Hey minna! Sorry for this disappointment, but I just want to let you all know that I'm still working hard on Through the Glass, though I've got writers block… T-T

I'll try and finish writing chapter 5 as soon as possible, I'm just as in love with this as anyone and I MUST keep it going on!

Well, since there's nothing of real interest for you to read here, I'd just like to randomly suggest another Fanfic for you to read! Its called Pianissimo Butterfly, and it is true genius work. It's a RyuxShu story, and the words and story are simply magical. It is and always will be my favorite Fanfic and piece of literature. Recommendations for it go through the roof xD

Also, if anyone would like to give me some ideas as to what I should do with the rest of Through the Glass, please tell me any requests or suggestions.

I don't mind if you yell at me for taking so long with updating, the criticism will just make me work harder… even though I don't particularly like being yelled at -.-

Arigato! Please be patient with me!