea.

Rory looked over at her mother. "You're closer."

"I'm closer?"

"You're sitting on that side of the couch… that side of the couch is closer to my bedroom." Rory concluded.

"Yeah, but it's your bedroom… and your socks… and your feet that are cold."

"But you're my mother. You're supposed to take care of me. Feed me when I'm hungry. Cloth me when I'm cold."

"Take you to a hospital when you've obviously hit your head against something hard and sharp."

Rory sighed. "Fine. But one day, you'll want me to do something for you and I'll remember the horrible time that I had to get my own socks."

As Rory stood from the couch and headed towards her bedroom, the phone rang. Lorelai glanced over the back of the couch. "Hey, while you're up get the phone."

Rory stuck her head back into the living room. "I seem to recall a time that my feet were cold and I asked …"

"Never mind." Lorelai quickly jumped up from the couch. "Damn, karma." She muttered as she picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Lorelai, how are you?"

A large exhale exited Lorelai's body. "Hi, mom. I'm fine, how are you?"

"I'm marvelous, thank you for asking. I have wonderful news." Emily patiently waited for her daughter to ask about the "wonderful" news."

Finally, after a long pause. "What's the news, mom?" Lorelai humored.

"Your sister called from Boston a little while ago. It seems that Bailey and her will be coming to visit for a few weeks."

"Visit?" Lorelai asked. This was certainly unexpected.

"Yes!" Emily exclaimed. "Bailey is coming to Hartford to work with a client and Elisa thought it was just too perfect of an idea to bring the entire family along and have a well waited and deserved visit."

"Well, you know what they say about things being too perfect." Lorelai began.

"Oh, come now. It's been ages since you've last seen your sister, let alone even spoken to her."

"And they've been good ages, mom."

"Honestly, Lorelai. You're both adults now. It's high time you put those silly fights behind you and be thankful that you have each other. Why, I don't believe Elisa has seen Rory since she was a baby. And her children have grown tremendously since you've seen them last."

"Mom, I keep Elisa out of mine and Rory's life for a reason." Lorelai defended. "And we never had "silly" fights… They were massive, colossal, battles of morality and freedom."

"Oh, now you're just being dramatic." Emily rolled her eyes. "You might as well make the best of it, Lorelai. I'm still entitled to my Friday night dinners, so you're not going to able to avid her."

"Why does it sound like you're setting me up?" Lorelai asked suspiciously. "Are you wanting to see a fight? Let me guess, tired of the heat always coming in your direction? 'Oh, I know, I'll bring together my two daughters for a few weeks. They're sworn enemies and have nearly succeeded in assassinating the other several times, so it's sure to be superb.'" Lorelai mocked.

"Yes, Lorelai, that's exactly what this is all about. See you, Friday." Emily ended in an eerily cherry voice.

Rory had since returned to the living room and cuddled up again on the couch, her feet warm and toasty. Lorelai trudged over and carelessly flopped onto the sofa making a loud huffing noise as she did so.

"Grandma?" Rory asked.

"Meh…" Lorelai replied.

"Did she volunteer you for something again?"

"Worse." Lorelai sighed. "My sister is coming to Hartford."

Rory's attention fell solely upon her mother. "Wow…. I had practically forgotten about her. I mean, we never talk about her."

"With good cause." Lorelai added. "Mom, couldn't be more thrilled. I could literally hear the party poppers going off in the background."

Rory knew that her aunt Elisa was one of Lorelai's least favorite people. One time, when Friday night dinners were just beginning, Emily brought up her eldest daughter's name and Lorelai nearly launched a full blown missile attack. Since that day, both Emily and Richard had never referred to her again.

Rory had often wondered what it was that made Lorelai hate her sister so much. It wasn't in Lorelai's nature to dislike someone without a proper cause. Nevertheless, Rory never mentioned her aunt. She never questioned Lorelai at all about the subject. In her opinion, if Lorelai wanted her to know she would tell her.

"Well, we're stuck with her for a few weeks." Lorelai's voice sounded hard and annoyed. "At least it'll only be on Fridays."

"She has children… right?" Rory asked.

"Elisa? Oh, yeah… yeah. Two of them. Such darling children at that." Lorelai smiled Her tone obviously drowned with sarcasm. "Have I ever told you their names?"

Rory thought for a moment. "No… I don't think so."

"Well, just to prove how unbelievably vain my sister truly is, I'll tell you. Her son is named Richard Bailey Harrison and she named her daughter, Emalisa Alexandra Harrison."

Rory studied the names in her mind. "So, she named one after Grandpa and the other…"

"It's a combination of her name and mom's." Lorelai grinned. "Although, clever, still unbelievably vain."

"Vain, because?"

"Because she knows she's mom and dad's favorite and therefore, she had to name her children after them. See, it's like a indirect stab at me."

"Well, you named me after yourself."

"Yeah, but that was only to make sure you turned out exactly like me." Lorelai sounded half serious.

"I'm sure it won't be so bad. It may even be fun."

"Oh, to be young and blissfully ignorant."

"Mom." Rory replied a bit offended. "I'm just trying to be optimistic."

"Let's just forget about it for now, huh? It's two whole days till Friday." Lorelai stared back at the television. "Why are we watching this?" she asked disgustingly.

"Video store closed."

"Oh, yeah, right." She settled back in under her blanket. "Pass the popcorn."

"I seem to remember a time when…" Rory began.

A quick and cutting glimpse from Lorelai hushed Rory immediately. "Sorry." Rory replied, trying not to laugh. She handed Lorelai the bowl of popcorn.