Elizabeth was devastated, there was no other way to put it. And as she sat on the window sill, watching the sun shining brightly, lighting the jungle, and seeing the birds chirping cheerfully, she was also angry.

If the weather had been reflecting her mood, then the lovely tree that a particularly obnoxious jay was now lounging in, would have been flattened by the ferocious gale that she could feel stirring inside. The sky would be as black as the Pearl's sails and the wind tearing swiftly into anything barring it's way as the sky wept endlessly.

She had realized, the moment she had stepped into the longboat and seen Will's face, that the engagement was off. No matter what she said to him, it was over, and the caustic knowledge had settled like a poison around her heart, threatening to kill.

The truth couldn't save her, it would only mire her. Love was lost because of one lie, one thing meant to remain hidden. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to end like this. She loved him. The one time Jack had decided to do what was right, ended in chains and a watery grave. It was her fault and her heart wouldn't let her forget it.

The irony of the whole situation was almost laughable. Almost. In order to save Will and herself, she had betrayed a friend to his death, with something as simple, and deadly to her, as a kiss. And the scary thing was, deep down, there was a small part of her that had enjoyed the kiss.

And now, a week later from the horrid ordeal, she was setting sail with Barbossa, someone she loathed and with Will, who now despised her, all to undo the damage which she had caused in the first place.

It was a mess...One big mess with the word PIRATE in big red letters plastered all over.

Elizabeth allowed the gentile rocking of the ship to lull her to sleep. Her dream was blurry, as if seeing something through a clouded glass. She saw the Pearl, snapping like twig, in an uproar of white water. She was sitting in the longboat, clutching her knees, her eyes brimming with tears. She could feel the intensity of the glare Will was giving her, she shivered, tears running down her face. The glare didn't let up, the anger was still there.

The ocean darkened, and an unearthly mist came up out of the depths, enveloping Elizabeth in darkness. She now stood on an unfamiliar shore. She could only see twenty yards around her, the rest of the island shrouded, shadowed, distorted.

The ground was shaking. Elizabeth fell to her knees, hearing something else besides the earthquake. A voice singing in the distance, a voice she knew.

"Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me...

...Yo ho...a pirate's life...a pirate's...life...

for...a pirate's life...yo ho...for me..."

The ground stopped shaking. Elizabeth didn't notice, all she knew at the moment was the song, lapsing into itself. Strong in parts and then receding almost to a whisper... Ethereal and at the same time, the realest thing she had known in days.

"We pillage...and...don't give...

a hoot...pillage and plunder...drink

up...drink...me hearties...drink up me hearties

...yo...ho...a pirate's...life...life...for..."

Elizabeth stood quickly, and the singing stopped. The sky quickly darkened. She felt a hand on her shoulder and whirled around, trembling. Nothing. She tentatively felt the area with her hands, expecting an attack at any moment. Once again, nothing.

"We're beggars...Blighters...ne'er do well cads...

drink up...me hearties yo ho...and blighters...ne'er do well...

...cads, drink up...me hearties...me hearties...yo ho..yo ho...

a pirate's life for...me...for me...a pirate's


The wind picked up again, blowing silver grains into the sky. And with the wind, she heard the song again, much louder this time. Although she couldn't remember whose voice it was, she knew one thing for certain. Whoever it was, he was coming closer.

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