They Find Out

"What?!?!?!?!?!?!"Miley yelled at Mr. Stewart.

"I cant believe you asked Ms.Oken to marry you!How could you do that to me?Oliver is my best friend!"Miley yelled.

"Well...Now he can be your best friend and stepbrother.Look at the bright side Bud,You'll see him everyday."Mr .Stewart said.

"Plus...She already said yes.So nothing you say is going you say is going to change that.She Is probably telling Oliver right now."Mr. Stewart said to his kids.

"Can I say something?"Jackson asked.

"Sure son what do you want to say?"Mr. Stewart asked Jackson.

"I think it is great that you are marrying Ms.Oken.Even though I don't really know what to call her now. Should I still call her Ms.Oken"Jackson asked Mr. Stewart.

"No,I don't think you should call her 'Ms.Oken' because she wont be 'Ms.Oken' anymore she will be 'Mrs. Stewart'.I guess you should just call her by her first name,Susan."Mr. Stewart explained.

"I don't care what you call her.But I am not calling her Mom!"Miley yelled and ran up the stairs.

She tried to call Lilly first but it went straight to voicemail so then she called Oliver.He didn't answer either.She was all alone.

Oliver POV

"Oliver can you come down here please?I have something to tell you."Ms.Oken yelled up the stairs.

Oliver jumped up from his spot on the floor where he was doing his homework.He walked down the stairs and asked his mom,"What-cha-want?"

"I think you should sit down for this."Ms.Oken said.

"Did someone die?"Oliver asked sadly.

"No,no one died.But I don't think you are going to like this very much."Ms. Oken said sadly.

"Why?Are we moving?I hope we're not moving. I couldn't stand leaving Miley and Lilly."Oliver said sadly.

"Well we are going to movie eventually but not very far.Just think of what I am going to say as a good thing."Ms.Oken told Oliver.

"JUST SAY IT!"Oliver exclaimed.

"Don't get a attitude with me boy!"Mrs. Oken warned him.

"I'm not Mom."Oliver stated clearly aggravated.

"I am getting married!"Ms.Oken (soon to be Mrs. Stewart) screamed.

"To who????"Oliver asked.

" know him pretty well..."

"Spit it out!"Oliver said.

"Robbie Ray Stewart!!!!"

"Your Kidding! I didn't even know that you two were going out!"Oliver yelled.

He was not taking this very well."Stop yelling at me!I didn't tell you sooner because I didn't think that this would get this serious.But I love Robbie,and Robbie Loves me,nothing is going to change that!"Ms. Oken yelled.

"I am going to go upstairs!"Oliver said and ran up to his room.

Oliver called Miley after about 20 minutes of just thinking.

"Hello?"Miley said. "

Hey.Did your dad tell you yet?"Oliver asked.

"Yeah,he did.How could he do that to us?"Miley asked him.

"I don't know,but look on the bright side.We will get to spend more time together."Oliver said trying to make her and hinmself feel better.

"That is what my dad said."Miley said sadly.

"I have to go dinner is ready,"Oliver lied.

"Okay I will talk to you later,Bye!"Miley said.

"Yeah,Bye Miley." Oliver didn't understand it but he had been lying a lot lately. Especially to himself.

A week later

"Mom!I'm done packing...I am going down to the beach!" Oliver yelled as he walked out of his all packed up room.

He walked down the beach, he saw Miley sitting in the sand about 20 feet away crying.He ran over there and asked, "What Is wrong? Did someone hurt you?"

"No,no one hurt me, Big Brother." Miley said laughing through her tears.

"Then what's wrong?" Oliver asked ignoring the 'Big Brother' comment.

"Its just I like the living arrangement I have now. I...don'"Miley said In between sobs.

"Oh its okay Miley. Don't cry. She's not a new Mom she is just a mother like figure."Oliver said.

"You got that from a movie."Miley said into his shoulder that she had been crying on.

"Oh that's okay.It still means the same thing."Oliver said.

"Your such a Doughnut." Miley said with a giggle.

Authors Note- I am sorry,I didn't know what Olivers mom's name was,So I just named her 'Susan'

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