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Chapter: Guardian Angel

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford an attorney one will be appointed to you...

Olivia watched as they arrested the girl. Olivia couldn't believe this was happening. She had to stop this, she had to...

Hours later liv' arrived at the holding cell.

She sat in front of the girl. .

"Why Didn't you tell them." Olivia asked tears rolling down her eyes.

"I have my reasons." The girl said not looking at Olivia.

"Your going to jail for what–."

"It doesn't matter, What's done is done."

"No you cant stay here, you cant–."

"Don't let this be harder than it should be liv'."

"Just tell them the truth so you can get out please." Olivia pleaded. Breaking down.

The girl took Olivia's hand and look in her eyes.

"Liv you have everything going for you im not going to take that away."

"Fine then im going to tell them."

"No your not. Your going to go home and act like nothing has happen. Your going on with your life, pursue your passion and don't look back."

Olivia wiped away her tears. "I don't know if I can."

"You can and you will."

The guard called from out side. "Time!" The officer came in. "Visiting hours are up."

"Just a minute frank." The girl said to the officer. She turn to Olivia. "You have to do this ok."


"No but's liv. You cant change the past. Just...just don't forget me ok."

"Ill never forget you."

The next day Olivia sits in the court room audience. Waiting for the verdict.

The 1st juror stood up. "We the jury find the defendant... guilty."

The words pierced Olivia. She couldn't believe it... She saw the girl being handcuffed. She looked in her eyes.

"I love you." Olivia whispered. Tears rolling down her eyes.

The girl smiled, tears also forming in her eyes.

The officer led the girl away...

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Olivia eyes snapped open. She turned to her right to see the time. 4:39.

"Great." She sighs.

Olivia got up and went to the bathroom. She splashed some water on her face and looked in the mirror.

"What's happening to me?"

She was having flashbacks all week, and all those dreams-memories rather-. There getting clearer, more real... She thought she buried those memories away. It was more then 10 years ago since it happen, but that night still haunts her...

Olivia walked in the station. Still tired. Still broken inside. She sat down.

"You ok liv'." Elliot asked seeing the frustrated liv.

"Yeah im fine, just tired that's all. Excuse me." Olivia got up and went to the restroom.

She had to get away from the ghost that haunts her. She had to get away from the pain. She looked in the mirror. She looked like crap. She notice tears coming down her eyes. She couldn't keep them from falling.

The door open. Casey came walking in. She spotted Olivia.

"Liv you ok." She asked coming towards her and putting her arm around her.

"Yeah im fine."

"You look like crap."

Olivia looked at Casey smiling. "Thanks for the comforting words." She said sarcastically.

"I Didn't mean it like that, I just, well you know."


"What's bothering you liv'."

"Nothing just stuff."

"What kind of stuff."

"What's up with the interrogation Novak."

"Im just trying to see What's wrong."

"I know and I appreciate it but, everything ok." Olivia said as she began walking.

"Liv did you drop this?"

Olivia turned around to see Casey holding a necklace which held a ring. She took the necklace from Casey .

"Yeah I did thanks."

"No problem. Liv are you sure your ok."

"Yeah I am, thanks Casey." She said. With that she left...

She needed a break from everything. To much was going on, to much...

Later that day they(Liv & Elliot) was called to a hospital-rape incident-.

(Scene) They arrived to the hospital. Elliot talked to the nurse, while liv' went in the victims room. There she saw a woman around her late 20's early 30's.


"Yes. Who are you."

"Det. Benson."

"You're here to talk about the rape."

"Do you me telling me."

The young lady told her story while liv' took notes...

Later that day

Olivia and elliot are sitting going over the case, when Cragen came over.

"Did you get a description on your rapist."

"Yeah we did, but Didn't much narrow it."

"Well this should." Came a voice behind them. "Your victim has HIV." Melinda said.

"She says the rapist Didn't wear a condom."

"We looking at a rapist with HIV."...

Hours later Olivia arrived at Megan apartment. She knocks on the door. She heard numerous of locks, then the door open. There stood Megan.

"Det. What are you doing here."

"We have a break in the case."

"Um ok, come in."

They went in and sat down.

"So what can I do for you det."

"Well, we um, found something that can help us catch your rapist."

"Ok what is it."

"Well...your...he might...–."

"Have HIV." Megan said finishing Olivia's sentence.

"Yeah."Olivia said softly.

"Ok well was that all."

"Um well–."

At that moment the door open, and there walked in a lady.

"Hey Megan im back, oh I Didn't know you had company."

"Yeah this is det. Benson."

Olivia tuned around to see the woman. Her face went pale.

"Olivia?" The woman whispered.

"Yall two no each other?" Megan asked.

Olivia couldn't speak. She couldn't move. She couldn't believe...

"I know of her."

"Well she's here to talk about the rape."

"Did you catch the bastard who did this to her."

"We...were working on it."


"Det. Benson was just about to go over something w/ me."

"Um...actually were done here." Olivia said standing up.

"Ok then, keep me posted." Megan said.

"I will." Olivia said glancing over at the other woman.

"Ill walk you out." The other woman said, walking behind Olivia. They left. As they both walked to liv car, the younger woman looked at Olivia.

"I don't know what to say."

"Angel I..." Olivia started.

"So you really Didn't forget me."

"How could I ever forget you."

"I missed you so much liv'." The younger woman said coming closer to Olivia.

"I cant believe your alive, I cant believe." Olivia trailed off defeated by her own emotions.

The woman wiped liv tears away. "I got out sooner than I thought."

"Im so sorry."

"Your not sorry. I told you not to blame yourself."

"I know I just."

"Liv What's done is done." The younger woman said looking in liv's eyes.

"Yeah. So I see you met some one."

"Yeah. I, I meant to get in contact with you but—."

"What's done is done right."

"I still love you Olivia."

"As do I, I never stop."

They shared a passionate kiss.

Olivia missed this. She missed the love, the passion. She couldn't believe Angel was here...

Angel pulled back, looking in Olivia's eyes.

"You still have my ring I gave you." Angel said running her hands on the necklace that held the ring.

Olivia closed her eyes savoring Angels touch.

"I love you so much Olivia." Angel whispered.

"But we have to walk away." Olivia said now looking in Angel's eyes.

Angel lean in for a kiss, but Olivia stepped back.

"Seeya." Olivia said in a whisper. She took one last look at the younger woman then left...

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

That night Olivia went in her apartment. She immediately went in the shower. She tried to wash away, the very thing she yearn for. She couldn't believe that Angel was here. All these years. All these years and Angel still love's her. After what she done...

Olivia closed her eyes going back more 15 years ago...

Olivia held the younger girls hand. She finally decided to let things go. She finally decided to be open about her sexuality.

"Thank you." Olivia said smiling.

"For what." The younger girl asked.

"For tolerating me."

"I don't tolerate you liv', I accept you and I love you."

"I love you to Angel."



"I want to give you something."


Angel took something out of her pocket. She looked at Olivia. "I want to give you something special, after all this is a special occasion."

"I hope you Didn't spend much on me."

"Yeah I did." Angel said pulling out a ring.

Olivia froze not knowing how to take this in.

"Don't worry, Im not asking you to marry me. Its just a ring."

"Oh, I mean I would of said yes if you'd ask."

"No you wouldn't , your already married to your studies. Besides New York isn't pro-gay." Angel said smiling.

Olivia gave a small smile.

"Look liv I don't want to pressure you in any way."

"Your not pressuring me angel." Olivia said before kissing her.

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

The water turned ice cold. Olivia open her eyes. Feeling the ice cold water on her skin.

"Angel." Olivia whispered tears rolling down her eyes.

She cried silently, unleashing her pain. Unleashing every ounce of emotion...

There are those who shield there hearts

Those who quit before they start

Whose frozen parts of them that feels

Angel lays down beside Megan. She looked at the woman beside her sound asleep.

How could she kiss another woman...Angel closed her eyes going back more then 15 years ago.

Angel walks up the steps to Olivia's apartment. She figured that she'd surprise liv w/ another gift. There's nothing she wouldn't do for liv. Angel took out the spare key for the apartment and open the door.

"Liv its me."

She walked in the kitchen and put the keys on the counter. She heard a stumble in the bedroom.

"Liv?" Angel called out.

Angel heard a man's voice.

She rushed to the bedroom door and open it. She froze where she stood. Unable to take in what she saw before her very eyes.–

Angel thoughts were broken by Megan's movement. Angel sighs and got up, she went down stairs and got her jacket and keys. She went outside and got in her car. She laid her head on the steering wheel. Tears rolling down her eyes.

Love heals when pain's too much to bear

When you reach out your hand

And only the wind is there...

--As Angel open the door. She laid eyes on the older woman aiming a small handgun at an older man.

"Liv what the hell–."

"Help me, get this Phsyco away from me." The man shouted.

"Shut-up." Olivia shouted back tears rolling down her eyes.


"You bastard I should just kill you –."

"Liv calm down ok. Put the gun down so we can talk."

She knew something was up. But she Didn't know what. All she knew is that something had to be done.

Angel moved closer to Olivia.

"Liv just think this threw."

"She's a phsyco, she cant think. Get this bitch away from me–."

Within seconds chaos broke loose. Within seconds both Angels and Olivia's life changed forever.

All was herd was the gunshots piercing the air. The screams of the man cry...

When life is unfair

When things like us were not meant to be

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Olivia laid in bed. Why was she so hung up. Why now?Why has Angel came back. Why tonight, how was she suppose to handle all of this. How was she...

She was tired of the pain. Tired of the tears but even so the tears fell...

If you fear the storm ahead

As you lie awake in bed

And there's no one there to stroke your head

And you mind reels

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Angel took out a ring.

"How could I..." Angel whispered.

She never forgot Olivia. But she had moved on. Megan was her girlfriend now. She was committed to her. Was she? How could she had kiss another woman. What was she to do. She loves Megan but liv...

"God help me." She whispered laying her head on the head rest and closing her eyes.

When your face is salty wet

And your drowning in Regret...

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Olivia sat up and took off her necklace.

Why has she held on to this so long? Was she still in love with her? Yes. But how was she suppose to live with that? How was she suppose to live with the fact that Angel was here, with another woman.

She couldn't.

She couldn't live with out her...

Without you the tides change

The boys run the oceans crash

The clouds roar the day soar

The babies die without you

The moon glows the river flows

But I die without you

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Angel turn on the ignition of her car. She place the ring on her finger. Gazing out the window.

She was back. She had another chance of life. Yet, she had someone that Didn't know her secrets.

"How can I live without you." Angel said pulling off.

Without you the hand gropes

The ears here, the pulse beats

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Olivia cried silently rocking back and forth, unleashing her sorrow.

Without you, the eyes gaze

The legs walk, the lungs breathe

The mind churns

The heart yearns

But I did without you

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

Back at Megan's house, Megan watched from the bedroom window angel pulling off. She knew something was up. What was her ties to Benson... If she would ever loose angel she couldn't live...

Without you the hand gropes

Life goes on, but im gone

Cause I die without you

The tears dry without you

Life goes on but im gone

Cause I die without you...

::::Track::: Guardian Angel ::::Track::::

End Chapter:

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