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Through the Glass

Chapter 1: Golden-eyes

Shuichi sighed and leaned against the door, sighing and closing his eyes to imagining his home back in Japan, when he had been happy and his parents had loved him with all their hearts. He made sure to avoid thinking of the events of the past two years.

Lost in memories of sweet shaved ice and sunshine in Togoro Park, he jumped when his boss, Mr. Sanchez, came down the hall yelling angrily.

"Shuichi! What the hell are you doing? Is that room ready???"

"Yeah, don't have a heart attack! I was on my way down!"

"Well you'd better hurry, a very important guest is here and he requested this suite. You can carry his bags!"

"Alright, I'm going!"

Stomping down the hall with a scowl on his face, Shuichi was met by his best friend as of the beginning of that summer. Hiroshi was the only other Japanese person Shuichi had met on Costa Maya all summer; when he had arrived here he had spoken little English, and Hiro had been teaching him.

"Ohayo!" Hiro spoke in their native tongue as soon as Shuichi was in sight. He jogged to meet with the pink-haired teen.


"What's wrong with you?"

"This island."

"Ah, too bad for you we have no money, or we could enjoy the island."

"Yeah, it sucks. I'm headed downstairs to carry luggage for another rich teme…see you later."

"Ja! Shuichi?"


"Lighten up, things aren't that bad. I miss your old happy self."

Shuichi smiled, "Yeah, your right. I should try to make the best of this situation."

Stepping into the elevator and pressing the ground floor button, the teen let his smile fall. Hiro had no idea how miserable he really was.

Last spring, Shuichi had decided to leave his home and had come to the island of Costa Maya, knowing that his parents would never follow him there. He had left when the situation in his home had gone too far. Living with his family had become impossible.

When he had left, Shuichi had been in a hurry and only grabbed a few of his prized possessions, his CD collection and a few changes of clothes. Other than that, he had stolen all the money in his mother's purse and enough money he had saved up for a plane ticket. He hadn't had time to think of what he would live on.

Arriving in Mexico, he had taken a small ship out to the island and spent a miserable week sleeping in alleyways. Hiro had found him huddled behind a dumpster in one of these alleys and helped him get a job at the resort. As a bellboy.

With the job he received free food and a small room shared with Hiro. He worked all day and slept through the night because of how exhausting the job was. He worked on weekends as well as weekdays. Having no freedom was driving him insane, and he was truly miserable.


Arriving in the main lobby, Shuichi was directed to the latest guest he would be serving. A tall, handsome man with blonde hair and gorgeous golden eyes. He was smoking and arguing calmly with the manager.

"Sir please, we cannot allow smoking in the lobby. We promise other guests clean, healthy ocean air… air that doesn't contain cigarette smoke!"

"I am paying much more than your other guests and I expected to be able to feel at home here. Smoking relaxes me immensely. Do you expect me to feel uncomfortable and tense when I was promised a peaceful stay?"

"No sir…but please, could you not smoke inside our buildings? Feel free while you are in your room and outside."

"Very well."

Turning away from the manager, the man looked at Shuichi with hard eyes.

"Are you the bellboy sent to carry my bags?"

"Y-yes sir."

"There they are, now show me to my room."

Jerking his head towards his luggage, the man put out his cigarette and threw it in a nearby trashcan.

Shuichi looked over and saw a single, medium-sized suitcase, along with a laptop-carrying bag. Picking it up, he looked at the man and said, "Follow me sir."

Heading to the elevator and pressing the button, Shuichi turned to look at the man more closely. He had on a black suit and a purple shirt underneath, which was left open three buttons down from the top. He looked impatient and detached from what was going on around him. While Shuichi was studying his face, those golden eyes looked into his coldly. Shuichi quickly looked away, embarrassed.

'He sure is attractive…but why are his eyes so cold and…emotionless?'

In the elevator, Shuichi felt so awkward sanding alone with the man that his cheeks were flushed pink. He tried to look anywhere but at the man, consuming himself in trying to count all the tiles on the elevator floor.

"There are 80. 13 on the side and 6 along the door."

Shuichi looked up, surprised. He glanced at the mans face momentarily before staring down at the floor again, his face a deeper shade of red than before. When the doors opened on the 24th floor, he walked out quickly, turning left on the way to the mans suite.

Arriving in front of room 619B, he set down the mans luggage and pulled out his key from his pocket. On the key was the name Eiri Yuki -1-. He opened the door quickly and handed the man his suitcase.

"Here's your room, Mr. Yuki. I hope you enjoy your stay at the island of Costa Maya."

"Wait. Forgive me, but your accent sounds familiar. Are you Japanese?"

"Yes, sir. I'm from Tokyo."

The man began speaking in Japanese to Shuichi, "Ah. I thought so. How does a young Nihon -2- boy find himself on this island?"

"Ano…my family came here one summer, and I've decided to stay on the island again for this summer…" Shuichi lied quickly.

"Ja. Arigato."

"Your welcome, sir."


Shuichi was too busy the rest of the day to think back to the golden-eyed Yuki. By the time he made it back to his and Hiro's room, he was too tired to do anything but eat the cup of instant ramen Hiro handed him, strip off is bellboy uniform and fall to his bed, asleep almost instantly.

That night, Shuichi had no dreams. But right before he woke up, he saw Yuki looking at him again with those cold eyes.


As soon as the pink-haired bellboy left his room, Yuki took out his cigarettes and lit one quickly, breathing in the nicotine fumes deeply and sinking down on the couch. He was finally alone.

That boy had been strange. He looked outrageous in his bellboy uniform. How could anyone stand to wear a flowing white shirt like the ones the staff here had to wear? And the black vest over it with the resort logo and his name looked very strange. The black pants looked unbearably tight as well. The young boy in such expensive clothes looked out of place, especially with his bubblegum pink hair and violet eyes.

But even though Yuki thought that, he had to admit that he had like the boy more than most people he met. Yuki was not a nice person, especially to obnoxious looking teens like that kid. He couldn't have been more surprised when he found himself hoping that he'd see the bellboy again.

'What is going on with me? He seems to be just another annoying ochibi with a blushing issue…so why do I want to see him again? Maybe the water here is making me ill…'


Yuki spent the rest of the day pacing around his suite. Twice he tried to work on his novel, but he couldn't concentrate on the plot. After a few hours of this he decided he needed to calm himself. Grabbing his sunglasses, Yuki headed to the gardens.

Long into the night Yuki smoked, watching the ocean and observing the stars, thinking the whole time. When his pack was empty, he headed back to his room, where he lay in bed and waited for sleep to come, but it didn't. At dawn, he was still awake; his mind wouldn't stop churning.

Reaching for his notebook. The blonde man let his thoughts put out onto the paper. 'Stupid ochibi…'


-1- I had to do his name "backwards", since they're in a English/Spanish speaking country

-2- Means Japanese, in Japanese xD

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