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A Grave to Dig

Chapter 1

"911, what is your emergency?" the operator spoke calmly. Used to life dealing with emergencies and possibilities of life and death.

"You have to help me! I don't know where I am! It smells horrible. It is dark and I am in a small space." The woman shouted frantically into the other end of the phone.

"Miss, you need to stay calm, what is the last thing you remember from before finding yourself where you are now?" The operator's pulse began to quicken as she tried to calm the woman.

"I don't know, I mean I came to New York to see an old friend and look at some new leads that I found on my parents disappearance." The woman began to speak a little calmer as she began to remember why she was here in New York again. "I am technically here on vacation."

"Miss, what is your name?" The operator decided it would be best to continue small talk with the woman until she could figure out where she was.

"My name is Lotus Thatcher…" the other end of the line went dead for a moment. "Oh my God! There are two other bodies in here!"

"Miss, Miss Thatcher," the operator tried to get a response only to hear the line was dead…


"So Flack, what have we got?" The young CSI walked under the tape into Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

"Hey Danny, we had a 911 call at 10:43 pm last night. A frantic young woman claiming to be in a dark and cramped space, she had no idea of where she was except New York. We traced the call to this park and guess what, we found a container sticking out of the ground and we still haven't opened it up yet. We were just waiting for you." Flack motioned Danny over to where the container was and showed him the door so they could open it up. "You ready?"

As if in response to Flack's question, Danny pulled on the lever to open up the door and inside he immediately saw two bodies. He could tell very little about them, both were badly decomposed and yet still wonderfully intact. "Hmm, two bodies, decomposed, they have been here awhile. Any more information on the woman who called it in?" Danny set his kit down on the ground and began to move towards examining the remains.

"Yeah, she said her name was…" Flack began to flip through his note pad and before he had a chance to reply to Danny.

"There is another body in here!" Danny spoke with shock and urgency. "And she is still alive!!"

"Alive! We need an ambulance over here immediately. This is Detective Don Flack, NYPD, we have a young woman here. Mid-twenties, brunette, most likely the woman who called in the 911 call earlier, her name is Lotus Thatcher."

"Lotus Thatcher!" Danny could not hide the shock in his voice.

"Wait, Lotus Thatcher," Flack looked up at his close friend. "I haven't seen her in…" He started to think about his reply.

"In over six years. Not since she moved to Denver after the Gravedigger took her parents. Oh God!" Danny looked at the bodies once again. "Her parents…" his voice trailed off.

"Wait, you mean the Gravedigger that took her parents probably did this to her?" Flack looked down towards the container in amazement. "The Gravedigger that kidnapped Dr. Temperance Brennan and her associate Dr. Hodgins last spring?"

"Yes, the same Gravedigger that did and does all that. Can I get your help to get her out of here so the EMS doesn't contaminate my crime scene?" Danny stepped down into the container that was still half buried. He looked down at the woman who laid out before him. Sure in some ways she looked a little like the woman he once called his best friend but she looked so different in so many ways. Her hair was longer and pulled up into a very professional looking ponytail, she wasn't wearing glasses anymore, she was dressed nicely, and everything about her appearance and vibe she gave off was different.

"Danny…" her eyes briefly fluttered for a moment and he could have sworn she looked right at him and smiled. But the moment was brief and before he knew it the EMS was rushing past him pushing him out of the way.

"Name?" the man knelt down next to her.

"Lotus Thatcher," Danny replied.

"Age?" He continued the onslaught of questions.

"26," Danny still remembered everything about her. He still thought about her quite a bit.

"Any living relatives?" The man took out the items he needed to check her vitals.

"None, her only two are mostly likely in that container over there." Danny pointed to where they had found Lotus.

"Any one close to her?" He looked up at Danny hoping that this young woman had someone.

"Me, I guess," He looked down at the woman and could not help but want to smile. For him it was like seeing an old friend that he hadn't seen in ages even if she was in such a bad state, at least he had found her.

"Would you like to accompany us to the hospital with her?" the EMS gave Danny a look that meant he didn't have too but it was recommended.

"Don't worry about it Danny, I will call Mac and get him to come over and help us out. You stay with our friend." Flack smiled at Danny and pulled out his cell phone.

As Danny moved to walk with the EMS to the ambulance, Lindsey Monroe was walking under the tape. He gave her a weak smile and then continued to walk on past her. She moved over towards Flack, "What is with Danny? Where is he going?"

"A woman was found alive in the container, we have known her since she was young." Flack hung up with phone. "Mac is on his way to help you out with the scene." He moved towards the tape so that he could question the officer who was first on the scene.

Lindsey moved over to the container and looked inside. "Wow, I am not an expert at bodies like this but I would have to say by the rate of decomp, they have been down here for at least six or more years."

"Well that fits with the timeline; Lotus Thatcher's parents went missing seven years ago. Taken by Gravedigger, and from the MO, it looks like she was too." Flack placed his hand on Lindsey's shoulder. "Don't worry, Danny will be ok, right now you concentrate on processing the scene until Mac gets here."



Danny paced back and forth in the waiting room while the doctors treated Lotus. On the trip there he was told that her condition wasn't too serious, a bad case of dehydration, poor air supply, a large gash on her arm that would need a few stitches and two strange burn marks on the back of her neck. While he waited he told the nurses he would be visiting his brother's room.

"Hey Louie," Danny sat down by his bed side. "Guess who is only a floor away, yeah Lotus, that awkward little girl we grew up with. She is pretty beaten up but I guess I could say she is in better condition then you. I would like to know how she ended up in the same container with most likely her parents." He slowly grabbed his brother's hand as a nurse walked in the room.

"I am sorry to disturb you." The nurse spoke cautiously, she had become used to having Danny around the hospital, and every time he had a day off he was by his brother. "Detective Messer, you can see Miss Thatcher now."

"Thank you," Danny stood up and walked to Lotus' room. He took a slow step in and stared at her. Her heart monitor was steadily beating and she had an IV hooked up to her arm. He remembered back to one of the first times he had spent a considerable amount of time with her, it had been in a hospital and there she was, just laying there almost as if he had stepped back into that moment.

He sat down in the chair next to her bed and ran his hand through his messy blond hair. "Hey, Thatch," he smiled as he spoke the nickname he hadn't said in years. "The first time I see you in six years and it had to be on a case. You sure have a talent of popping up when you are least expected, don't you?"

"I wouldn't be me if I didn't." She spoke slowly and Danny jumped, unaware that she was already awake. "Here you are talking to me and now you look surprised that I actually spoke."

"Hey glad to see you still have a sense of humor." Danny stood up and smiled down at her. 'Wow, she is really beautiful now. What the hell am I saying, she is practically my sister.'

"Hey Messer!" She shouted trying to bring him back to earth. "Is that anyway to treat a friend you haven't seen in years?"


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