Determined to Have You

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"What part of no don't you understand?

I've told you before.

Just get off my case.

This isn't happening.

Stop it now.

And I? Where was I?

I had to be somewhere

Now where did I put it?"

-'Breathe' Frou frou


Was this true? If he was her betrothed then……..should she let him be?

Was this some trick?! She knew deep down it wasn't but that knowledge was almost instantly squashed down.

Nel felt her eyes widen, her mouth try to work as it went dry. Her mind raced to her childhood, all jumbled images, childhood rhymes, a mother, a father, few friends, a boy with a childish grin, her ring, songs that she sang, and most of all a gentle lullaby from her wet nurse.

Righteous indignation crossed her mind as she contemplated on how in all of Apris she was to get away from here.

"I-I'm not some thing to have!!" Nel's harsh cry in his ear made Albel back off about half-a-foot, rubbing the ear she had yelled as loud as she could, hoping to catch him off guard. Taking all but enough time to ready herself, She slipped down, acting as if she was falling.

Alarmed, Albel began reaching down to grab at her. Nel's hand spring twisted as one foot landed in his abdomen, knocking Albel a little off kilter and farther back, the other though did not make him as lucky. Recovering, as he was sure that he could at the least try to walk through the excruciating pain that she had dealt him, Albel chanced a wary glance at her. She was grabbing her daggers as quickly as she could.

She took a moment to look at him and then at her daggers. She could kill him. She should kill him. Everything in her screamed to take the blades that were parts of herself and just let them slide across his unguarded neck. There might not be a next time that this opportunity would present itself……..

'Bu…But….' Her mind persisted even more and yet she knew that her heart was winning the battle inside of her. Morals dictated her and even more a sense of duty usually prevailed. He was helpless, practically, but he was not her mission and right now that was all that mattered. She needed to get the information back to the queen.

She needed to ignore Albel and go.

She needed to go.

Sheathing her weapons, putting on her straps from the frog, she gave Albel the cruelest smile she could, red hair half-way hiding a violet eye from his vision. Albel, somewhere in his mind, decided that she needed something to complete the image, to hide her mouth from everyone around her…….Maybe, he'd make her a scarf to get on her good side. Women liked gifts didn't they? Who knew. A dark chuckle escaped him as he tried to get at least somewhat standing.

"I do not kill worthless curs, Albel." That sentence made his dark chuckling stop. His eyes widened and then narrowed into slits. He was going to claim her as his and made sure she took back those words. He cursed the back of her as she bounded soon out of the way and out of his life once again.

She was going to be wary next time. Nel didn't know, hoping he hadn't seen her take one last look as he struggled to stand straight up, a feat most men could never hope to accomplish after a swift straight kick into the groin. Her mind screamed at her to go and she knew that in her heart she needed to leave as well, but she didn't know if she was leaving for her duty or perhaps for the fear that he was right.


It was a long journey home in the cold, hiding from everyone, even her allies for her own sanity it seemed. She was able to stay at the Kirlsa inn, wondering how to make it out to the Aire Hills before Albel would follow up on his promise.

In the womanly part of her, she was kind of hoping that he would follow her, perhaps get her in a secluded place and continue what he started after all, Nel knew that his kisses were addicting. She desired one even while she stayed at the inn, keeping quiet from anyone else. Her lips still tingled and her senses were still storming across her skin.

She smelled him, a masculine smell of vanilla and sandalwood, musky and sweet, two scents she thought would have nothing to do with him. She could feel him. His heat and his very presence that had made her look behind her often whilst she traveled on foot to Kirlsa, only opting to take a lum once with a traveling caravan while on the mountain down.

Her face blushed red as she reprimanded herself for even thinking that way about her enemy and much less even almost throwing the mission away for even a millisecond after his bold promise.

She looked at the ring on her left ring finger, playing with it idly. She should never wear it again, yet the queen might know something about the person who did give this to her, hoping secretly that it was Albel, and yet hoping it wasn't at the same time. Maybe her father had told Adray once. Who knew?

She'd have to see Claire as soon as she entered Arias. There was too many questions in her mind and too many answers that she was trying to only grasp the ends of. She needed to get out of Kirlsa and soon.


Albel had tried to get out of the castle with his foul mood and yet he was sustained back by the King and Vox. Woltar was soon to be coming for a war council about the raid to Arias. She must've gotten plans from the king's study. Secretly, her fiancée congratulated her if she got it from the king, even more if she got ahold of Vox's secret plans about anything.

The Lord Wicked knew that he had to work to get his wife to marry him. He could promise her a fortune, a home, and everything she wanted, but only until this damned war was finished could he ever have her with him. But, if his plans to end the war came into being then, he could certainly begin wooing his wife to him now. He knew some of the servant girls who were part of the Aquarian religion and would definitely help out any of the Aquarian legions if they could. He even had a few in his employ that gave him information about Nel that he specifically wanted to know, mostly using blackmail purposes and giving deals to the girls who he found out.

The girls who did work for him, usually weren't found and had yet to attempt to do anything that would attract Vox's eyes as far as he was concerned. The servants were slowly helping him turn the tide of the war so that he would win and his bride would have to honor her vows and stay at his side.

Being trapped as he was in the castle, he turned to his rooms after confronting two guards and scaring some of the noble children out of his way, even causing a little one to piss on him self in the cold dank hallway. That made him smirk alittle, but it wasn't until he nearly ran into Cecille, a maid that did deals with him and the Aquarians for information that he smirked at his full potential.

"Worm……" The long blonde haired maid bowed before her Lord Wicked, only coming up to meet his eyes after her small bow. His eyes had a gleam that either meant mischief for her or perhaps a good encounter for him. It was hard to tell because they both could mean that tiny gleam.

"Yes, Lord Nox?" The entire staff, though most of them frightened of Albel and Vox had learned to at least stop shaking while talking with Master Nox, for the man would deign to never talk with a weakling of a maggot if they trembled during his initial conversation. Cecille, one of the few who could talk to both without much fear in her, was still a meek person and most of all, knew better than to ask questions when demanded to do something.

"You can sew, can't you?" His question was barely caught as a question since it seemed to be a threatening growl from him. Cecille nodded her blonde lockes of hair dumbly. All girls in Airyglyph knew how to sew. "Good. I need a scarf. Make me one with……black and blue in it. Striped. Have it done within the next few days." Then he grinned and Cecille felt as if she was prey for a moment. She paled as she nodded at the order.

That grin was evil and certainly meant some mischief was about.

"Embroider at the end, 'To my future wife." With that said, he stepped around her and walked to his room at the end of the hallway, leaving Cecille to stare dumbly at the stones, until another maid walked by.

"Cecille? You look pale! Are you all right?" Her fellow worker's voice broke through her stare at the wall making her turn towards her friend. Her friend's comforting hand soothing her back as the blonde maid crumpled to the ground. This was a frightening prospect, after all, Master Wicked marrying?!

"I-I th-thi-think Lord Wi-Wick-Wicked h-h-h-has t-taken a…a…..a…." She could see the demon children terrorizing her in her old age as Albel had done when she had just started working here when he was but a child of ten. Her body trembled as she imagined tons of children all saying maggots, worms, and fools at all the servants.

"A?" Her friend set down her basket of linens to grab Cecille's shoulders forcing the pale maiden to look at her with green eyes in fear and shock.

"A Wife!" With that, Cecille fainted, especially when she imagined one of the little Albel Nox children chasing after her with a kitchen knife he found, wanting to play like his father played with other soldiers……….

And that is how the first news was spread. Lord Nox had picked his wife.


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